Physical Therapy Software

Outpatient rehab for physical therapy and physical medicine clinics.
Physical therapy software by Wellyx

All-in-one physical therapy software

Streamline & automate all aspects of your physical therapy practice

  • Electronic Health Records
    Electronically onboard patients and therapy-focused online health records ensure you have all the information you need.
  • Booking & Scheduling
    The Interactive and visual scheduler enables you to schedule appointments, calls & shifts & customize as you need.
  • Staff Supervision
    Connect with your employees from anywhere and anytime, make better decisions, and rescue more time.
All-in-one physical therapy software
Physical therapy software to engage with your patients

Engage with your patients

Everything you need to provide a happy patient experience.

  • Point of Sale
    Our POS offers you a cashless & patient management solution, helping you digitize operations, hassle-free.
  • Patient Portal
    Allow patients to self-service through your branded portal. Get connected with your patients and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Charts & Forms
    Replace your paper forms & waivers with electronic documents, using tablets and mobiles.

Market better, sell faster

One platform for all your sales, communication and loyalty needs.

  • Lead Management
    The leading platform for lead management for physical therapy clinics. Have a complete context on every potential patient.
  • Automation
    Automatic reminders and after sales/service automations allow your business to offer a rich, personalized and delightful customer experience.
  • Reward Program
    Increase sales with the Wellyx reward program, grow on-site and online revenue and improve customer loyalty.
Physical therapy software - Market better, sell faster
Physical therapy software: redefining payment processing

Redefining payment processing

Streamline, flexible and recurring payment solutions that help grow your business.

  • Memberships
    Wellyx subscriptions platform powers unlimited possibilities, allowing you to sell in-person, online or on the app.
  • Unified Payments
    Empower your team to be more patient-centric and leave payment management to Wellyx.
  • Staff App
    Take engagement & experience to the next level and view appointments & shifts all from one central location.

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