Lead Management

Manage every lead smartly

Drive more sales with Wellyx; the lead management software that organizes and prioritizes your leads to get more conversions.

Lead management system for fitness and wellness studio

Sales pipeline

Wellyx provides a robust and adaptable drag-and-drop sales pipeline with customizable stages and filters, offering a comprehensive view and control over your sales process

Lead management software with sales pipelines
Wellyx lead management software with sales dashboards

Sales dashboard

Track conversion rates with our lead management software’s sales funnel or visualize how your sales team is performing all from our dedicated leads dashboard.

Communication & status

Use the lead management software to plan calls or appointments with your leads and has complete visibility on the scheduler. Communicate with leads by SMS or email, giving you a full overview of everything happening with a prospect.
Wellyx lead management software for better communication
Lead capture software for fitness and wellness business

Built-in lead capturing

Easily capture leads directly or via a form on your website. With automated triggers using lead management software to send vital information to customers and staff, you can spend more time doing the most important job, which is selling.

Focus on people, not paperwork

With just one click, you can convert leads into lifelong customers. Monitor every aspect of your sales cycle and understand your business to help you make informed decisions. Revolutionize your sales funnel and customer outreach.
Sales funnel software for fitness and wellness business

Speed up your workflow and grow high in revenue

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Loyalty Program

Inventory Tracking

Access Control

Mobile App

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Facility Rental

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Lead Management

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Empowering fitness and wellness business owners

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Wellyx’s Lead Management feature is exclusive because it not only helps in following up with potential clients but also allows personalized communication and lead tracking. This personalized approach can significantly increase the conversion of leads into loyal customers, setting it apart from other lead management systems.

Yes! You can. Wellyx lets you categorize leads based on where they come from, how interested they are, or how much they might spend. It helps you focus on the big fish.

Wellyx integrates seamlessly with email and SMS, allowing you to send messages, deals, and follow-ups effortlessly. This ensures you never miss out on valuable opportunities to connect with leads.

You can definitely check how well your lead generation process and ads are performing. With Wellyx, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and make necessary adjustments to improve your lead generation efforts.

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