Manage Your Studio
Memberships Efficiently

Manage your martial arts studio membership profiles and data on a single platform. Automate membership renewals and update memberships or packages with a few clicks—track members’ services, invoices, and payments with Wellyx membership management. Create and customize forms for the membership sign-up stage, making forms mandatory or skippable by the member.
Memberships Efficiently
Booking & Scheduling

Booking & Scheduling Made Easy

Wellyx booking and scheduling work as the backbone of your martial arts studio. It helps you take bookings and schedule them according to the staff’s availability. Members are notified when their booking is confirmed. It improves the member experience and makes your business operations efficient and productive. Moreover, you can set cancellation and no-show policies to reduce the hurdles for smooth business operations. Configure and customize business hours, intervals, and reminders for the staff as well as the members.

Simplified & Reliable Billing

Wellyx offers a simplified and reliable billing system for your martial arts studio that makes payments and billing a breeze and keeps track of all the invoices and sales of your studio. It results in a smooth payments and billing workflow that keeps the cash coming into your business. It provides the ease of making payments with debit, credit, or direct debit. Moreover, there is an option at the checkout with split payments or partial payments for your members.
access control

Let Wellyx Handle Access Control of Your Studio

Ensure a safe and secure studio environment with Wellyx access control system. Providing a 24/7 access for your members and staff. It offers multie access methods that you can choose to install at your studio. Wellyx access control is compatible with most of the doors and turnstiles. Moreover, offline mode of check in system ensure that the access control works even without the internet. Wellyx offers the access control using biometrics, key cards, kep fobs and secret codes.
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Custom Branded Mobile App

A custom-branded mobile app provides an increased level of accessibility to the services of your business and also works as a marketing strategy to promote your brand awareness. Learn More

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Forms & Waiver

Create and customize forms and waivers for newly joined members. Make these forms mandatory or optional at the time of joining your martial arts studio. Learn More

Point of sale

A robust POS software that keeps track of all the sales and inventory of your business. Providing you with unique features such as parked sales and split payments. Learn More



Automate your daily routine tasks with Wellyx automation. Reduce admin workload and chances of any human error. Automation takes care of your daily tasks flawlessly. Learn More

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Reward Program

Wellyx fully automated reward software recognizes and reward customers your way. Create customer loyalty, thank customers in the process and make your brand easy to love. Learn More

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Keep your member connected with your brand by letting them join the waitlist. When a service is available for booking, members are notified so they book it at their convenient time. Learn More

Wellyx is Industry-leading gym management software

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Wellyx is Industry-leading gym management software
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    Frequently asked questions

    What is a martial arts studio software?

    A martial arts studio software manages business operations in an efficient way, from managing memberships, schedules, plans, lead management, reports, and more. It gives you all the right tools to run and manage your martial arts studio. It results in improved business efficiency, profits and saves you valuable time.

    How does a martial arts studio software work?

    Martial arts studio manages your bookings, schedules, payments, automation, lead management, marketing, reports, and more. The software streamlines your business workflow and results in improved business reputation, customer experience, and increased profits.

    How can a studio management software help me grow my business?

    A studio management software can help you run your business smoothly, resulting in improved customer experience, brand awareness, and getting more members on board. It saves you valuable time and resources so that you can focus on the growth opportunities for your business.

    How much does a martial arts studio cost on average?

    A martial arts studio can cost $100 to $250 depending on the features, add-ons, and number of your memberships. You can use a debit or credit card to make the payments.

    Does Wellyx provide a payment management system?

    Wellyx provides a reliable payment system for your martial arts studio. It works with multiple payment methods, and all the payments are processed by Stripe, PayTabs, GoCardless. Wellyx payments can be used globally with any payment method, which improves the customer experience with your studio and keeps the cash flow coming in.

    Can I change Wellyx plan anytime for my martial arts studio?

    Yes, you can change the Wellyx plan for your martial arts studio anytime you want. Just contact the Wellyx support team to inquire about the current plan and request necessary changes.

    How much time does it require to get started with Wellyx?

    Wellyx being a cloud-based software does not require any installation like traditional software. All you need is a web browser and the internet to use Wellyx software for your martial arts studio.