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Martial arts studio software by Wellyx

Manage your studio memberships efficiently

Manage your martial arts studio membership profiles and data on a single platform. Automate membership renewals and update memberships or packages with a few clicks—track members’ services, invoices, and payments with Wellyx membership management. Create and customize forms for the membership sign-up stage, making forms mandatory or skippable by the member.
Martial arts studio software to manage your memberships efficiently
Martial arts studio software - booking & scheduling made easy

Booking & scheduling made easy

Wellyx booking and scheduling work as the backbone of your martial arts studio. It helps you take bookings and schedule them according to the staff’s availability. Members are notified when their booking is confirmed. It improves the member experience and makes your business operations efficient and productive. Moreover, you can set cancellation and no-show policies to reduce the hurdles for smooth business operations. Configure and customize business hours, intervals, and reminders for the staff as well as the members.

Simplified & reliable billing

Wellyx offers a simplified and reliable billing system for your martial arts studio that makes payments and billing a breeze and keeps track of all the invoices and sales of your studio. It results in a smooth payments and billing workflow that keeps the cash coming into your business. It provides the ease of making payments with debit, credit, or direct debit. Moreover, there is an option at the checkout with split payments or partial payments for your members.
Martial arts studio software - Simplified & reliable billing
Martial arts studio software - Handle studio access

Let Wellyx handle access control of your studio

Ensure a safe and secure studio environment with Wellyx access control system. Providing a 24/7 access for your members and staff. It offers multiple access methods that you can choose to install at your studio. Wellyx access control is compatible with most of the doors and turnstiles. Moreover, offline mode of check in system ensure that the access control works even without the internet. Wellyx offers the access control using biometrics, key cards, key fobs and secret codes.

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