Yoga studio software

Yoga Studio Software makes it simple for you to attract new students

Your Yoga Studio’s revenue is based on the induction of new students every now and then. Yoga studio management software helps you attract new and retain old students with easy scheduling, memberships, bookings, billings, marketing, and more.

Yoga studio software by Wellyx

Class Scheduling will Never be a Headache Again

A great member experience is what matters when you are running Yoga. With the integration of yoga scheduling software, your members and clients can schedule their classes whenever the slot is available. It fosters a user-friendly experience that works great for your staff and students. 

  • Pre-booked classes and schedules to ensure easy operations
  • Easy website integration to increase member experience
  • Use page builder to create compelling landing pages
  • No more double appointments and cross-schedules
  • Reduce cancellation rate with effective automation
Convenient yoga scheduling software
Manage sales and inventory with POS

Simplified yet Reliable Billing & Payments

Simplicity and reliability are the most important factors when considering billing and payment methods. Yoga billing software is all about easy payments for your students and is very convenient for your staff to keep a record.

  • Members can book and pay with a single click
  • Payments work with Stripe, PayTabs, and GoCardless
  • Members can save their payment info in the system
  • Easy payments through the mobile app or at the POS
  • No hidden percentages or commissions are charged

Market Your Brand with all the Effective Tools

Create automatic emails, notifications, and reminders for your members instead of sending them individually. You can do it all with complete automation that helps in student engagement to pursue a better connection.

  • Default email templates for you to use instantly
  • Use push notifications or SMS to send automated messages
  • Make pop-up builders and integrate them with widget 
  • Create customer journeys and stay connected 
  • Make beautiful page builders to attract new students
Automate communication with yoga software
Lead Generation with Yoga studio software

Your Yoga Lead Generation Strategy will Never Fail

Yoga management software not only helps boost the lead generation strategy but lets you manage it completely. Once a lead arrives, there is very little chance of losing it. You can create automated follow-ups and keep track of their status all along. 

  • A comprehensive dashboard with all the information
  • Instantly call your leads with an in-built dialer 
  • Create a business flow to convert your leads
  • Capture leads from the website or through ads 
  • Track lead flow and keep yourself informed

Your Yoga Needs to be a Brand to Stand Out

Branding depends on what you provide to your customers. One of the key factors is to have a branded app for your yoga where students can schedule, make payments, track their progress, and communicate with you easily. Yoga management software gives you the luxury of having your own branded app. 

  • Easy scheduling and booking of classes
  • A perfect experience for your students 
  • Easily make payments within the app
  • Members can update their personal information 
  • You can send marketing notifications easily 


Yoga studio software with branded app

Why Wellyx yoga studio software is a perfect choice?

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Scheduling of classes, easy bookings, tracking, payments, and a better experience for your students and members is what a yoga studio requires the most. Wellyx helps with all of this as it offers a scheduler to keep all your class timings intact so they never overlap or create confusion for your staff and students. Moreover, it lets you create unlimited memberships to attract and target different types of audiences so you can ultimately increase your revenue. Lastly, it makes client management way easier for you, better than any Yoga Studio software out there in the market claiming to be the best. 

Absolutely, yes, Wellyx is designed to cater to all sizes of yoga studios, whether they are startups or growing businesses that are struggling to manage their daily operations and achieve optimization within their system. Yoga management software offers multiple features within one software that make it easy for any yoga studio size to adjust to it and use it as per their requirements and needs. So, any small yoga studio, if opting for Wellyx, would work fine, and moreover, when they try to expand their business, Wellyx, with yoga business software incorporating every feature, will always be there as your partner.

Yes, Wellyx offers very comprehensive membership management that helps you attract more students and retain more than before. Yoga studio software helps you create unlimited membership categories; within those categories, you can create memberships with their unique names. You can also track the active members against every membership and keep track of the revenue coming from all the memberships that you have created under every category. So, all in all, Wellyx is a complete package for your yoga studio as it lets you play while providing you multiple features and even the widget that your customers will love as it enhances their experience and lets them book memberships with complete ease. 

Connection is the major thing for yoga studios, as it lets you win more new students and helps you retain them while winning their trust every time with effective communication. To do it all with ease, Wellyx provides a full-fledged marketing feature incorporating every tool that will enhance your communication with members. You can create customer journeys, send them promotional emails with in-built templates, send them messages with the help of AI integration, and you can also create automation within the software against your member’s activity. So yes, yoga studio software is the best solution out there when it comes to effectively engaging with clients.

Yes, you can track the attendance of your students and staff. Yoga studio software helps you track the performance of both as well. You can track it from the dashboard straight away, or you can even create detailed performance reports in the form of PDFs and other supported document versions. Easy tracking of attendance and performance plays an important part in scaling and managing your yoga studio. So, Wellyx is the best solution out there for helping you stay informed at every step of your growing business.

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