Golf Course Software

Digitalize your golf management and offer solutions to course owners, managers, pros & players with Wellyx!
Software for your Golf course

Golf course & academy software

Do it all with Wellyx, from managing customers, prospects to staff and the course.

  • Customers
    Wellyx puts customer management and communications at the heart of your business. Understand customers to grow.
  • Booking & Scheduling
    Manage time & attendance. Build rosters easily. Let your customer schedule 24/7 anywhere, anytime.
  • Staff Supervision
    Manage & track your employee’s performance & engagement. Optimize your golf club staffing levels.
Golf Course & Academy Software
One unified platform

One unified platform

Customizable platform to track and manage every phase of the customer journey.

  • Customer Portal
    The Wellyx customer portal allows you to provide 24×7 online bookings, reminders, payments, customer management, & more!
  • Gift Cards
    Create, manage and sell your own gift cards. Grow your golf club and attract new customers.
  • Waivers & Forms
    Create, trigger and complete any type of forms or waivers you need for staff & customers. Easy to use & automated with Wellyx.

Everything in one platform

Built for sales & marketing teams, Wellyx helps your golf club maintain & attract new customers.

  • Lead Management
    Imports leads directly into Wellyx, make calls, send email & SMS, arrange meetings and view all lead history in one platform.
  • Automation
    Automate your processes, such as communicating with staff and customers. Nothing missed & no opportunity left behind.
  • Rewards
    Reward customers for their engagement. Incentivize them to keep coming back. Reward loyalty, increase retention, boost revenue.
Everything in one platform
Frictionless Payments

Frictionless payments

Helping golf clubs by providing a solution that delivers more control & visibility of your finances.

  • Membership
    Manage your customers recurring payment lifecycle with Wellyx & increase customer retention with payment reminders and card retries.
  • Payments
    Providing payment solutions in over 50 countries, Wellyx allows you to create invoices quickly, set up recurring invoices and stop chasing payments.
  • Point of Sale
    Designed for all types of golf clubs, our POS is easy to use, manages and grows your business.

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