Pilates Studio Software

Meticulous software that organizes your Pilates studio 

Wellyx Pilates software is an all-inclusive that completely reorganizes your Pilates studio. Streamline the daily tasks and operations and reduce the burden off your shoulders. Bring efficiency in every aspect of your business and head stronger in the competitors’ market. Get the solution for all your Pilates studio needs in one place!

Software for your Pilate studio

Pilates software that keeps your business moving!

Supercharge your business with Pilates management software that takes it to the next level. Have all the operations well-managed and streamlined in one place, and stay worry-free about the energy-draining tasks!

Let your staff not struggle with manual scheduling anymore! Give them ease in scheduling classes and staying updated about the classes.

Say Goodbye to the overburdening tasks! Streamline the door-to-floor operations with smart software that does everything quickly and efficiently.

Struggle with regulating operations no more! Keep your focus on the Pilates classes without worrying about the things going on backstage. Everything is automated!

Upbeat your business game more confidently and purposefully. Reach the right audience at the right time and see strangers turn into customers!

Never let your members and customers slip away! Build meaningful relations that sustain in the long run.

Online pilates scheduling software

Pilates booking software

Book online anytime, anywhere! 

Make it easier for your customers to book through Pilates online booking software. Let your focal attention not be diverted by the booking and scheduling tasks. Wellyx’s Pilates booking system handles it on your behalf! Reduce the on-floor hassle by leveraging the Pilates studio booking software that keeps the floor and the booking process lean and mean. 

  • Mutual ease for both customers and staff
  • Less time, more efficient
  • Collect payments along with booking
  • Manage multiple bookings at once
  • Level up user experience 
Pilates booking software
Make scheduling easier for pilates studio

Pilates scheduling software

Scheduling is easier than ever!

Burden yourself with manual scheduling no more! Use Pilates studio scheduling software to streamline the schedules and classes. With the Pilates class scheduling software, focus solely on the essence of your studio, Pilates. Keep the scheduling process hassle-free to make the pilates classes go flawless. 

  • Streamline the classes in one place
  • Track attendance 
  • Time-saving and efficient 
  • Manage your members and staff easily
  • Assign duties and substitute instructors  

Best Pilates studio software

Keep finances on fair and square 

Make the financial management crystal clear with the all-inclusive Pilates studio software. Manage the cash flow and expenses in one software without losing track of any cent spent over time. Utilize the best payment gateways to collect the fees and payments online. Automate the once-tedious task and relieve your brain!

  • Transparent online billing process
  • Payment histories and reminders
  • Payment through multiple gateways 
  • Automate the process for recurring memberships
  • Manage staff payrolls 
Easy lead management with pilate studio software
Pilates instructor software

Pilates instructor software

Keep instructors in the loop and in the know

Besides members, keep an equal check on your instructors to keep them indulged in the work. Set specific working hours for them to ensure productivity and time off. Keep your staff in the loop about their upcoming schedules and engagements. Set instructors to substitute in case of unavailability. 

  • Manage staff and instructors
  • Share upcoming schedules 
  • Monitor your staff and instructors
  • Manage the staff and instructors’ payroll
  • Monitor their attendance records 

Advanced Pilates studio management software

Reports that trace the trajectory

Leverage Pilates studio management software to navigate through the business landscape. With the advanced reporting feature, track your business trajectory. See your progress and the areas that need attention or improvement. Let your every step be well-thought-out with the advanced reporting feature. 

  • Make strategic decisions
  • Identify the members’ behavior patterns
  • Figure out the loopholes
  • Trace your growth over time
  • Craft strategies for future progress
Advanced Pilates studio management software

Features that your Pilates studio really needs!

Know what your Pilates studio needs to streamline the daily operations. Say goodbye to manual management and the underserved headache. Streamline your operation with smart software and see your business thrive.

Class scheduling

Keep track of scheduling and types of pilates classes well-received by your customers. Set up a waiting list to cater to the excessive members. Make scheduling a seamless and automated part of the process!

Memberships & packages

Manage the memberships and packages easily. Add, manage, and delete the memberships based on the members’ profile and preferences. Collect payments according to the memberships and packages.

Online bookings

Boost the attendance rates and allow your members to book online. Automate the process to reach more clients and get the maximum number of members in each class. Give an edge to your members in booking online!

POS System

Track your sales and expenses transparently. Keep a complete check on the finances and payment processes. Sell and manage your sales, inventory, and memberships. Use multiple payment types and terminals to receive payments.

Lead management

Organize and prioritize your leads to convert them into customers. Manage your sales process with a sales pipeline and filter out the potential leads. Track your conversion rate and manage leads robustly.

Marketing suite

Empower your studio with a comprehensive marketing suite. Cater to your business needs more efficiently. Level up your branding, lead generation, and conversion rate with a powerful marketing toolkit.

Alleviate the experience with the Pilates software app!

Take the experience beyond limits and equip your members and staff with custom-branded mobile apps. Flaunt your unique style and voice through the mobile app. Allow your members to book and pay through the app quickly. Level up the game by keeping things a tap away!

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Absolutely! Pilates studios are lucrative businesses in the fitness industry. Since the fitness industry has advanced, running a Pilates studio is even more efficient to manage through Pilates studio management software. So, use the best software to make your business more profitable.

Most Pilates studio owners use Wellyx Pilates scheduling and booking software to manage their appointments. Though other software are available in the market, Wellyx is the most user-friendly and budget-friendly software. With Wellyx, scheduling appointments and bookings is far easier than you imagine!

Setting up a Pilates home studio is an appropriate idea with a smaller budget. For this, you need some space and essentials to create an ambiance. You can also sign up for online pilates and set a schedule to do it daily.

Just like Pilates is more expensive than a gym, the same goes for the Pilates Reformers. It is a highly specialized machine that requires the guidance of a Pilates instructor to perform appropriately and avoid any injuries. Since its usage is entirely professional, the cost is justified in this way.

In the fitness world, the biggest name in the Pilates industry is “Club Pilates,” with the biggest Pilates chain around the globe. With hundreds of branches in the US and UK, it has served Pilates enthusiasts for a couple of years.

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