Build a formidable business, online and in-person.

Keep clients accountable, go beyond normality & build a loyal community.

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Client Profile

Store all personal information, medical history, measurements & food preferences all-in-one cloud platform.
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gym booking and scheduling management software

Booking & Scheduling

Navigate client planning, tracking, and forecasting in real-time, all with Wellyx, all beautifully in sync.
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gym staff management software

Team Management

Shifts & staff management, Wellyx offers you the ability to automate your business in one powerful platform.
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Client Experience

Engage & Excite Your Clients

The powerful new way to manage your clients.

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Client Portal

The branded client portal allows you to share forms, waivers, calories and macro-nutrients information and so much more.
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Client App

Allow clients to self-service through your client app. Get connected with your clients anytime and improve satisfaction.
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Reward Program

Run client reward programs that power business results. Reward clients for achievements. Keep clients motivated.
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Sales & Marketing

Streamline, optimize and speed up the entire lifecycle of clients.

Meet the clients behind your sales with easy segmentation and visual overview of customers.


Lead Management

Easily manage leads with automated processes - nothing missed, no opportunity left behind.
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Create automated triggers and rules for performance-hungry businesses. Transform your employee behavior.
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Staff App

Never miss a beat with clients and improve efficiency with an app that lets you always stay connected with clients.
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Electronic Payment Processing

Accept payments from consumer bank accounts. Fast-to-instant refunds and pay-outs.

Wellyx is an award-winning gym membership management software


Launch or transform your subscription business. Automate the payment process and freeze payments as necessary.
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Unified Payments

Wellyx offers card payment processing in 50 countries and Direct Debits in another 37 countries, making it easy to get paid.
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Wellyx gym management software offers Waitlist


Wellyx allows clients to join a waitlist when your appointments and events are booked out. Expand your ability to accommodate clients with Wellyx.
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