Clinic Management Software

One system to intelligently manage your practice or clinic and empowering small & medium clinic owners to dream big.
Clinic managment software by Wellyx

Flexible clinic and practice management software

Surprisingly easy to use, that’s why we made Wellyx, an all in one EMR solution that was designed for clinics.

  • Electronic Patient Records
    Easily & securely access patient data on the cloud, anywhere, anytime including medical history and forms.
  • Booking & Scheduling
    Customize your scheduler with appointments, shifts & events. Spend less time on scheduling and more on patients.
  • Staff Management
    No more mountains of paper! Wellyx allows you to streamline your employee management and help your organization thrive.
Flexible clinic and practice management software
Complete patient solution – One Platform

Complete patient solution – One Platform

For all kinds of teams and clinics, Wellyx is built for a great patient experience.

  • Point of Sale
    Boost your clinic’s sale with our POS solution, containing a complete set of features especially designed for health care professionals.
  • Patient Portal
    Keep patients happy with a patient portal. Automate your administrative tasks and do so much more with your own website easier.
  • Charts & Forms
    Build a consent form, lab order form, or complete a physical exam form. Create and store forms in Wellyx with just a few clicks.

A platform built to reach patients

Wellyx provides you with a one-stop patient hub. Modernize your communication interaction with patients.

  • Lead Management
    Discover a new source of patient generation with our leads module packed full of powerful features.
  • Automation
    Use our intelligent automation tools that are easy to use and personalize communication between your teams and patients.
  • Reward Program
    Incentivize patients with the first-in-class clinic rewards program. Improve patient behavior and clinic management.
A platform built to reach patients
Healthcare payment solutions

Healthcare payment solutions

Innovate your practice or clinic payment experience and keep pace with consumer expectations.

  • Waitlist
    Allow patients to wait online and free your staff by allowing Wellyx to send notifications when an appointment becomes available.
  • Unified Payments
    Collect deposits or prepayments for appointments from everywhere and take in-person, or on the go payments.
  • No Shows & Cancellations
    Slash last minute cancelations and no shows by defining early cancellation, late cancellation, rescheduling and no show policies.

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