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Remodel your business with POS software that refines finances and related operations. Manage your customers, staff payroll, and inventory system with simple, human-centered software designed for your ease. Make a swift shift from outdated cash registers to smart POS software.

POS Software System

Simplify appointments and bookings

Let booking and appointments won’t drain your energy anymore! Replace the manual scheduling with a more advanced booking system. 

  • Enable online bookings through the POS system
  • Collect payments along with bookings
  • Reduce last-minute cancellations
  • Minimize no-shows with the POS system
Simplify appointments and bookings
Collect payments the way you like

Collect payments the way you like

No more chasing after customers! Receive online payments from your members through multiple payment gateways. Accept the payments the way you like. Enable your customers to:

  • Pay in split and partial methods
  • Receive payments through Stripe, GoCardless, and PayTabs
  • Third-party integrations for your convenience 
  • Temporarily park and retrieve sales
  • Save time and work more efficiently

Manage your stock levels

Your struggle with stock counting ends here! Replace the manual method with an inventory management system integrated with the POS system. 

  • Manage real-time stock levels
  • Get low-stock alerts
  • Automate orders to suppliers online
  • Track your stock receipts and inventory level
Manage your stock levels
Track sale trends

Track sale trends

Keep your sales smooth and safe from breaches. Leverage the cloud-based POS software to keep records of the products and services that you sell.

  • Manage the cash flow
  • Track the sales trends
  • Know what your customers like the most
  • Keep records of your sales histories 
  • Calculate your business revenue and profit

Level up the staff management

Set proper working hours for your staff and manage their payrolls. Keep your staff aligned and well-managed with it. 

  • Track each employee’s monthly sales
  • Calculate their productive working hours
  • Manage staff payroll automatically
  • Evaluate the performance of employees
  • Get feedback from customers about staff
Level up the staff management
Integrated CRM to boost loyalty

Integrated CRM to boost loyalty

With an integrated CRM, turn on the customers’ loyalty mode. Build a better connection with your customers to offer them a personalized experience. 

  • Build your active customer base
  • Give redeemable rewards and gift cards 
  • Keep your customers coming back
  • Record your customers’ histories for a better experience  

Make marketing magical

Leverage the result-driving marketing toolkit that works wonders. Automate the marketing campaigns and convert leads easily with the POS software.

  • Capture, nurture, and convert leads
  • 2x your business marketing 
  • Reach your ideal clients
  • Improve your revenue and sales
Make marketing magical
Upgrade your customer experience

Upgrade your customer experience

Make your customer ties stronger with POS software. Know their preferences to cater to their needs better. Leverage the tools and features to make their experience better.

  • Get insights about customer behavior
  • Use the customer database to know their preferences
  • Conduct surveys to know their feedback
  • Give them a highly personalized experience

Speed up your workflow and grow high in revenue

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In simpler terms, POS software is a solution that caters to businesses’ sales and payment processing needs. From online scheduling to collecting payments and managing cash flow, it tracks the incoming and outgoing revenue

Since the industry is crowded with hundreds of POS software. You should first look for POS software specific to your business industry. Secondly, consider its features, integrations, payment methods, pricing, and reviews. Keep these essential factors in mind when deciding about a suitable option.

Wellyx empowers its users to collect payments through multiple gateways. It integrates with Stripe, PayTabs, GoCardless, and third-party. Additionally, it allows members to pay in a split and partial payment system, giving them ease.

Yes, absolutely! Our POS software can be set up on any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. No matter whether you are away from your business establishment or in the house, you can see your sales trends anytime and anywhere.

As the most comprehensive POS software solution, it is suitable for a broad range of businesses, from fitness to wellness. Understanding the needs of the business owners, Wellyx offers a complete solution to keep a smooth track of their sales and revenue. 

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