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Spa management software

Minimize the workload and maximize work efficiency! Manage schedules, online bookings, and memberships, automate reminders, and process payments from any device, anywhere. Leverage the all-in-one software for your spa!

Spa software by Wellyx

You say it's profit; we call it a full-booked calendar!

Business on the progressive track is a pleasure undefined; a full-booked calendar is a token of it. Spa owners love to see their business thriving, and our software makes sure it happens! Equip your business with the best spa software to outshine!

we call it a full-booked calendar
Spa Appointment Scheduling

Take complete charge of your Calendar

Pull the strings of your calendar from managing appointments to setting reminders. From setting appointment intervals to listing the spa therapists, handle your calendar the way you wish. Upgrade your scheduling experience for mutual benefit on both sides.

  • Manage your appointments online 24/7
  • Automate the process to keep going smoothly
  • Customize your spa calendar
  • Keep customers in the loop for reminders and confirmations

Give edge to your customer to book online

Provide ease to your customers to book from anywhere. Give value to your customers in booking, and see the value doubled! From selling services to products and packages, let your customers reach you across the web with online booking software. 

  • Eliminate friction from the booking
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Level up with online booking widgets
  • Utilize staff members by unburdening them 

Get paid on the go

Use the spa online booking software to get paid at the time of booking services. Enable your customers to pay beforehand to get their spot booked in the spa.

Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations

Fear no-shows no more! With the spa software, charge your customers for no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Set a time limit for your customers to cancel before the specified time. Keep your business on the progressive track


Level up your payment process

Bring more transparency to meet your profit targets and increase revenue. Keep all eyes on what matters to your dance studio the most! Replace the traditional cash registers with robust and efficient software.

  • Make transactions more easily
  • Receive payments from anywhere
  • Sale items online
  • Track your inventory and sales

Manage inventory levels

No need to rush to the inventory room to count again and again! With the spa POS system, you can manage and monitor the stock levels while focusing on other important tasks.

  • Save your time & effort to focus on what matters the most
  • Bring more perfection to operations
  • Boost and keep track of sales
  • Integrate with the POS system 
Manage inventory levels

Best Spa Business & App Software

Attracting more clients made easy with Wellyx!

Bring more people to the floor and retain them easily

Spa Reward gifts

Reward gifts

Welcome more customers coming into the spa with the gift card system.

Spa Offer packages

Offer packages

Turbocharge your business with the best spa packages and services.

Win the hearts

Win the hearts

Use spa business software to retain customers for longer.

Uplift the marketing game

Using the best spa business software, focus on your target audience. Have all the essential tools and strategies in your arsenal to boost conversions. Level up your marketing game with spa marketing software.

  • Augment your brand awareness
  • Use AI-assisted tools and templates for emails
  • Create customer journeys to hit their interests 
  • Tune up your marketing efforts with smart analytics
Uplift the marketing game
Intensify the glamor with a branded business app

Intensify the glamor with a branded business app

Bring a touch of professional perfection to your business! Elevate your spa business with a branded mobile app. Keep your business in hand with a personalized mobile app to manage staff, clients, and leads from anywhere!  

  • Improve user experience with mobile app
  • Manage clients’ profiles and payment histories
  • Monitor staff attendance remotely
  • Checkout through the mobile app

Empowering wellness business owners

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Spa Software & App FAQ

Spa software is a suite of tools and features to manage spa operations. It helps spa owners efficiently handle scheduled appointments, clients, staff, payments, and inventory.

It is software that enables clients to schedule appointments that suit their routine. Using the booking system, clients can view and manage the slots and book according to their convenience.

There are multiple types of appointment scheduling from time-slot scheduling to wave scheduling, open, and double scheduling. However, the most common type used by spa businesses is the time-slot scheduling system.

Spas use a variety of scheduling systems to streamline their bookings and appointments. However, seasoned spa owners trust the Wellyx scheduling system to move worry-free.

To streamline operations and daily tasks, spa software enables business owners to automate tasks and boost customer experience. Additionally, it also gives multiple tools and features to engage with clients and market itself more purposefully.

Look for features and tools that simplify your spa operations, marketing, and sales. Considering these three things, you will be able to choose the software that works best for your spa business.

Usually, spa software requires business owners to look for other billing solutions, but Wellyx, as an all-inclusive software, reduces the hassle of switching between software. It integrates with the billing systems to process payments and manage sales records.

Most spa software solutions offer limited or no marketing features at all. However, Wellyx provides the most useful marketing features integrated into the software.

By automating operations and minimizing the chance of errors, it maximizes the working efficiency in business. From scheduling to payment processing, it keeps everything well-managed. Ultimately, the business grows at a better pace with the software.

Spa software prices vary depending on features and access and range from around $200 monthly. However, Wellyx is the most economical software, with a pricing plan starting from $79 to a maximum of $149 monthly.

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