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Wellyx, a dedicated software for dance businesses, helps you manage members, and all administrative tasks, easy to take payments, organize staff, streamline students’ attendance, class scheduling, and simplify your operations.

Member enegagement

Member Engagement

Let Wellyx help with managing members and make your life super-efficient and stress-free.
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gym booking and scheduling management software

Dance Studio Scheduling Software

Customer scheduling software designed for dance studio owners. Arrange online classes, online bookings, events, and appointments. Sync your scheduler to your website!
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Staff Management icon

Staff Management

Cloud-based dance studio management solutions enable the optimization of productivity, collaboration, and coordination in fitness studios with Wellyx.
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dance club system
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Platform For Dance Studios

Create a seamless experience with the Wellyx modern dance studio software solution, a platform that allows you to develop & build on member-facing capabilities.

Member portal of Wellyx is award-winning gym management software

Member Portal

Make your member's life easier with our dedicated dance class software, by letting them schedule dance classes or private sessions, and modernize online registrations with an online portal at their fingertips.
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pos icon

Point of Sale

With classes, bookings, appointments, and products built-in increases sales and efficiency with the Wellyx Point of Sale.
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Member App

Get an app for your fitness studio. Let members manage their accounts, book, and purchase classes.
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Sales Enablement Tools

Meet instantly with qualified dance prospects the moment they land on your website. Helps to increase student registrations, improve profit and retention.

Wellyx gym customer leads and sales management system

Lead Management

Wellyx lead management software helps you identify qualified leads. Start improving your sales process.
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Trigger email, push notifications, SMS, automate client appointments, and more with Wellyx. Personalize customer communication and drive engagement.
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Reward program icon

Reward Program

Drive deeper engagement with Wellyx. Create fun, interactive experiences to drive loyalty with your dance studio.
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Dance Studio management system
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Evolution of Frictionless Payments

Wellyx online dance studio management software offers integrated payment processing and secure card processing & direct debit systems for frictionless, simplified process solutions for businesses.

Wellyx is an award-winning gym membership management software


Wellyx makes payment collection, recurring billing & subscription billing easy. See revenue grow & get paid faster with our easy-to-use software.
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Unified payments icon

Unified Payments

One payment champion with secure & innovative online payment solutions for studio business owners and dance instructors around the world.
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Staff App

Wellyx staff app provides shift notifications, clock in/out, and the ability to mark class attendance, track attendance, and so much more.
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