Gym POS system

Make payments and finances a hassle-free work

More transparency, more robust, more revenue! Keep your gym finances crystal clear with gym POS software. Sell memberships and products with ease, and make everything lean and mean!

Point of sale for your fitness and wellness software

What is gym point of sale system?

Gym POS software works like a financial assistant that manages and tracks the overall finances and payments. From selling memberships to merchandise and monitoring transactions, your revenue and cash flow are transparently handled. Stay worry-free about collecting payments to financial management with a gym POS system.

POS system for fitness center

Replace your cash drawer and register with a fitness POS system. Leverage the secure POS system to manage your finances transparently. Reduce manual labor and automate financial transactions and automatic billing. Keep running your fitness business with well-managed administrative tasks.

Receive payments online

Allow members to pay through online payment gateways and easily get memberships.

Streamline inventory

Keep complete track of your gym stock and supplies. Sell and purchase equipment and gear online.

Manage memberships

Track memberships and collect recurring payments based on the package and services.

Handle cash flow & expenses

Don’t miss your count on any cent. Use gym payment software to handle the cash flow transparently.

Create invoices from anywhere

Chase your members to collect payments no more! Leverage gym point-of-sale software to accept online and cash payments. Allow your members to pay with a card swipe or saved card information.

Point of sale software with different payment types
Wellyx point of sale software with automated transactions

Set up an online store

Set up your online store to sell merchandise and gym gear. Make the shipping and online selling easier by keeping everything in one place. Expand your revenue streams while handling everything through one software-POS system for gym.

Manage products

Simplify product management with a robust system. Add a variety of products with complete product details and variations. Let the customers stay updated on what is in stock. Make product management a hassle-free task!

Point of sale system for refunds, discounts & tips
Point of sale software with parked sales & receipts

Simplify bookkeeping and accounting

Take complete control over your bookkeeping and accounting with the fitness POS system. Get detailed information about processed payments and transactions. Keep the books balanced, simplify bookings, and collect payments right away.

Allow refunds, receipts, and discounts

Automate sending receipts to customers after the purchase of a product or membership. Apply discounts on services and products and allow refunds.

Point of sale system for refunds, discounts & tips
Point of sale software with parked sales & receipts

Park & retrieve sales

There’s no need to go all the way back! Temporarily park sales and retrieve them when customers are ready to complete their transactions. Resume the sale process from where you parked it.

Payment options that you’ll love to use!

Make payment collection a decent task with contactless options. Accept payments through card or debit card. Avoid human errors and bring efficiency by leveraging multiple options in the gym billing software. 


Powers in-person and online payment processing


The simplest and most secure way to collect instant and one-off payments


Omni channel payment solution built to collect payments around the world

Speed up your workflow and grow high in revenue

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Access Control

Point of Sale

Online Bookings

Loyalty Program

Inventory Tracking

Access Control

Mobile App

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Digital Forms


Facility Rental

Waiting List

Inventory Tracking


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Many gym point-of-sale systems cater to the payment processes of gyms and fitness centers. The best renowned POS systems in the industry are the Wellyx gym POS system, GymDesk, and GymMaster. However, Wellyx is an all-inclusive software with a human-centered approach that serves a significant part of the fitness industry. 

Wellyx gym POS software enables you to manage your finances at your fingertips. From making transactions, online payment collection, and handling inventories and bookings, it streamlines everything.

Consider looking for POS software that streamlines your finances and expenses. It should integrate well with your gym software and refine the payment collection process through multiple gateways. Above all, look at the scalability it offers to grow your business.

Wellyx enables owners to collect payments through cash, card, or third party. Additionally, for online or card payments, owners can use Stripe, GoCardless, and PayTabs as POS terminals to make contactless payments.

Absolutely, yes! You can manage memberships’ recurring payments through the POS system. Track the membership status of the gym members and charge them automatically every month accordingly. 

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