Convenient Yoga Booking And Scheduling

Say goodbye to booking on the phone call. Let your members book their favorite yoga sessions using yoga studio software. Wellyx booking and scheduling let members book a time slot that suits their schedule. Pre-booked classes and schedules ensure that everything runs smoothly in your yoga studio. Moreover, notifications are sent to clients as well as the yoga instructor to ensure the session are held as per schedule.
Yoga Booking And Scheduling

Simplified And Reliable Billing & Payments

A simplified billing system generates invoices for the services, and a flexible payment system keeps the cash flow coming into your yoga studio. Members can book and pay for the service with a single click using the mobile app. Wellyx payments work with Stripe, PayTabs, GoCardless to ensure maximum acceptance around the globe. Also, members can save their payment info in the system to use for the next purchase.

Manage Memberships Seamlessly

Add, modify, and delete yoga memberships using just a few clicks. Wellyx membership management gives you all the control over membership types and packages. Moreover, you can add or modify the profile details of a member, see their billing cycle, past purchases, attendance, and more. If you find a member not showing up in yoga classes, you can take timely action to retain them before they decide to look for another yoga studio.

Manage Memberships Seamlessly

Stay Engaged With A Branded Mobile App

Wellyx offers a custom-branded yoga studio app for your business. The app not only increases brand awareness but also keeps your members engaged with your business. You can send notifications about upcoming classes and promote new services or offers. Members can explore and book yoga services, process payments, see schedules, and more just by using the app.

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Maximize Productivity with the Staff App

A dedicated staff for your yoga studio staff ensures they stay up to date with their roles and schedules using the mobile app. They can see their booked session in the calendar, and  Staff gets notified about any changes in the class schedule due to any reason. Also, the staff can see and manage their check-in and attendance in the app. This leads to improved productivity of the staff and lets you find the most dedicated employee in your yoga studio.

Branded Staff App

Keep your Clients Updated Customer Portal

A dedicated customer portal for your clients keeps every piece of information at their fingertips. Let them view their profile, memberships, packages, and the purchases they have made. All this information allows you to send them personalized messages and leads to increased customer engagement.

Stay One Step Ahead With Automation

Automate repeating tasks and save your time with Wellyx. Create automatic emails, notifications, and reminders for your members instead of sending them individually. Use default email templates available in Wellyx and save the time you will spend designing from scratch. As a yoga studio owner, you can send automated communication messages through push notifications, SMS, and emails using Wellyx.


Manage Sales And Inventory With POS

Manage and keep track of sales with a robust POS system. You can configure automated billing transactions and set billing cycles. POS is powered to accept a number of payment methods to ensure a frictionless buying experience for members. Also, POS has the feature of temporarily parking a sale and retrieving it later to complete the purchase. Not only that, Wellyx POS has the option to make partial payments to enhance the customer experience. 

Wellyx is Industry-leading gym management software

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Wellyx is Industry-leading gym management software
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    Frequently asked questions

    What is yoga studio software?

    A yoga studio software is a digital platform that offers a number of functions to run and manage yoga businesses. It is helpful to manage day-to-day tasks like managing yoga sessions, taking new bookings, and notifying members and the staff for the yoga sessions. Yoga studio software is designed to meet the needs of a yoga studio owner to manage and scale the business like no other software.

    How can Wellyx help me run my business in a better way?

    Wellyx yoga studio software offers the right tools and functions to run and manage better than ever. From reaching out to leads and turning them into customers, targeted marketing using the right channel, secure and reliable payments, managing staff and members' attendance, and more. Wellyx offers detailed reports for each aspect of your business, including memberships, staff schedules, attendance, sales, and inventory reports. These reports help you understand all the insights of your business and help you make informed decisions for the growth of the business.

    What are the main features of Wellyx?

    Wellyx is an all-in-one business solution that offers more than 40 features to run a business in a successful manner. Though, you may not need all of these to manage a yoga studio. There are features that hold more importance in your daily routine in comparison to the feature you may use occasionally. For example, booking and scheduling are used daily, but the reporting feature can be used weekly or monthly to gather reports.

    Here is the list of main features of Wellyx:

    • Booking & Scheduling
    • Memberships Management
    • Staff Management
    • Payments
    • Lead Management
    • Branded Mobile App
    • Point of Sale
    • Waitlist
    • Live Streaming
    • Customer Portal
    • Gift Cards
    • Reports

    Can I automate my business tasks using Wellyx yoga studio software?

    Yes, you can automate recurring tasks using the automation feature of Wellyx. Automation can include sending targeted emails, messages, reminders, and push notifications. Wellyx gives you the right tools to automate your admin tasks and save your time for more important tasks. It provides some default automation modes that are pre-defined, but you can also set custom automation tasks as per your requirement.

    Does Wellyx offer a platform to deliver yoga classes online?

    Yes, Wellyx offers the live streaming capability to deliver yoga classes or any event to your audience. Yoga class instructors can share live streaming with Zoom integration. When the class starts, the link is shared with the relevant members via a notification so they can join the live class stream. This allows the member to do their favorite yoga exercises from the home.

    Can I manage my yoga studio business from a mobile app?

    Wellyx offers a custom-branded mobile for your yoga studio. App hosts as many features as the web version of Wellyx. Giving you complete control over your business from the palm of your hand. Now that technology is an integral part of our life, a mobile app is crucial not only to manage but also to promote the brand on multiple mobile platforms. A custom-branded mobile app includes your yoga logo, theme, branding, and features you need to run the studio. Also, there is a separate app designed for the staff of your yoga studio, giving your staff all the required features to perform yoga sessions and other activities according to their roles.