Make managing your pilates studio as smooth as possible from start to end, with our specialist software for pilates studio.
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Customer Engagement

Managing customers, arranging bookings and ensuring that everyone is always paying can be a challenge but not with Wellyx!
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Booking & Scheduling

Quickly create classes, add customers, apply multiple filters and checkout all from our pilates scheduling software.
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Team Management

Discover how you can streamline your process and manage your employee. Wellyx is the smarter way to manage people and productivity.
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Pilates Studio attendance Software
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Engage & Excite Customers

Manage, engage and automate your customer experience with the best pilates software.
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Customer Portal

From booking classes automatically via the customer portal, to managing your web enquiries, our pilates software has got you covered.
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Reward Program

Data driven loyalty program that powers your growth and gives you a better understanding of what will drive longer-lasting relationships
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Customer Interaction With The Best Pilates App

Allow customer to book for pilates classes & private sessions and pay while on the go.
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More Results, Less Effort

Wellyx helps you deliver results & drive more business with our software for pilates studios.
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Lead Management

Convert prospects into pilates customers faster with a lead management system like Wellyx.
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Give hands-on service with the best pilates software, even when your pilates studios is closed. Set up sequences of emails, SMS and notifications to play by your rules.
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Pilates App

An pilates studio app that makes managing your pilates studio a simple process. Perfect for small and large studios.
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Pilates Studio management system
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Pilates Studio Management Software With Electronic Payment Processing

Secure, safe, and fast payment processing pilates software for your customers.
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Create purpose built memberships for pilates studios with Wellyx. Automate your workload, reduce costs and improve member engagement.
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Waivers & Forms

Powerful forms that leave less work for you. Create forms that use conditional logic & automate workflows.
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Wellyx allows customers to join a waitlist when your class or sessions are booked out. Expand your ability to accommodate customers with Wellyx.
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