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Easily create customized memberships & packages 

Manage everyday tasks & operations with Wellyx membership management software for fitness and wellness businesses and effectively manage with customized memberships and packages.

Wellyx membership management software for fitness and wellness studio

Focus on selling

Sell memberships everywhere, in-person, online, or on the app. Concentrate on selling your membership to your customers, while Wellyx’s automated features handle recurring sales and subscriptions. Quickly provide clear contracts and flawless, automated invoices; take care of taxes and deal with payments automatically according to your configurations.
Automate taxes with membership software
Advanced membership software to innovate tasks

Membership management

Manage your organization’s members and their data from one system. Automate tasks like renewals and updating memberships. Store payment gateway options for future payments. Upload forms and documents and gain vital insight from robust reporting.

Create custom packages

Simply create custom packages for the benefit of your customers. Use membership management software to configure which branches, classes, services, or products fall within a package. Create pricing levels for different packages. Automate your workload, reduce costs, and improve customer engagement. Transform the benefits experience for your customers & staff with Wellyx.

Automate custom packages with wellyx membership management software
Membership management software with flexible payment method

Recurring payment flexibility

Easily offer recurring payments using the membership software. Understand your growth, improve cash flow, reduce costs, and easily sync billing and payment data with membership management software. Wellyx also offers industry-leading features like smart retries, automated failed payment emails, and automatic card updater. In 2022, Wellyx helped businesses recover 35% of failed payments.

Payments & invoices

Take card payments in over 50 countries and ACH/Direct Debits in another 37 countries, making Wellyx the only payment platform you will ever need. Wellyx also offers industry-leading features and specializes in billing management tools to give you a competitive edge and accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

Membership management software for easy invoice management
Membership management software provides easy cancellations and rescheduling

Cancellations & reschedules

Create your cancellation & reschedule policy, allowing customers to cancel at their ease or reschedule a booking. You can charge a fee for late cancellations or deduct customer benefits.

Speed up your workflow and grow high in revenue

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Memberships & Packages

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Implementing memberships and packages through Wellyx can greatly benefit your business. With Wellyx’s membership management feature, you can create personalized packages and membership plans tailored to the specific preferences of your studio members and clients. This not only allows you to cater to individual needs but also helps in retaining customers by offering them tailored services. Additionally, Wellyx provides tools for managing memberships, automating renewals, and tracking member engagement, making it easier to keep track of client retention and revenue streams.

Yes, you can automate payment and renewals for memberships and packages with Wellyx. Wellyx simplifies billing and renewals, saving you time. You can set up automatic payments and reminders to keep clients engaged.

Yes, you can easily check the status of ongoing memberships and gain insights using Wellyx’s tools. You can track the performance of each package or tier, which can help you make informed decisions about your prices and offerings.

For sure! Wellyx lets you give options, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. Flexibility suits different budgets and tastes.

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