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An intuitive and customizable solution to manage your pilates studios! Focus on your members and leave management to us.

Software for your Pilate studio

Easy-to-use booking software

An intuitive online booking pilate studio software solution that can help modernize your operations, improve client experience, and ultimately grow your business. Whether you have a small studio or a larger enterprise, pilates studio software has got you covered.

  • You can create and manage class schedules and allot instructors
  • Set up automated reminders to ensure everyone stays on track
  • Powerful Pilates booking app for the best experience
  • Manage appointments, classes, scheduling, booking, and more
Easy-to-use booking software

Manage members with ease

A comprehensive solution designed to simplify your life by streamlining all aspects of your Pilates studio’s operations.

  • Manage your clients’ information efficiently
  • Your clients can easily book and pay for classes and sessions
  • Eliminate clients needing to call or visit your studio to make a booking
  • Monitor and track your members’ records easily

Easy lead management with pilate studio software

Effortlessly arrange and prioritize your tasks and boost your sales while executing effective outreach campaigns.

  • Never miss any lead
  • Structured follow-ups for best results
  • Easily engage with leads to convert them
  • Gain valuable insights for better decision-making
Easy lead management with pilate studio software

Simplify management with the Pilates software app

Establish authenticity and forge a robust brand identity with a dedicated mobile app. It offers the luxury of connecting deeply with your targeted audience, allowing you to resonate effectively with them.

  • Simplify the process of selecting what your members require
  • Empower your staff with quick access to everything they need
  • Showcase your unique identity through a branded app
  • Easy member access to a Pilates studio with a mobile app

Frictionless payments

An easy-to-use software creates invoices for the services. In contrast, a versatile payment system ensures a steady cash flow for your Pilates studio.


  • Members can effortlessly book and make payments with a single click
  • Wellyx payments integrate seamlessly with Stripe, PayTabs, and GoCardless
  • Members can securely store their payment information in the system
  • Conveniently process payments through the mobile app or at the POS

What makes Wellyx pilates studio management software perfect for you?

Wellyx software for your fitness & wellness business

Wellyx - fitness and wellness business management software

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It is a suite of features and tools integrated in one place to streamline the Pilates studio’s daily operations and tasks. From scheduling to online booking, managing members, staff, conversions, and sales, it keeps the business all aligned. Pilates studio management software serves as the tech partner to simplify your otherwise time-consuming and laborious tasks. 

Wellyx, being an all-inclusive software, enables you to manage the staff and instructors through one suite. Besides gym owners, it equally empowers the pilates instructors to view and manage their schedules. Additionally, using the VOD feature of Wellyx, pilates instructors can grow their audience online. In this way, Wellyx is the most suitable pilates instructor software. 

To find the best software for Pilates studios, understanding the requirements of your business is essential. Considering the features, interface, quality of customer service, integrations, and pricing plans, you can pick the most suitable software. If you are looking for software that works beyond limits to add value to your Pilates studio, go for Wellyx!

As booking software is highly essential to manage incoming members, consider looking for features that simplify the process even more. In this case, consider the following features as important:

  • Members scheduling 
  • Instructors scheduling
  • Automated reminders
  • Payment processing

Additionally, Wellyx offers all these features to keep you on top of everything while efficiently managing the bookings. 

The pricing plan of Pilates online booking software highly depends on the size of your business and its needs. Some booking software might charge you based on the number of calendars you use monthly. However, Wellyx stands as the most economical booking software for Pilates studios. So, you can expect to pay $79-$150 monthly. 

Having efficient Pilates studio software not only streamlines daily operations but also brings more efficiency and transparency to the business. From scheduling to collecting payments and running marketing strategies, you can leverage every feature to double up the performance and growth. By having the best Pilates Studio management software, your business will ultimately grow better, 

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