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Point of sale for your fitness and wellness software

What is Gym POS Software?

Gym POS software is a point of sale tool that enables you to manage and track your gyms financial activities. It lets you to sell your gym’s memberships, products, and inventory management. It makes it easier for you as a gym owner to process payments, book classes, and promote your gym.

Payment types

Streamline sales at checkout with integrated payments. Offer multiple options to process payments, such as cash, card, or direct debit. Syncing your card reader with point of sale system means you can offer contactless options while removing double-entry or human error in your payment processing.

Point of sale software with different payment types
Wellyx point of sale software with automated transactions

Automate transactions and reduce risks

Point of sale system for gyms, fitness and wellness businesses has several benefits, from automating financial transactions or automatic billing to reducing manual work. This software can also keep track of memberships and inventory, manage staff time & attendance, and more. These features can make running your fitness center more efficient, rationalize all administrative tasks, and reduce the risk of human error.

Refunds, discounts & tips

Apply discounts to the receipt or specific items. Let customers tip staff and add tip amounts to transactions, improving employee satisfaction only with point of sale system. Refund past purchases from any online or retail location and see benefits updated automatically.
Point of sale system for refunds, discounts & tips
Point of sale software with parked sales & receipts

Parked sales & receipts

Temporarily park a sale and quickly retrieve it when the customer is ready to complete their transaction. With all-in-one point of sale system, you can easily customize your receipts to match what you need for your business. From the logo to a custom footer, make your receipts how you want them with one of the best point of sale system.

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