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Health club software by Wellyx

Booking and scheduling are easier now

Health club software for booking and scheduling ensures that your business runs smoothly. 

Members get a confirmation when their service is booked, and the relevant staff is also notified of that time and date.

  • Set custom booking and cancellation policies
  • View a complete calendar on the desktop
  • Manage resources and space for easy operations
  • Easily manage bookings and appointments with full automation
Health club software for booking and scheduling
Health club software with a reliable POS system

Reliable POS system

Sell and manage services with robust health club software with a POS system. Keep track of sales and inventory of your business.


  • Safely hold a sale for later retrieval
  • Accept partial payments for enhanced customer experience
  • Stay informed with insightful metrics and intelligent reports
  • Effortlessly manage your point of sale (POS) using a mobile app

Marketing your business just got better

Gear up your marketing with a targeted audience and useful insights to increase conversions. Find the right demographic for your health club business.

  • Enhance brand awareness with automated content sharing
  • Create email templates with AI
  • Create customer journeys to win them over
  • Optimize your marketing with intelligent insights
Health club software for marketing your business just got better
Health club software with a reward program to retain your customers

Reward program to retain your customers aggressively

Use the health club software with a loyalty program to appreciate your loyal members with valuable gifts or rewards for being loyal.

  • Create reward programs offering special discounts and incentives
  • Appreciate your member’s role in your health club business
  • Set custom rules for a reward program
  • Members can redeem them using any service they want

Seamless global payments

Enhance the buying experience for your members. Allow payments using any debit card, credit card, or direct debit method & process payments with all the global payment gateways.

  • One-click booking and payments for members’ convenience
  • Payment integration with Stripe, PayTabs, and GoCardless
  • Securely store payment info with confidence
  • Convenient payments through the app or at the POS
Health club software for seamless global payments

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Wellyx software for your fitness & wellness business

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Wellyx streamlines health club operations with membership, scheduling, fitness class booking, and marketing tools.
Yes, Wellyx offers online booking for fitness classes, making reservations convenient.
Yes, Wellyx manages guest access to attract new members.
Wellyx allows efficient membership freeze and cancellation management.
Yes, health clubs offer personal training, and Wellyx helps manage sessions.

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