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Software that harmonizes your entire yoga studio operations  

Get a solid software solution for your yoga studio. Streamline operations from scheduling and payments to aligning staff and yoga students quickly. Where you help others bring harmony to their mind, body, and soul, leverage software that harmonizes your one-to-all studio operations

Yoga studio software by Wellyx

4x your clientele, sales, and revenue with our well-crafted yoga studio software!

Replace the admin tasks of class and member management, collecting payment, and keeping records with robust, built-in software that does it all! 

Yoga software designed by humans for humans

We understand your needs and expectations from human-made software that simplifies backbreaking tasks. We are committed to providing ease and convenience when running your yoga studio. All you need is the best yoga studio management software that fits your business needs perfectly. 

Take the burden off your shoulders doing manual booking. Provide ease to your yoga studio members in booking from anywhere, anytime. Leverage the convenience of online yoga class booking software to reach more students. Booking classes online is a breeze with our software.

Payment collection is no longer a hassle. Collect your due payments with a straightforward system and a POS. Keep your finances transparent through all-inclusive software that receives payments through multiple gateways. Track your incoming and failed payments with our yoga POS software. 

Member management is simpler with our compact yoga class management software. Reach out to more students and easily fill out the booking slots. Set limits on the members’ spots in each class. From booking to class scheduling and getting members on the mats, streamline everything! 

Communication is the key to keeping your members connected for longer. Leverage the best communication tools and mediums to ensure ongoing, two-way communication between your members. Keep the members informed about the updates through SMS or emails.

Yoga software designed by humans for humans

Remodel your marketing with our powerful tools

Make your marketing stronger and on point with our powerful tools. Get the competitive edge to reach your audience more effectively. Retain your unique identity in the market, setting you apart from your competitors. 

Remodel your marketing with our powerful tools

Easily reach your target audience through SMS and Emails. Reach, connect, and build stronger relationships with your audience. Use the power of emails to reach a broader audience without spending dollars on running ads. 

Build customer journeys to engage with customers at every step. Create automated messages and notifications to your customers. Generate campaigns more efficiently to keep your customers updated and engaged with your yoga studio. 

AI is the best assistant for any business. Well-integrated AI enables you to design and create appealing pop-ups, page builders, visuals, and content. Save your time and effort with AI that elevates and repurposes your marketing efforts. 

Features yoga studio owners love and deserve

Look at the features yoga studio owners love to use with Wellyx. Here are the best features that simplify yoga studio operations, bringing efficiency to your overall studio. 


Take the headache out of scheduling. Integrate yoga scheduling software to enable your members to schedule their feasible slots. Upgrade your member experience and manage cancellation rates easily.

Lead management

Manage your leads more easily with software that enables you to capture, nurture, and convert leads. Attract and capture leads through built-in tools and keep records of your leads through the dashboard.

Access control

Manage access to your yoga studio vicinity with safe and secure access control. Track memberships and class attendance patterns through the installed and integrated access control system with yoga studio software.

Memberships & packages

Set membership and packages for your members on a monthly or quarterly basis. Manage their access to specific classes. Create and track their memberships automatically according to your yoga class types and specific styles.


Get a bunch of tools to market your yoga studio. Leverage AI integration to create visuals and templates that are right for your brand. With marketing campaigns, attract and win more customers. Get detailed insights about your marketing success.

Digital forms

Switch the paperwork and a stack of sign-up forms with simple and convenient digital forms. Easily build sign-up forms and waivers for new students online. Allow them to fill it out online and save your time by storing their information automatically.

Level up your branding game with Wellyx

Get the perfect suite of tools and features to brand your yoga studio better among hundreds of others. 

Reflect your unique style with a branded mobile app

Reflect your unique style with a branded mobile app

Don’t let your uniqueness be diluted in the overcrowded industry. Flaunt your yoga studio with a branded mobile app that shows the specialty your business holds. Let your unique selling proposition (USP) shine through the colors and style of your custom-branded mobile app. 

Why Wellyx yoga studio software is a perfect choice?

Wellyx software for your fitness & wellness business

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Scheduling of classes, easy bookings, tracking, payments, and a better experience for your students and members is what a yoga studio requires the most. Wellyx helps with all of this as it offers a scheduler to keep all your class timings intact so they never overlap or create confusion for your staff and students.

Moreover, it lets you create unlimited memberships to attract and target different types of audiences, ultimately increasing your revenue. Lastly, it makes client management way more accessible for you, better than any other Yoga Studio software claiming to be the best in the market. 

Absolutely, yes, Wellyx is designed to cater to all sizes of yoga studios, whether they are startups or growing businesses struggling to manage their daily operations and achieve optimization within their system. Our yoga management software offers multiple features within one software that make it easy for any yoga studio size to adjust to it and use it as per their requirements and needs. So, if opting for Wellyx, any small yoga studio would work fine. Moreover, when they try to expand their business, Wellyx, with yoga business software incorporating every feature, will always be your partner.

Yes, Wellyx offers comprehensive membership management that helps you attract more students and retain more than before. Yoga studio software enables you to create unlimited membership categories; within those categories, you can create memberships with their unique names. You can also track the active members against every membership and keep track of the revenue from all the memberships you have created under every category.

So, all in all, Wellyx is a complete package for your yoga studio. It lets you play while providing you with multiple features and even the widget that your members will love, as it enhances their experience and allows them to book memberships easily. 

Connection is the major thing for yoga studios, as it lets you win more new students and helps you retain them while winning their trust every time with effective communication. To do it all with ease, Wellyx provides a full-fledged marketing feature that incorporates every tool that will enhance your communication with members.

You can create customer journeys, send promotional emails with built-in templates, send messages with AI integration, and create automation within the software against your members’ activity. So yes, yoga studio software is the best solution for effectively engaging with clients.

With yoga booking software, you can track the attendance of your students and staff. Yoga studio software helps you track the performance of both as well. You can track it from the dashboard straight away, or you can even create detailed performance reports in the form of PDFs and other supported document versions.

Easy tracking of attendance and performance plays an important part in scaling and managing your yoga studio. So, Wellyx is the best solution out there for helping you stay informed at every step of your growing business.

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