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Smoothen your bootcamp operations and manage all the training sessions without any complexity. You can handle everything from a single platform, from creating membership plans to scheduling and staff management.

Bootcamp Software for your fitness studio

Easier booking and scheduling

Booking and scheduling of classes are undoubtedly important for bootcamp gyms and fitness studios. Wellyx gym bootcamp software enables you to book and schedule bootcamp classes following the available time slots and staff. 

  • Send your members automated notifications on confirmation of their bookings.
  • Keep your staff members updated about the scheduled bootcamp classes and training sessions.
  • Set your own cancellation and no-show policies for smoother business operations.
  • Enhance member experience and make your business more productive and efficient.
Easier booking and scheduling with bootcamp software
Easy & safe payment procedures with bootcamp software

Easy & safe payment procedures

Make it safe and trustworthy for your members to process their payments easily using Wellyx’s POS system for boot camps. It is a simplified system that lets you generate invoices instantly and offer flexible payment options.

  • Let your bootcamp members book and pay through the mobile app and widget.
  • Accept payments for your bootcamp classes and events via Stripe, PayTabs, and GoCardless.
  • Collect your members’ payment information for future business and records.
  • You can also accept payments in cash at the front desk.

Autopilot your marketing campaigns

Now, you can automate your marketing tasks and save time with Wellyx bootcamp gym software. You can create automatic emails, reminders, notifications, and personalized campaigns and journeys to keep your members updated and intact with your bootcamp services.

  • Leverage default email and pop-up notification templates incorporated in Wellyx bootcamp software.
  • Send automated yet customized SMS and push notifications to update members about new offerings.
  • Check the impacts of your marketing campaigns and journeys through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels.
  • You can build multiple pages in the way you want using built-in templates.
Autopilot your marketing campaigns with bootcamp software
Ensure facility security with access control with bootcamp software

Ensure facility security with access control

The access control system in the fitness bootcamp software ensures a safe and secure environment for members. You can provide your members and staff with 24/7 access to your bootcamp facility without worrying about unauthorized entries.

  • You can offer a number of access methods, including mobile app access via NFC and Bluetooth, card access, and key fobes. 
  • Wellyx bootcamp access control system is compatible with mostly turnstiles and doors. 
  • Your members can access your facilities even if they do not have internet access.
  • You can control the access limitations of your members and staff based on their subscriptions and roles respectively.

Efficient inventory management tools

Wellyx’s bootcamp fitness membership software enables you to track and manage inventory with authentic inventory management tools. From keeping an eye on your inventory stock levels to vendor interaction and engagement, you can keep things under control with a single platform.

  • Save time and effort with our bootcamp inventory management system.
  • Integrate POS system for real-time tracking of sales and sold items.
  • Leverage inventory alerts if items get low in stock.
  • Get instant insights regarding inventory and customer choices for informed decision-making for reordering popular products.
Efficient inventory management tools with bootcamp software

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