Makeup Artist Software

Makeup artist management software

Managing your makeup artistry is difficult no more! Utilize the best makeup artist management software to schedule clients, manage members and payments, regulate marketing, and more!

Makeup artist software by Wellyx

Let your makeup glam be well-handled with smart software

No manual scheduling

Clients and artists in compliance

Automated daily tasks

Focus on what holds importance

Enjoy the perks of being a makeup artist with a full-booked calendar!

Free yourself from the underserved hard work of managing operations besides the real art. Let your business take a 180-degree shift from the manual to the digital world. Keep your calendar completely booked without spending hours of effort and exertion! 

Makeup artist software with one mission control for your members

Make your makeup art business lean and mean!

Spa Reward gifts

Headache of spreadsheet no more!

Let a smart solution bear the burden of scheduling. Manage your clients' histories and schedules in one place.

Spa Offer packages

Stay ahead of time!

Keep your business running better folds by optimizing makeup studio operations. Stay worry-free and ahead of time!

Win the hearts

Market your makeup art

Let the sparkle of your art spread around the town with the best marketing tools. Gain more recognition and clients with effective marketing!

Line up your makeup artist

Line up your makeup artists

Let your makeup artists stay updated about their working shifts and schedules. Keep them all in the loop every time!

Makeup artist software platform that sells wherever your members are

Online booking

Lift the experience with online booking system

Use the time-saving online booking system for makeup artists to take the user experience to another level. Give ease to your customers to book online from anywhere. Reduce the hassle of coming all the way to book appointments and consultations. Let your customers book appointments according to their own ease!

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations
  • Automate reminders and alerts
  • Collect payments online
  • Save time and effort from manual booking

Appointment scheduling

Make scheduling easier than ever

Leverage the most satisfying scheduling software for makeup artists to oversimplify the scheduling process. Make scheduling easier said than done and handle customers through an elegant calendar and makeup artist appointment app. Schedule services and appointments easily with all-inclusive makeup artist scheduling software. Don’t let the scheduling process be mind-boggling anymore! 

  • Manage schedules in no time
  • Schedule services and shifts 
  • Reduce double-bookings
  • Customize the scheduling calendar
  • Reduce scheduling conflicts 
  • Maximize the work efficiency
Makeup artist software with all your sales and marketing tools and data
Makeup artist software with global payment power

Makeup software & POS system

Collect payments the way you like

Keep your finances and cash flow smooth with the POS system. Collect deposits and charge clients easily online without chasing your customers. Use the most advanced payment gateways to receive payments easily. Enable your customers to pay through multiple methods for their convenience. Empower your makeup art studio with the most reliable and efficient POS system. 

  • Accept payments online 
  • Use multiple payment types: GoCardless, Stripe, and PayTabs
  • Automate transaction
  • Reduce the risk of financial lows
  • Rationalize the administrative tasks 
  • Allow refunds and discounts easily

Keep your inventory levels high!

Manage stock of your makeup products easily. Keep the digital count and records of your inventory stock. Effortlessly handle, track, and automate stock purchases from online vendors. Avoid the last-moment panic attacks of low or no stock in inventory. Keep it all traceable and well-handled in one software. 

  • Track your inventory 
  • Maintain up-to-date stock levels
  • Synchronize the inventory with software 
  • Get low-stock alerts and reminders
  • Place orders online to get stock from vendors 
Keep your inventory level high
Turn the loyalty mode on

Turn the loyalty mode on!

Don’t let your members slip away. Keep them engaged with your makeup art studio. Using member retention strategies and loyalty apps boosts your customers’ loyalty factor. With the loyalty app, trace their behavior patterns and offer them a personalized experience and exclusive rewards. 

  • Track their response 
  • Offer redeemable points
  • Gives incentives and rewards
  • Boost user experience
  • Build stronger relations with your customers

Makeup artist software and app

Manage your business anytime, anywhere!

Take complete control over your makeup art business with a smart makeup artist application. Equip yourself with a remote control to manage your makeup art studio completely.

  • Customer App & Staff app
  • Easy payment collection
  • Streamlined Inventory management
  • Strategic marketing and branding
Manage your business anytime, anywhere!

Work more and worry less with a smart makeup artist app!

Appointment Scheduling

Payment Processing

Client Management

Marketing Promotions

Staff Payroll

Inventory Management

Point of Sale (POS)

Why Wellyx makeup artist software is best for your business?

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As a one-man army, makeup artists find it challenging to focus on their main work while simultaneously regulating the studio operations. When running the makeup art studio manually, paying equal attention to every task becomes an uphill task. Sometimes, the quality of work and efficiency are also compromised, which poses a threat to the makeup artist. 

Wellyx is an all-inclusive and reliable makeup artist booking software that allows makeup artists to simplify the booking process completely. It enables customers to book and pay online from anywhere, which refines the booking process even more.

Wellyx offers an all-in-one solution to makeup artists for managing the front-to-backend operations completely. It empowers makeup artists to focus on the most essential task while reducing the burden of daily operations from their shoulders. Leveraging Wellyx makeup artist software can bring more efficiency and reduce the workload of the makeup studio. 

Wellyx, being the most comprehensive software, encompasses essential features, including a scheduler, online booking, POS, inventory management, memberships, staff, loyalty programs, branded apps, marketing tools, and more. Take a complete look at the features it holds to take your business to the next level. 

Yes, considering this factor, Wellyx offers a highly easy-to-use interface that is not only responsive but also very intuitive to learn. With a limited knowledge of technical stuff, makeup artists can still use it with ease. Additionally, our customer support is always up to help with queries or guiding new users about the software. 

You can absolutely integrate Wellyx with your website or social media for online bookings. Wellyx allows seamless integration with third parties; it aims to improve the user experience and make booking and operations easier. 

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