Promo Codes

Sell excessively with Promo Codes

Let your customers share the love with coupon codes that will supercharge your revenue and broaden your clientele. 

promo code for your fitness and wellness software

Offer promo codes anywhere & anytime

Let your customers use the promo codes in-store, online, or via the app. With coupon codes built into Wellyx, we help you increase revenue, introduce your business to new customers and encourage old customers to return.
Wellness management software with promo codes
Fitness & wellness management software for easy promo codes set up

Easy to set up

Start offering coupons and discount codes digitally and physically in a few clicks, all within Wellyx. Promote the promo codes to your target market, control and limit employee access and let your customers share the love.

Sale-level promo codes

Effortlessly apply site-wide discounts, percentage reductions on all transactions, or fixed-price deductions using our software. Experience the versatility to establish a range of promotional offers tailored to your business requirements.
Fitness software with sale-level promo codes system
Wellness management software with Item-level promo codes

Item-level promo codes

Easily produce promotions at the item level using our software, granting exclusive offers on specific merchandise, memberships, and sessions to drive additional purchases.

Buy one, get one promo codes

Cultivate a sense of community and entice new patrons by granting additional services and captivating perks for referrals and purchases. Stimulate word-of-mouth marketing and cultivate a devoted customer foundation through our appealing incentives.
Fitness software - promo code (buy one get one)

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