Next-generation dance studio software

Running a dance studio is thrilling when it comes to teaching dance, but managing studio operations sounds draining. With the best dance studio software, bring a complete shift in your daily operations one-to-all. Keep your dance studio running flawlessly!

Dance Studio Software By Wellyx

Rock your dance studio with the best dance studio software!

Unveil the zeal to rock with dance studio management software. Streamline every bit of the studio operations with top-class dance software. Simplify registrations, student and instructor management, and billing processes without dulling the spark. Let your dance energy be contagious while the studio operations go smoothly!

Dance studio software with memberships and packages

Set the bar higher with Wellyx dance studio software!

The smarter you work, the better you grow! To set yourself apart from others, make your daily operations easier and seamless for your studio’s growth.

Simplify class management

Book your classes online and keep your students, instructors and staff in line.

Automate billing process

Book your classes online and keep your students, instructors and staff in line.

Inventory management

Manage your stock of costumes and dance-related accessories necessary for dance classes and recitals.

Recital planning

Plan your recital and make it happen with the best dance studio software.


Keep the business key in your hand. Communicate with your students, instructors, and parents for better performance and growth.

Let your customers book classes with the dance studio booking system!

Leverage the online dance studio management software to pull your studio booking system in one place. Revitalize your dance business with an advanced touch-up! Make the experience worry-free for your customers. Trace your own trajectory to achieve the best out of your dance studio!

Dance class management software

Make your dance classes go flawless

With Wellyx dance studio owner software, overrefine the otherwise tedious tasks. From managing the schedules to payments, keep a solid track of your members coming into the class. Regulate the ongoing flow of classes with online dance class software. Manage multiple classes and students all at once. 

  • Save time to focus on teaching dance
  • Improve the members’ experience 
  • Manage the flow of classes 
  • Handle class operations through a mobile app
  • Track the inventory level for dance equipment 
Dance class management software​
Dance studio software with Easy Scheduling

Dance studio scheduling software

Power-save your energy with online dance software 

Invest your dance energy elsewhere other than manual scheduling. Make scheduling easier with Wellyx, which is designed to provide ease. Meticulously manage the online bookings, events, and appointments in one place. Minimize the workload and double up the efficiency with dance scheduling software. 

  • Manage class schedules through one screen.
  • Seamlessly register members 
  • Concentrate on tasks other than scheduling
  • Enhance overall customer experience 

Accounting software for dance studio

Get real-time reports with the dance studio database 

Leverage the dance studio database software to gain real-time reports and analytics to see how your customers receive you. Gain access to the behavior patterns of your customers to see what matters to them the most. 

  • Gain access to your customer’s behavior patterns
  • Craft marketing strategies accordingly 
  • Make membership plans that suit your members
  • Tune your dance studio with your customer 
  • Improve customer satisfaction
Accounting software for dance studio​
Dance studio software with Reward program for deeper engagement

Dance members' retention program

Choose loyalty over royalty for your members 

Turn your customers into your loyal customers by building a deeper connection. Increase the retention rate by giving them rewards and exclusive offers to make them feel special. Foster the sense of loyalty that does not let them go anywhere! 

  • Start retention programs
  • Bestow awards and incentives to boost engagement 
  • Allow them to earn and redeem points
  • Promote referrals and track records
  • Connect and communicate personally

Dance studio payment software

Keep tabs on your revenue with dance studio billing software

With the dance studio billing software, receive and collect payments anytime and anywhere. Maximize your revenue through transparent channels and manage your finances without stirring your brain. 

  • Receive payments online
  • Keep records of members’ payment histories
  • Track the cash flow
  • Track sale records and finances
  • Transparently handle the profit and cost expenses 
Dance studio payment software​

Stand out with an all-inclusive platform to manage everything!

Go beyond the edge to build a deeper connection with your members. 

  • Boost members’ experience 
  • Equip your staff 
  • Reflect on your brand identity
  • The whole dance business on a tap
  • Manage members’ profiles and track records 
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Wellyx is the best dance studio software because it is all-inclusive and fulfills the requirements of dance studios of all sizes. It enables the owners to automate their business operations, from scheduling to managing members, staff, payments, and back-end tasks in one place.

Leveraging dance studio software automatically handles the management or administrative tasks of the dance studio, boosting efficiency while minimizing the workload. Conversely, if the dance studio operates manually, streamlining tasks becomes more overwhelming and tiresome.

Certain factors can help you choose the best software for your dance studio needs. When intending to choose the most suitable software, look at the features, functionality, ease of use, customization, mobile app, customer services, and pricing plan. If it fits your dance studio size and needs, thoroughly examine its capacity and scalability to improve your business performance in the long run. 

Apart from teaching dance, a dance studio requires reliable software that simplifies daily operations. From managing the front desk tasks to handling the inventory level, a dance studio needs equipment that not only streamlines the operations thoroughly but also improves the overall user experience.

Yes, owning a dance studio is an equally lucrative and exciting business. You can transform your passion into a profession while teaching the art of dance to your students. Besides, it is refreshing and unstoppably profitable for dance studio owners. 

Usually, the pricing cost of dance studio software varies according to the features, and their usage is proportionate to the dance studio’s size. See the pricing

Wellyx dance studio software simplifies operations with class registration, scheduling, waitlist management, marketing, lead management, attendance tracking, video-on-demand, and communication tools.

Absolutely! Wellyx is fully adaptable to a variety of dance studio sizes and styles. Whether you run a home-based dance studio or have a chain or multiple branches, Wellyx is an ultimate solution to serve your purpose.

Absolutely. Wellyx offers class registration and scheduling for students’ convenience. They can book dance classes via online widget, mobile app, or from website at any time and from anywhere.

Yes, Wellyx offers membership and package management to align with your services. Considering your student’s needs and budgets you can craft memberships and packages, with multiple benefits and add-ons. In addition, you can set restrictions and expiry dates per your choice.

Wellyx dance studio software’s marketing tools enable effective communication and promote events and updates. These tools allow you to send automated emails, texts, and notifications to your studio members to update them about new offerings or to encourage them to buy more.

Yes, Wellyx tracks attendance and enables effective class management.

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