Fitness studio software

Keep your fitness studio on high tides

Bring a radical change to your fitness center with fitness studio software. Keep your fitness business organized and streamlined with all-in-one software. Struggle with manual operations no more! Automate every bit of the minor to major task with a robust solution and see your business thrive!

Fitness studio software by Wellyx

Keep your fitness business on wheels!

Having all your needs covered in one place, you can rely on fitness center software to keep the business on wheels. From scheduling to collecting payments, make everything easier!

Allow customers to book online without coming to the fitness studio. Customers can book the feasible slots online.

With the no-show policy, you can charge the customers for not appearing within booked slots. Reduce the cancellations without staying on the low side.

Set schedules on the go! Allow staff and coaches to stay updated about their upcoming schedules before time.

Stay on the profitable side by collecting advance payments online. Use multiple payment gateways and methods to make it easier.

Take your business game a level up with the custom-branded mobile app. Set a tone that sets your voice and style apart from others.

Fitness studio software - Set schedules on the go

Fitness class booking software

Let your members book anytime, anywhere!

Make it easier for your members to book, and enjoy the ease you get in return. Automate the booking process to ensure efficient and flawless classes. Allow your customers to book slots they find most suitable and improve the customer experience by giving them the edge to book online. 

  • Reduce the hassle of manual booking 
  • Streamline multiple bookings at one time
  • Save time and effort
  • Boost the user experience
  • Collect payments online 
Fitness studio software to manage memberships from a simplified dashboard
Fitness studio scheduling software

Fitness studio scheduling software

Scheduling is easier said than done!

Leverage the power of fitness studio software to set schedules. Bear the burden of manual scheduling no more! With the advanced fitness class scheduling software, keep things going smoothly. Easily schedule fitness classes and sessions without ado and let your coaches stay updated about their engagements. 

  • Time-saving and efficient process
  • Keep a check on the calendar
  • Create schedules and set limits
  • Keep track of members and payments 
  • Assign and substitute staff duties 
  • Oversee the scheduling 

fitness center billing software

Keep the finances and payments at your fingertips

Finance management and collecting payments are the lifeblood of a running business. Ensure the transparency of your fitness studio with the fitness center billing software. Manage your cash flow without taking any burden on your shoulders. Bring efficiency and clarity by keeping the finances at your fingertips using software for fitness studios.

  • Make payment collection frictionless
  • Save payment histories and details
  • Allow multiple payment gateways
  • Boost experience with seamless transactions
Fitness center billing software

Fitness center management software that you will love!

Make your fitness center stand out from the rest with the features that will embark you on a progressive journey! Treat your fitness center, especially with the software crafted out of love for fitness enthusiasts!

Manage memberships

Keep your members all managed with fitness center membership software. Swiftly add, remove and modify memberships while managing members’ profiles and past bookings. Make membership management easy to handle in one place.

Set schedules

Allow your members to browse and schedule the fitness classes easily. Track your scheduled slots and reduce no-shows with set scheduling policies. Keep the staff, members and instructors in the loop when scheduling a class.

Reward Members

Design customized reward programs to reward your members. Boost their loyalty and stick them with your fitness studio for longer with small retreats. Improve brand awareness with lucrative and creative offers to engage your members.

Receive payments

Accept payments securely and globally through mobile apps and websites. Enable multiple gateways to receive payments around the globe. Give relief to your customers to pay through split and partial payment processes.

Digital forms

Bid farewell to the paperwork! Build custom digital forms to simplify the registration process even more. Create automated forms for leads, members and new customers to boost working efficiency while saving time and paper costs.

Marketing toolkit

Win more customers by connecting and converting them using a marketing toolkit. Leverage the power suite of branding, lead generation, and conversion tools to level up your marketing game. Use AI-powered tools in your marketing efforts to stay on high tide.

Uplift the game with a branded mobile app!

Don’t let your unique spark dull up at any cost! Elevate the user experience with the branded mobile app. Reflect the feel and voice of your fitness center with the custom mobile app. Let your members and staff take full leverage of booking at their disposal. Enjoy the freedom of remotely overseeing your business with software for fitness studio that keeps you aware all the time.

  • Improve the user experience 
  • Take the business game a level up
  • Boost customer loyalty 
  • Build meaningful relations with customers
  • Voice your unique style and proposition
Wellyx - fitness and wellness business management software

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According to the needs and size of fitness centers, most fitness businesses use Wellyx and many other known softwares in the industry. However, Wellyx is considered one of the top software applications due to its versatility, economical pricing plans, and all-inclusiveness.

It highly depends on factors like gym size, number of employees, location, expenses, and profitability. Considering these factors, a fitness studio owner can expect to make $30,000 to $75,000 annually.

Managing a fitness studio is an uphill task when done manually. Handling the front-desk tasks of scheduling, booking, and collecting payments is extremely draining and time-consuming for staff. However, fitness studio software enables you to completely digitize and automate daily operations. So, bring efficiency to your fitness studio by leveraging fitness software.

Yes, running a fitness business is quite profitable when founded on a proper idea and business plan. Additionally, you can boost the efficiency and scalability of your business with top software for fitness studio, like Wellyx. Using it, you can improve the profitability of your business to better fold.

Running a fitness studio demands unwavering determination and enthusiasm to keep it moving. Besides, streamlining the daily operation from front to back end is quite challenging for studio staff. However, you can run the studio seamlessly by choosing innovative software to simplify and automate operations.

The cost to open a fitness studio depends on factors such as size, area, location, gym equipment, staff, and ongoing expenses. Opening a small to medium gym in the USA can cost around $60,000 to $100,000, including one-time and ongoing expenses.

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