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All-in-one cloud-based salon software that helps you effortlessly manage your clients, staff, and premises.

Salon software by Wellyx

Easy bookings, easy management

Enhance your clients’ booking journey with a customized scheduling experience using one of the top online salon booking systems. Allow your clients to make appointments according to their preferences.

  • Easily integrate widgets into your website
  • Handle all the bookings with a user-friendly interface
  • Effectively align your schedules, services, and rooms
  • Get key booking metrics, insights, and analytics
Salon software for easy bookings and management
Salon software to connect through powerful marketing tools

Connect with powerful marketing

Simplify your marketing endeavors with our integrated salon marketing software, filled with vital tools to allure and engage new clients effectively.

  • Automate marketing campaigns
  • Use AI to build email templates
  • Use SMS, WhatsApp, and emails for better interaction
  • Analyze metrics, client feedback, and reports

Manage your leads for optimal outcomes

Effectively arrange and prioritize tasks while enhancing your salon’s sales through lead management software designed for salons.

  • Execute personalized communication easily
  • Create forms and organize data to get relevant leads
  • Monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns
  • Achieve highly personalized marketing solutions
Salon software to manage your leads
Salon software to reward your loyal customers

Reward your loyal customers for higher retention

Express appreciation to your clients with our customized salon loyalty programs. Cultivate trust and effortlessly maintain their loyalty over time!

  • Personalized offers for loyal customers
  • Rewards policy on referrals
  • Maintain all the records of customer history
  • Offer your customers free rewards

POS solutions for your salon

Transform your checkouts with our Salon POS software – it’s quick, effective, and trouble-free. Simplify your operations and guarantee a smooth customer experience.

  • Get all the payments done easily  
  • Convenience of a single screen to access everything
  • Get complete control over your inventory
  • Cloud-based salon POS system to access from anywhere
Salon software with POS solutions

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To simplify and streamline salon operations, Wellyx provides a comprehensive suite of features. From operation to sales and marketing, you can get a complete range of features for booking, collecting payments, and managing customers.

Additionally, Wellyx enables salon owners to track their sales, offering transparency and efficiency. When it comes to marketing, it gives you a comprehensive toolkit to market your salon easily.

100%, yes! Wellyx, being the most inclusive and versatile software, caters to salons of all types and sizes. Whether you run a small boutique salon or a large chain, it is flexible enough to meet your unique needs. Considering its adaptability and efficiency, you can easily run your salon business regardless of the type and size.

Having all the essential features in one place, where Wellyx streamlines daily operations, it also maximizes revenue. With the POS system and payment processing software, you can easily track your incoming and outgoing expenses. 

Additionally, it brings transparency, and salon owners can expect to see their revenue boosted from 63% to more than 107%. See your salon grow better than before with Wellyx!

Of course, yes! The customer management feature gives you complete control over your salon and service packages. You can create specific packages according to salon services, prices, and types. 

Additionally, you can show and hide the packages according to their suitability. Whether you’re creating memberships for corporate facilities or solely your salon customers, you have complete control over customizing packages and services.

Yes, it can! Wellyx is designed to make your salon operations hassle-free, and managing inventory is no exception. Understanding the packed schedules of the salon, it replaces manual methods with a robust inventory management system. In case of low-stock, it notifies you beforehand, saving you from low-stock panic attacks. So, having Wellyx as your salon management software makes it 10x easier to track your inventory. You don’t have to worry about low stocks with Wellyx! 

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