Hair Salon Management Software

Easy management with hair salon software

A comprehensive cloud-based hair salon management software that seamlessly aids in effectively managing your clients, staff, and premises.

Hair salon software by Wellyx

Hair salon scheduling software

Efficiently streamline operations and enhance appointments using hair salon scheduling software with complete control over daily operations.

  • Customize schedules as per your need
  • Create schedules with one click 
  • Rearrange bookings with complete convenience
  • Convenience of self-scheduling for clients 
Hair salon software makes scheduling far easier now
Hair salon software with POS system

Hair salon point of sale system

Revitalize your payment procedures with our hair salon POS software – renowned for its speed, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

  • Effortlessly manage payments
  • Access everything conveniently on a single screen
  • Maintain comprehensive control over your inventory
  • Utilize the cloud-based POS accessible from any location

Boost your sales with salon gift cards software

Empower your clients to generate and share customizable gift cards via online gift card management software, which can be conveniently redeemed within the same platform.

  • Draw in new customers to boost your business
  • Enhance your sales tremendously
  • Increase brand visibility and recognition
  • Give your clients a choice of e-gift cards
Hair salon software to boost your sales with salon gift card features
Hair salon software with exclusive gift card system

Bring in more business with gift card system

We make it easier for your customers to share their love for your business with our prestigious gift card system! Wellyx has designed the ultimate gift card functionality to turbocharge your business and skyrocket your hair salon’s profit – making it quick and easy to set up.

  • Avail gift cards in the customer app and widget
  • Keep track of gift cards on the enterprise level
  • Encourage more flexibility and brand growth
  • Give your clients physical or e-gift cards

Hair salon appointment software

Easily oversee, track, and automate tasks with our intuitive hair salon inventory software. Keep your stock levels updated through a user-friendly interface and seamless interactions.

  • Keep everything on track through a centralized platform
  • Integrate inventory management with POS
  • Get timely updates on your inventory
  • Get everything managed through a single screen
Hair salon software with inventory management
Hair salon software for one connected platform

One connected platform

Your daily operations and troubles in retaining clients and getting more new clients will be sorted out as the best hair salon scheduling and appointment software does it all for you. When you have Wellyx hair salon software, you never need any other.

  • Automate your daily tasks to streamline operations
  • Keep record of everything for better decisions
  • Utilize your staff effectively with easy management
  • Get all the important insights to enhance your revenue

Why is Wellyx hair salon software an all-in-one solution?

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