Tattoo Studio Software

Tattoo studio software that keeps you ahead of the pack

Whether you are a solo tattoo artist or a flock of artists, get the full-fledged tattoo studio management software for your tattoo studio. Keep the tattoo business in motion with all the essential tools and features in one software. Easily take the bookings, members, and money into account.

Tattoo studio software by Wellyx

Tattoo studio booking software

Say goodbye to the pain of tattoo booking

Allow your customers to book online from anywhere. Leverage the best tattoo studio booking software that reduces the hassle of manual bookings. Make it all manageable in one place. See your upcoming schedules and engagements beforehand. 

  • Allow customers to book
  • View, edit, and manage your schedule 
  • Collect payments online
  • Reduce last-moment cancellations
  • Set no-show policy
Tattoo studio software with one mission control for your members
Tattoo studio software platform that sells wherever your members are

Tattoo shop management software

All the essentials at hand you need to run your tattoo studio

Don’t let your tattoo business lag in any aspect. Make your business game stronger and better with all the essential tools in one place. From managing classes to receiving payments and engaging clients, keep everything in your palm. Streamline your studio business operations with reliable software that does it all. 

  • Manage the business operations through one software
  • Make scheduling easier for you and your clients
  • Receive payments the way you like
  • Automate the daily operations
  • Track the inventory levels 

Tattoo business software

Keep your tattoo business on deck and  all sorted

Leverage the most competent software to stay on top of everything. Keep your business well-managed and streamlined with the tattoo shop software. Elevate the user experience with the best tattoo business software. Know what your competitors are doing and the insights to overtake them. Bring the real magic to your tattoo studio with all-in-one software.

  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Get real-time reports and insights
  • Track your business progress
  • Automate the time-consuming operations 
  • Manage the finances and sales
Tattoo studio software with all your sales and marketing tools and data

Go great guns with all-inclusive tattoo shop software!

Software tattoo studio owners trust to simplify their daily tasks! 

Appointment scheduling

Make appointment scheduling hassle-free with tattoo studio scheduling software, which is compatible with all devices.


Say goodbye to your cash registers. Manage your tattoo studio finances, sales, and cash flow with an integrated POS system.

Payment processing

Securely receive payments through multiple payment gateways. Leverage the power of Stripe, GoCardless, and Paytabs to collect payments online.

Inventory management

Track your stock levels smartly and place orders for new stock automatically. Reduce the hassle and keep your inventory counted with ease.


Leverage the powerful marketing suite to expand your business and attract new clients. Promote your tattoo studio with the right toolkit.

Lead management

Manage, nurture, and convert leads into paying customers! Create a sales funnel to manage leads and categorize them per your requirements.

Handle the cash flow transparently

Promote client retention

Instill a sense of loyalty in your customers. Make them fall in love with your tattoo studio, which is impossible without a top-notch customer experience. Reward them with offers and discounts to make them your word-of-mouth marketers. 

Convert your leads into customers

Create lead magnets that convert them into your customers. Don’t let your leads go lost. Identify and categorize the potential in each lead and treat them exclusively to convert them. Bring them to the studio floor with the lead management software.

Make your leads become customers
Keep your calendar full

Keep your calendar full

Streamline the booking and scheduling process and automatically update your calendar. Keep your calendar full with tattoo shop scheduling software, making it all profitable. Improve the customer experience through tattoo shop appointment software.

Handle the cash flow transparently

Make cash handling and finances management an easier task. Track your incoming and outgoing cash flow with point-of-sale software. Never miss anything about your sales, expenses, and profits. Manage everything in one place and stay lean and mean about your finances. 

Handle the cash flow transparently

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A competent tattoo studio software is a comprehensive solution to managing daily operations. It does everything from managing schedules to collecting payments online and automating daily operations. Additionally, it enables the tattoo studio owners to manage leads and promote the tattoo through the marketing toolkit. 

Of course! Tattoo software allows you to not only collect payments but also transparently handle the finances. Additionally, you can expand your revenue streams by setting up an online store while managing your main business. In this way, you can generate revenue by making things crystal clear. 

Undoubtedly, yes, it is! Since the fashion industry is growing faster and more advanced every day, people are more inclined to get tattoos, which enhance their skin aesthetics. Additionally, tattoo artists are more likely to earn $500-600 per hour, which makes it a highly lucrative business. 

Hundreds of software programs are available on the market that claim to fulfill tattoo studio requirements. However, based on features, functionality, ease of use, and monthly pricing, the best software is Wellyx. It stands out as comprehensive software that empowers tattoo studio owners to work more efficiently.

Absolutely yes! Considering the size of your clientele, you can work as a home-based artist in the initial stages of your tattoo business. In fact, multiple professional tattoo artists are working in the same mode. Additionally, working as a home-based tattoo artist saves many expenses like renting space, its overhead cost, maintenance cost, etc. 

When looking for tattoo shop software, consider your business size and its requirements. Similarly, check factors from cost to compatibility, ensuring they align with your needs. Consider the UI design, performance, comprehensiveness, inclusivity, and integrations. Above all, look for software that covers your entire business needs and is worth it. 

Absolutely yes! Software solutions like Wellyx provide users with a mobile app that improves the user experience. It also allows the artists to manage and oversee the business operations remotely. Additionally, tattoo artists can leverage custom-branded mobile apps to improve the business outlook and customer experience.

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