Chiropractic Software

Unique platform features for chiropractors, built to enable the success of your practice.
Chiropractic software by Wellyx

Streamline & simplify all aspects of your clinic

All the tools you need in one easy-to-use platform for your chiropractic practice.

  • Online Health Records
    From services rendered to treatment programs. Wellyx contains all the information you need.
  • Booking & Scheduling
    From the receptionist to the chiropractor, Wellyx scheduler has solutions that are highly tailored to your business, your rules, your goals.
  • Staff Supervision
    Empower staff from the Wellyx platform and the dedicated staff app. Be progressive, let staff make an impact, get noticed.
Chiropractic software to streamline all aspects of your clinic
Chiropractic software for people who care

Software for people who care

Wellyx offers a treatment plan for patient happiness by optimizing your patient experience.

  • Point of Sale
    Our POS puts you in charge, bringing simplicity and a great user experience for staff and patients.
  • Patient Portal
    Digitally onboard patients and give them self-service capabilities and the ability to communicate with you, all from your own website.
  • Charts & Forms
    Personalize charts and track patient treatment plans. Wellyx allows chiropractors to go paperless with our charts & forms solutions.

Simple to set up and easy to use

Wellyx helps chiropractic clinics all around the world reduce admin, reach patients directly and increase revenue.

  • Patient App
    Empower patients with the Wellyx patient app and increase profits with a smooth, digital patient experience.
  • Automation
    Powered by artificial intelligence, automate everyday tasks & put your chiropractic practice on autopilot.
  • Reward Program
    Wellyx reward program allows you to create personalized loyalty programs, without losing business agility.
Chiropractic software is simple to set up and easy to use
Chiropractic software with chiropractor payment solutions

Chiropractor payment solutions

One-click checkout for patients and staff. Increase conversions, boost sales and delight patients.

  • Staff App
    Wherever you are, work doesn’t stop when you leave the clinic. For busy days, Wellyx staff app has you covered.
  • No Shows & Cancellations
    Reduce no-shows and late cancellations significantly with our notifications and auto payments features.
  • Memberships
    Membership management made easy. Sell multi-appointment visits with a platform built with recurring payments at its heart.

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