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Wellyx all-in-one cycling & rowing software helps streamline your business!
Cycling & rowing software by Wellyx

Let Wellyx help your club

Empowering fitness professionals with an easy to use management software that helps save time.

  • Member Engagement
    Feature-rich solution that helps you monitor member performance & keeps your members engaged and excited.
  • Booking & Scheduling
    Use our interactive resource scheduler to create and book events & classes. Put an end to overbooking, late cancellations and no shows.
  • Team Management
    Enhance team collaboration and fitness coordination & boost your team’s productivity with Wellyx.
Cycling & rowing software - boost your club operations
Cycling & rowing software - engage your members

Engage your members

Wellyx centralized, intuitive data storage offers an omnichannel customer experience for cycling and rowing clubs.

  • Member Portal
    Custom branded portal to provide members with 24/7 access to their data & allow easy booking.
  • Reward Program
    Attract, retain and grow your member base with a reward program. 
  • Member App
    Offer a smart, personalized member app where members can view subscriptions, invoices & classes and stay engaged.

Automate sales & grow

Realign marketing & sales people away from general branding & towards quality lead generation strategies.

  • Lead Management
    Automatically generate & collect leads from your website. Nurture prospects & manage leads with regular contact to drive sales.
  • Automation
    Deliver better member experience and bring your ideal customer journeys to life & streamline communication.
  • Staff App
    The Wellyx staff app gives you all the tools that can help you automate all operations. 
Cycling & rowing software -Automate sales
Cycling & rowing software for e-Invoicing & payments

E-invoicing & payments

Wellyx payment processing software enables studios & clubs of varying sizes to process credit card & Direct Debit payments.

  • Memberships
    Wellyx membership allows you to process recurring payments, helping improve your liquidity and lower admin costs.
  • Waitlist
    All-in-one waitlist management toolkit to create smoother and more flexible attendance flow for classes & events.
  • Waivers & Forms
    Capture customer data, signatures, health information and more from your customers and store all inside Wellyx.

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