Enterprise Fitness

Achieve perfection through an all-in-one management solution

A software that does it all! Streamline operations, maximize revenue, and elevate your members’ experience. Manage the complex parts of your business easily while driving efficiency and growth.

Enterprise Fitness

Expand your brand

Outshine your enterprise gym and fitness center with a peculiar branding voice. Showcase your unique self and cast an impression on your audience.

Integrate seamlessly

Manage all your operations through an all-in-one platform. Reduce the turnover rate with seamless integrations that bring efficiency and save time.

Track & grow faster

Keep records of your sales while ensuring transparency of your enterprise boxing and fitness center. Manage your revenue and sales robustly.

Power up, grow, & witness the wonders!
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Award winning software equipped with all the tools to manage and grow your business

Empowering fitness business owners

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Make your fitness enterprise thrive with the industry-renowned software

Easy scheduling & task management

Take the headache out of the booking process. Offer convenience to your staff in managing bookings. Leverage the advanced methods to streamline bookings and class schedules.

Collaboration and communication

Equip your staff to manage memberships from one platform. Offer extensive tools so your staff can update members via real-time communication and collaboration.

Automated workflows

Utilize the software's automation module to streamline repetitive tasks and processes to reduce manual workload and increase efficiency.

Insights & reports

Equip your staff with tools for generating reports and analyzing data to provide insights into performance, productivity, and areas for improvement.

Mobile app

Improve your staff's performance through a staff app. Allow staff to access the software and perform tasks from anywhere, promoting flexibility and remote work.

Time and attendance

Keep your enterprise staff meticulously arranged. Improve the staff and instructors' performance through accurate tracking of work hours, overtime, and attendance to ensure fair compensation and accountability.

Hassle-free booking

Excel the ordinary and outdated booking method with online booking from anywhere. Improve the members’ experience with online booking by allowing them to choose feasible slots and classes.

Contactless payments

Receive payments from your members with only a beep. With payment processing software, keep everything robust and flawless. Let your members choose their desired payment method.

Access control

Enrich the members' experience with an access control system. Keep your enterprise boxing and fitness center operational with optimized security. Provide them with a hassle-free gym entry experience.

Waiting list

Take advantage of the waitlist feature to keep your members in the queue. Notify, engage, and get maximum members in each class. Ace their booking experience.

Loyalty programs

Boost your members' loyalty with the built-in loyalty programs. Use features, like gift cards & rewards to increase your members’ engagement. Give them a frictionless points-redeeming experience.


Ace your members’ experience with playlists and on-demand videos. Expand your revenue streams while upgrading their experience at your fitness enterprise.

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Having fitness enterprise software means your enterprise is organized and streamlined; otherwise, manually managing the enterprise operations seems backbreaking. Smoothly and flawlessly carrying out operations might seem unachievable, but it is possible with fitness enterprise software.

From minor to major tasks, you can automate your tasks while improving the quality of staff and member experience. Therefore, you need software for your fitness enterprise to upgrade and simplify running your enterprise.

It provides a complete set of features, tools, and integrations that a fitness enterprise could ask for. From booking to member management, processing payments to marketing automation, and managing staff to enterprise finances, every feature is there. 

Having all such features in tightly integrated software improves working capacity while saving time and manual labor. Your whole fitness enterprise is centralized through one software that caters to all your needs.

Branding is the true essence of any business and is exactly what imprints in the mind of its audience. Similarly, a brand mobile app holds a similar value for a business enterprise. 

With a branded mobile app, you can display your enterprise logo and unique values, which are reflected in the app’s color aesthetics, interface, and layout. Moreover, your fitness enterprise stands as unique software on Play and Apple Store, which nails customer expectations.

Using the best fitness enterprise software streamlines your daily operations and boosts your enterprise revenue. It enables you to bring transparency to your revenue and financial management. 

Additionally, it promises a revenue rise of 63% to enterprise fitness owners. By making the right choice and deciding on pricing packages, you can grow and expand your business. Wellyx is the trusted partner for increasing your fitness enterprise revenue.

Of course, yes! Wellyx keeps you updated and informed about your progress over time. To get a clear picture of your enterprise, it gives you insights, complete reports, and analytics of your business performance. 

From analyzing your marketing campaigns to revenue and selling memberships, you can easily look into the reports. Besides, it gives you ideas for improved and better moves for future goals and strategies.

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