Staff Management Software

Extensive tools and features to manage and restrict user permissions and privileges for secure resource protection

Staff dashboard

Review shift forecasts, recent staff attendances, pending tasks and more, in a clear and compelling way on our dedicated staff dashboard. Wellyx makes staff information easy to understand and shows you real-time metrics of how your staff members are performing.

Staff Dashboard for Fitness & Wellness Software
Rota Planning For Fitness & Wellness Software

Rota planning

Schedule shifts in minutes anytime, anywhere, avoid scheduling conflicts and never be short-staffed. With our free staff app and shift notifications, your team is always in the loop. No matter how your rota looks, it is easy to create and manage with Wellyx.

Time & attendance

Record accurate timesheets with our web & app-based time and attendance software. Turn any device into an employee GPS time clock and easily track employee working hours. Compare worked and scheduled hours, and easily monitor absence and lateness.
Wellyx Software with Time and Attendance Tracking
Communication & Tasks For Fitness & Wellness Software

Communication & tasks

Keep your team informed, engaged and on track with clear task management software. Communicate with staff by SMS, email or app notifications. Wellyx brings the wellness and fitness industry a platform for all their staff needs.

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Mobile App

Access Control

Point of Sale

Online Bookings

Loyalty Program

Inventory Tracking

Access Control

Mobile App

Video on Demand

Digital Forms


Facility Rental

Waiting List

Inventory Tracking


Gift Cards

Lead Management

Promo Codes

Memberships & Packages

Access Control

Inventory Tracking

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