Inventory Management

Smartly track your inventory

Effortlessly handle, track, and automate tasks using our intuitive inventory management software for wellness and fitness businesses. Maintain up-to-date stock levels seamlessly through a straightforward interface and user-friendly interactions.

Inventory management system for your fitness and wellness software

Online integration with POS

With inventory management system built into the POS, customer portal, and app, you can fully streamline the inventory processes. Manage low stock levels and sync inventory across platforms & locations.
Inventory management software with online integration with POS
Inventory tracking software for easy item management

Item management

Our inventory management software puts everything at your fingertips. No more spreadsheets. Manage inventory from anywhere! Group and manage all your products from one application and never lose track again with Wellyx.

Multi-location management

Whether you have 2 locations or multiple branches, Wellyx allows you to get a synchronized view of your inventory levels and reordering requirements across every branch and reallocate inventory across locations as necessary.
Inventory management software with multi location management
Inventory management software with vendor management

Vendor management

Manage all of your vendor transactions in one platform. Create and approve purchase orders in minutes. Track deliveries and invoices. Experience total traceability and track every purchase from delivery to sale.

Speed up your workflow and grow high in revenue

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