Take Back Control With Our Advanced Spa Appointment Scheduler

Automate appointments and reminders with a panoramic scheduling experience.

Our detailed platform easily enables your clients to schedule appointments online, 24/7, from any device platform. With the spa booking system that Wellyx offers, you can schedule one-on-one services and tasks and set staff availability. You can also block out individual staff members’ time to automate the process and keep your schedule running smoothly.

Send out confirmations and reminders based on your spa scheduler to reduce no-shows while keeping track of client appointments conveniently. Forget manual bookings and upgrade your spa to the next level.

Spa Appointment Scheduler
Business CRM

Transform Your Business With An Unbeatable CRM

At Wellyx, we understand that managing clients is crucial for running a successful spa. We’ve developed our state-of-the-art spa CRM software to empower spa owners like you. Stay on top of client information, preferences and activities with a personalized approach.

Effortlessly automate email and SMS reminders to notify clients about upcoming appointments, bookings and exclusive promotions.

You can easily add new clients, keep track of memberships and tailor your system to work exactly how you want to foster more profitable client relationships and build commitment while increasing retention rates for better revenue.

Optimize Your Inventory Management with Wellyx

Breathe easier when managing and monitoring your stock levels while focusing on what matters – providing your customers with the finest spa experience.

At Wellyx, we acknowledge the significance of seamless integration when selling your product. With our premium inventory management system, you can save time, increase efficiency and integrate with a top-level point of sale system that can help grow sales and run your business faster than before.

Inventory Management Software
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Capable Enough To Get The Job Done With Our POS Module

Our user-friendly and progressive spa POS system helps to ensure your spa management experience is seamless and efficient because we know the importance of meeting your profit targets and increasing revenue.

That’s why our point-of-sale module is here to help you make the change you need!

With unlimited capabilities in our POS integration that focuses on making transactions, selling items, allowing refunds and returns. You can also keep track of inventory, with an intuitive interface and exceptional support that guarantees you achieve your desired business outcomes.

POS Software

Robust Reporting To Keep You On Track Of Your Goals

Wellyx gives you simple, clear, and concise reports with a glance view of sales, appointments, payment information, and much more!

With our reliable reports, you can gain substantial knowledge about how your business performs by downloading all report files to Excel or PDF or viewing them online – anywhere at any time.

Our well-built reporting helps to analyze information like commission, payroll, clock in/out times of staff and all customer data to help bring clarity to your spa business, starting today!

Elevate Your Business With Gift Card Management Software

We make it easier for your customers to share their love for your business with our prestigious spa gift card system!

Wellyx has designed the ultimate gift card functionality to turbocharge your business and skyrocket your profit – making it quick and easy to set up.

Avail gift cards in Core, the customer app and widget to make payments smoother and faster.

Wellyx also offers the advanced capabilities of keeping track of gift cards on the enterprise level, allowing you to run your gift card program at multiple branches under one account, encouraging more flexibility and brand growth simultaneously.

Gift Card Management Software

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Wellyx is Industry-leading gym management software

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Sell memberships, products, classes or services, Wellyx is built for the spa software industry.

Wellyx is Industry-leading gym management software
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    Frequently asked questions

    How can spa business software help my spa?

    Spa business software can be a game-changer for your spa, helping you to manage operations such as bookings, scheduling, inventory, and so much more. You can also keep track of data while offering a more personalized approach to your spa and monitor sales and purchases made through the app and online.
    All in all, you can use spa software to help save time, increase productivity, and provide a better customer experience.

    What features should I look for in spa business management software?

    When considering spa software, there are several key features to look for:

    1. Appointment scheduling: The software for spa should allow you to schedule appointments quickly and easily plus with the ability to permit online bookings and cancellations.
    2. Customer management: Should be able to keep track of customer information and data, including contact information, preferences, purchase history, and so much more.
    3. Point of Sale: Made for easy transactions and smooth payment processing to keep track of transactions and their status.
    There is a lot to a spa software that meets the eye. When you choose the right one, you can get full-blown software that manages inventory, has a friendly user interface, is available on multiple devices and platforms and enhances both your productivity and your customers.

    How does spa business software help me manage my finances?

    Spa business software can help manage your finances in several ways. It can track your revenue and expenses and generate financial reports based on months, quarters and years while helping to streamline the invoicing and payment processes. Also, with the spa software, you can profoundly save time and energy - helping to make better financial decisions and ultimately increase profitability with detailed business analytics that are data-driven.

    Can Wellyx help with my staff management?

    Yes, Wellyx offers a comprehensive staff management solution that can help efficiently manage your team and their availability. You can also automate the processes of your spa business and keep track of clock in/out times. Wellyx allows you to evaluate staff performances through a dashboard overview - simplifying your business and delivering the right results.

    Are the applications available, and how will they help?

    Wellyx is a cloud-based software - designed to streamline spa operations and improve performance. With an internet connection, Wellyx can be accessed anywhere at any time. We also offer the staff and customer app for ease of use, available for mobile, desktop and tablet devices.
    Another feature of Wellyx is its fully customizable app - tailored to your logo, business colors, and much more!

    Can I send out reminders to my customers?

    Automating your business tasks has become essential in ensuring that your spa works in perfect harmony. Now it is easier to send out automatic booking and payment reminders and cancellations, increasing productivity and keeping your business on the right track.