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Dance Studio Software By Wellyx

Memberships and packages

Simplify the management of membership sign-ups, payments, and renewals with Wellyx. Automate routine tasks and deliver exceptional experiences to your valued members.

  • Offer your customers personalized packages
  • Keep track of payment and member activities
  • Offer unlimited benefits to members
  • Create flexible payment plans
Dance studio software with memberships and packages
Dance studio software with Easy Scheduling

Easy scheduling for more revenue

Wellyx is designed for the ease of owners. Arrange online classes, online bookings, events, and appointments. Sync your scheduler to your website!

  • User-friendly interface to enhance the scheduling experience
  • Manage everything from a single screen
  • Easy member registration 
  • Save your member’s time with the scheduling app

Reward program for deeper engagement

Create a special connection with your members and clients by offering exclusive discounts and benefits through Wellyx Dance customer loyalty program software.

  • Tailor rewards and incentives for higher engagement
  • Let your members earn rewards and redeem points 
  • Tracking of members’ data will be more than easy 
  • Manage referrals and keep a record of it
Dance studio software with Reward program for deeper engagement
Dance Studio Software with Branded app to win more customers

Branded app to win more customers

Enhance member experience with feature-rich software for dance studios and branded app that allows them to book appointments anytime, make payments, and stay engaged with your dance studio.

  • Ease of choosing what your members need 
  • Keep everything at your staff’s fingertips 
  • Your branded app reflects your identity 
  • Easy access to your dance studio with the app

Rent out to enhance your revenue

Use your dance studio for rental purposes with the comprehensive Wellyx Dance facility rental software. It provides all the tools and systems to manage your facilities effectively through single-screen and complete automation.  

  • Easy possibility of earning high revenue 
  • Complete automation for higher efficiency 
  • Get all the necessary notifications 
  • Monitor and manage all from single-screen
Dance studio software - Rent out to enhance your revenue

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Wellyx dance studio software simplifies operations with class registration, scheduling, attendance tracking, and communication tools.

Yes, Wellyx adapts to various dance studio sizes and styles.
Absolutely. Wellyx offers class registration and scheduling for student convenience.
Yes, Wellyx offers membership and package management to align with your services.

Wellyx dance studio software’s marketing tools enable effective communication, promoting events and updates.

Yes, Wellyx tracks attendance and enables effective class management.

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