Waiting List

Fill open class slots using waitlist management

Utilize our fully automated waitlist feature to fill out last-minute cancellations, no-shows, and reschedules for classes & services.

Waitlist integrated in your fitness & wellness software

Your business, your rules

With Wellyx, you can choose who gets notified or automatically booked from the waitlist for a class or service. Book or notify the highest paying customer, manually manage the queue to create overlapping bookings, utilize it on a first-come, first-served basis, and notify all customers on the waitlist.
Fitness software with exclusive waiting list
Wellness software with waiting list for classes & services

Manage classes & services

Wellyx allows customers to join a waitlist when their appointments, class sessions, and events are booked. You can allow a waitlist for all classes or services or limit them to specific classes or services. Expand your ability to accommodate customers with Wellyx.

Book and charge automatically

Set the rules and forget the manual management; Wellyx allows you to automatically book and charge customers from the waitlist according to the set criteria. The automatic booking notifications are sent to the staff and the customers so that your schedule remains clean and managed on busier than usual days.
Fitness software with waiting list to book and charge automatically
Fitness software with waiting list for automatic alert

Automatic alerts

Send automatic alerts to waitlist customers as soon as a spot becomes available in a class or for a service. Our waitlist management feature allows you to sort the waitlist customers in a way that is in the best interest of your business.

Waitlist on the mobile app

A user-friendly interface on the customer app makes it easy for customers to add themselves to the waitlist and get notified when a spot becomes available for them. Adding to the waitlist is easy and quick; customers must pick their desired day, time, and preferred service provider.
Fitness software with waitlist on the mobile app

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