Upgrade Your Efficiency With Smart Gym Management Software

Say hello to effortless gym and salon management!

Bring automation to your gym operations with an all-inclusive software! Simplify booking, scheduling, and managing staff & members with access control.

  • Operations: Automate daily operations to save time and eliminate the headaches of manual bookings and payment collection.
  • Marketing: Expand your reach with a full-fledged marketing toolkit. Grow your customer base faster with a solid leads pipeline.
  • Sales: Boost and track your sales up to 63% faster and bring efficiency and transparency to your gym sales processes.
  • Access Control: Unlike other packages, we include fully intergrated access controls and we take care of setting it up for you.
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What makes Wellyx stand out?

Unlimited customer support 

Get 24/7 active customer service to resolve issues at the earliest.

Easy data migration

Data migration and import are on us; we do them for free!

Access controls

Fully intergrated in the system, so cost effective and easy to manage.

Customer stories

Hear from our customers!

5-star rated on gym software comparison site

Stay focused with the right software for your gym and salon

Don’t settle for the ordinary and outdated methods of running gyms or salons when you can use the best software.

Incredible member experience

Leverage the best software to make your gym members' journey a great one. From communication to providing personalized experiences, easily tap into your members’ pain points and preferences to improve their experience.

Find new members and reduce churn

Reduce the turnover rate between different apps with all-inclusive gym management software. Managing your gym’s daily tasks is no sweat when you have all the needed features and tools in one place.

Integrated access controls

Our experts will take care of moving your data to the new system, and integrate all the security passes and room bookings you need

Gain and retain more clients!

Acquiring new clients is a breeze with Wellyx gym management software. Don’t let your potential leads slip through the cracks. Win the game by converting them into paying members!

Capture and nurture leads

Track prospects with lead management

Leverage the power of the lead management system to capture and filter out leads at each stage of the funnel. Easily nurture and convert potential leads into paying gym members with Wellyx's lead managementLearn More

mass marketing tools

Grow with effective marketing

Use mass marketing tools to reach your gym prospects. Convey your brand message to your audience through personalized emails and SMS. Strengthen your gym with the complete marketing suite.Learn More

Capture and nurture leads

Track prospects with lead management

Leverage the power of the lead management system to capture and filter out leads at each stage of the funnel. Easily nurture and convert potential leads into paying gym members with Wellyx's lead managementLearn More

mass marketing tools

Grow with effective marketing

Use mass marketing tools to reach your gym prospects. Convey your brand message to your audience through personalized emails and SMS. Strengthen your gym with the complete marketing suite.Learn More

Gym owners love Wellyx!

Read how Wellyx has been changing gym management dynamics for our clients, who have integrated it into their amazing businesses.

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Let your brand voice reflect through your
custom branded app

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Turn your unique selling proposition(USP) into a digital existence with a branded mobile app. Elevate the gym members’ experience with a digital app representing your gym branding and quality of services.

Transparent pricing plans

Choose our comprehensive software in your preferred plan & access all the features you need in one-stop software. 

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  • £GBP - British Pound
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Per Month

Basic essential features suitable for a gym startup.

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Per Month

Full-fledged software with complete access to features and tools suitable for a well-established gym. 



Per Month

A considerable range of features for a mid-sized growing gym. 

Hassle-free data migration

Transitioning from one software to another might sound disturbing, but it is rather painless with Wellyx! All you have to do is trust us and see the difference we make. From the start to the onboarding process, we ensure the data migration is smooth and flawless. 

  • Simple and straightforward onboarding process
  • Safe and secure data transfer
  • Customer service around the clock
  • Fast learning curve – easy on the eyes
  • No overcharging policies and plans
Transition made trouble-free!
"Where using inefficient software was a nightmare, the idea of switching to new software was even uncomfortable. But coming across Wellyx made my life easier. The support and onboarding team was super cooperative throughout."
Josh Alvarez
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Retain gym members better and forever

Maximize member retention

The pain of losing your loyal members is something no gym owner wants to feel. However, retaining members requires engaging and rewarding your loyal members. Instill loyalty in members by choosing the right tactics. Keep them engaged; they are all yours!

  • Set a redeemable point system to keep them coming back
  • Engage and reward your loyal member exclusively
  • Send on-point messages to the right members
  • Never forget the birthdays of your loyal members 
  • Increase engagement to boost the retention rate 

The real magic behind your gym’s growth

Unburdened and automated admin tasks

Online booking and scheduling

No more hassle with booking and scheduling. Spend less time and improve work efficiency. Automate and simplify booking classes, giving ease to both staff and members.

Waiting list

Ensure a steady number of members in each gym slot. Allow a specific number of members to book classes while adding the rest to the waiting list. Keep the gym floor free and the gym class spots filled with waiting list feature.

Digital forms

Reduce paperwork and save time with online digital forms. Create signup forms and waivers that automatically save and update new members' information. Take the headache out of enrolling new members with this error-free feature.

Online booking and scheduling
Gym Waiting List
waiting list for gym

Membership management simplified

Create memberships and manage your members easily with gym membership software. Sell memberships and keep records of members’ availed classes and services. Elevate their experience with software for gym that helps them achieve their fitness goals.  

  • Set membership plans and prices 
  • Specify the services each plan covers
  • Track their activities and membership status
  • Collect payments on membership renewal
  • Manage members and sell memberships
Gym Membership management simplified
Gym Sales with POS system

Sales with POS system

Witness an upsurge of 63% in your gym revenue. Run your gym confidently with a POS system that enhances your gym’s transparency. Manage your membership sales, recurring payments, and inventory with an integrated point-of-sale system. 

  • Collect payments online using multiple methods
  • Integrates with Stipe, GoCardless, and PayTabs
  • Receive payments through partial & split payment options
  • Track payment histories and records
  • Estimate your monthly revenue and expenses

Uplift the experience with gym access control

Make your gym a safe and secure place for members. Allow authorized members to enter the gym premises. Improve the gym members’ experience with a smooth entry system. Replace the front desk team with an integrated gym access control system.

  • Allow members to get in using their bluetooth and NFCs
  • Keep the gym safe from tailgaters
  • Nail the members’ experience with contactless entry system
  • Enable members to access the gym via their mobile phones
  • Monitor their check-in time and real-time activities
Uplift the experience with gym access control

Why Wellyx is the top choice for gym owners

Wellyx has been the first choice for gym owners to streamline studio operations, from class scheduling to advanced POS systems, over the years. Gym owners trust the words of Wellyx as they experience 63% growth in revenue. Moreover, robust marketing tools enable gym owners to capture leads and convert them into loyal members. Thus, Wellyx gives the owners a complete suite of tools that allows them to optimize each aspect of their gym operations. 

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Needless to say, the fitness industry is highly competitive, and to make your business stand out, it is paramount that you work smart. For that purpose, you need to integrate the best gym management software into your business. It allows you to automate workflows, reducing manual workload and boosting productivity. So, if you want to put your fitness studio on a progressive track, find your gym the best management software.

As you know, software for gym gives your members the charge to make their bookings. It provides them flexibility to work out according to their availability. In addition, gym management software comes with marketing automation tools. So you can personalize your communications and cater to their concerns easily. It not only enhances their overall experience but also helps you retain them for a longer period.

Yes, integrating gym management software helps small-sized gyms in the same way as large-sized gyms. Since software for the gym allows you to automate workflows, it saves you time and effort. So, you can leverage your time in the areas where human expertise is required. So, it helps you enhance efficiency, boost members’ experience, and provide you with countless opportunities to expand and grow.

Wellyx gym software enables gym owners to collect payments through multiple payment options. It integrates with Stripe, GoCardless, and PayTabs. Additionally, it also allows third-party integrations for other payment gateways. Moreover, Wellyx allows receiving payments through split and partial payments, facilitating the gym members. So, you can get the edge of the best payment methods without having any failed payments.

As all-inclusive gym software, it allows gym owners to streamline and simplify their front— and back-end gym operations. Leveraging the comprehensive features, gym staff can easily oversee bookings and scheduling. Additionally, it improves the quality of work and efficiency in overall business operations. Moreover, there are fewer flaws and more automation, which is a plus point. Where it simplifies the gym operations, it also empowers the gym to improve its revenue 3x better.