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Capture customer attention with gift cards designed to turbocharge your revenue and bring in new customers.

Gift card system for your fitness & wellness business

Sell gift cards anywhere, anytime

Sell e-gift cards or plastic gift cards in-store, online, or via the app. With gift card software built into Wellyx, we help you increase revenue, introduce your business to new customers and use our built-in feature to keep track of your sales and redemption.
Gift card software to sell anywhere, anytime
Gift card software with quick & easy setup

Quick & easy setup

Start selling gift cards digitally and physically in a few clicks. There is no software to download. Promote the market you want, control employee access, and let your customers share the love.


Streamline every aspect of your gift card with a platform that grows with your brand. Wellyx allows you to run your gift card program at multiple locations under one enterprise account. Your customers can buy and redeem points anywhere or specify eligible locations.
Gift card with enterprise feature enabled
Gift card software: redemption made easy

Redemption made easy

Gift card redemption has never been more effortless or seamless with our gift cards software integrated into our platform, customer portal, and apps. Customers can make partial redemption top-ups and keep an account of their gift cards on their profiles.

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Yes, Wellyx allows you to create personalized e-gift cards, letting you offer digital gift cards that are deliverable directly to recipients through email.
Absolutely! Wellyx lets you tweak gift card designs to mirror your brand style. This maintains your brand’s identity and makes customers happy.
Wellyx gives you strong tools for tracking gift card use, redemption rates, and how they affect your profits. With this data, you can plan smart promotions.
You are in control! Use Wellyx to set rules like which services, expiry dates, or locations work for your business goals.

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