Manage Memberships from A Simplified Dashboard

Running and managing your fitness studio members is now a swift task you can perform using Wellyx fitness software. Add, remove, renew, or modify memberships using the membership module. It is accessible on the mobile app as well as the web-based app. You can access it anytime, anywhere.

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Manage memberships packages and plans

Wellyx memberships give you complete control over managing memberships and updating packages and plans for your fitness studio members.

Access member profile, bookings & invoices

Access any member’s profile, current or past bookings, invoices, and payments they have made to your business - everything in one single memberships management platform.

Member tracking is now easier with Wellyx.

Find which members are regular and which are missing their fitness sessions. It is important to find and address them before they decide to leave your fitness studio.


Detailed Insights and Reports

Detailed reports and insights are treasures for your fitness business. Wellyx reporting gives you all the valuable insights and numbers of members, staff, classes, attendance, sales, and revenue. Reports help you analyze and identify problems and opportunities in your fitness business

Attendance and Tracking Made Easy

Tracking attendance is no longer a tedious job; no need to have multiple spreadsheets. Attendance keeps all the records of members and the staff in your fitness studio. Find the most dedicated staff and members of your gym and appreciate them. It also helps you find members who are skipping classes and address their problems before they decide to leave the membership.

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access control

Seamless Check-in System

A touchless fitness studio entry system reduces the need for staff to process check-ins at reception. Wellyx access control system ensures valid entry of members and staff to your studio and blocks unauthorized access attempts. A secure fitness facility improves the member’s experience and keeps them returning to your fitness studio.

Set Schedules On the Go

Run your schedules and set bookings anywhere for your members using a dedicated mobile app. Members can browse and book their desired services with a single tap. The scheduler sets the booking to the relevant staff and notifies them—all thanks to the booking and schedules by Wellyx.

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Track all bookings and cancellations

Wellyx scheduler gives you everything to track your fitness studio bookings. If there is any change in booking, shift, or timing. Members are notified in time to prevent any fitness class from missing.

Create schedules for the staff

Create staff schedules and assign them their tasks with the Wellyx scheduler. Explore and find where the slot is free for staff and assign them relevant duties.

Keep everything in check with a detailed calendar

Keep everything in check with a single glance. Ensure that every staff has their tasks assigned and no one is free in their shift. Also, monitor the fitness sessions are delivered as per the schedules.

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Reward Members with Referral System

Reward your members with an exceptional referral system. Design customized reward programs and share them with existing members. Get your fitness much-needed exposure to new prospects and generate more leads. Awards point to existing members for each service, product, or membership. Set custom rules and structures to benefit your member in the right way.

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Reward your loyal customers

Rewards your loyal and dedicated members with occasional gifts or discounts. Create referral offers that they can share to win the rewards.

Increase memberships with referrals

A referral program is a cost-effective way to increase memberships. Existing members share the program to win the rewards for every sign-up your fitness studio gets.

Improves brand awareness with lucrative offers

Be creative and come up with unique offers to catch the attention of prospects. It not only results in increased memberships but is also a useful technique to improve the brand awareness.

referral system

Keep Your Members Retained with Personalized Communication

Send personalized messages, emails, and alerts to your members. Make them feel an integral part of your fitness studio by communicating in the right way correctly using Wellyx. Send customized promotions and offers to the related member, which can increase their engagement with your fitness business and eventually increase their spending with your business.

Customized Forms & Waivers

Customize and send forms to the members when they join your fitness studio. Flexible form builder lets you create any type of design using the drag-and-drop feature. New customer forms are created when they buy a membership to your fitness studio. You can either make these forms mandatory to fill out or skip them.

Customized Forms & Waivers

Let Members Book a Service Anytime Using the App

Empower your members to self-book their services using a customized mobile app. The app enables them to manage bookings, memberships, and payments, all from one single app. A customized app works as a part of marketing by increasing brand awareness.

Quick and Secure Global Payments

A quick and secure payment system ensures it accepts payments from multiple platforms like a mobile app or a website. Integration with major payment gateways enables you to receive payments from around the globe. The standard types of payments the system accepts are credit card payments or direct debit payments.

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Frictionless payments with one touch

Wellyx facilitates one-touch payments from the app. All the payments are processed by Stripe, PayTabs, and GoCardless, which ensures quick and secure payments.

Save payment details for the next purchase

Wellyx offers your members the option to save payment details and continue with selecting the preferred methods with one click. Members dont have to add details again and again.

Split payments or make partial payments

The ability to split payments with Wellyx is no less than a relief for members. You, as a fitness studio owner, have complete control over policies and the process of partial payments.


It doesn’t stop at staff…

We’re constantly refining our platform. Adding new features. Working to help
your business grow.

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Mobile App

Wellyx gives you the freedom to conduct virtual classes with the live streaming feature. Members can book and watch their favorite class or event using a web or mobile app.. Learn More


POS System

POS holds centralized data for all the inventory and sales, which makes it easy to track and manage the finances of your fitness business. Configure automated transactions and billing. Learn More

Client Portal

Client Portal

Keep your clients aware of everything through the client portal. They can view and manage their profile, membership status, services, or recent purchases they have made. Learn More

Gift Cards

Introduce gift cards to members so they can bring new people to your fitness studio and improve your fitness studio's brand reputation. Learn More

Assest and facility rental

Asset and Facility Rental

Boost your revenue by renting the fitness facility and personal training spaces. Create and manage assets and rental agreements using the Wellyx. Learn More

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Your member retention issues are solved with Waitlist. Members can utilize the waitlist for a service that is book later when the slot is available. Learn More

Wellyx is Industry-leading gym management software

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Wellyx is Industry-leading gym management software
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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the main features of Wellyx fitness studio software?

    The main features of Wellyx fitness studio include memberships, booking, scheduling, staff management, attendance, marketing, and reports. All these features help you run your fitness business in a profitable way. You can also get add-on features to add more value to your business with Wellyx.

    How much does a fitness studio software cost on average?

    A fitness studio software can cost $100 to $250 depending on the features, add-ons, and size of your fitness business. You can choose to pay on a quarterly or yearly basis, whichever you find feasible. Also, you can use any credit or debit card for payment.

    How Wellyx fitness management software can help me grow my business?

    Wellyx Fitness gym management software helps you run business operations efficiently without any interruption. Resulting in improved fitness studio workflow and saving you valuable time. As a business owner, your first priority is to ensure a smooth-running fitness business so you can have more time to grow and expand its operations on new locations.

    Does Wellyx include a payment system?

    Yes, Wellyx offers a secure payment system that works seamlessly with all major payment gateways. Wellyx works with Stripe, PayTabs, and GoCardless that ensure maximum compatibility with payment gateways around the globe. This ensures Wellyx has one of the most flexible and reliable payment systems for a fitness studio.

    Can I change plans for my fitness studio?

    Yes, you can change Wellyx plans for your fitness studio anytime you want. You just need to contact customer support which is available 24/7 to answer your queries. There are a number of reasons you may want to change the plan; sometimes, it's the increasing number of your members, or you just want to add on new features to improve your business.

    How does Wellyx manage and process payments?

    Wellyx works with all major payment gateways around the globe. Providing great ease to your members for making purchases with your business.

    Does Wellyx include a mobile app?

    Yes, Wellyx includes a mobile app that has two versions. One is for the staff, and the second one is for the members of your fitness studio. Also, you can get a custom-branded mobile app with your business branding and theme. However, it costs a few extra bucks. The mobile app is designed for iOS and Android platforms since these are the most commonly used platforms.

    How do I get started with Wellyx?

    Once you have decided to choose to go with Wellyx fitness studio software for your business, call or email us. Wellyx support team will contact you ASAP to get the requirements, set up your account, and take you through the onboarding process.

    How much time does installing and using Wellyx for my fitness studio require?

    Wellyx does not require any installation like traditional software. It is a SaaS-based software that is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed anywhere globally. You only need an internet connection and a web browser to access Wellyx. But the data migration and integration from your previous software can take a few hours; otherwise, it doesn't require significant time.