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Save time and achieve a smooth workflow

Keep your business workflow smooth with centralized scheduling software. Take the hassle out of scheduling and admin tasks. Save ⅔ your time with well-equipped software that upgrades and automates your scheduling processes.

Scheduler system for your fitness and wellness studios

Bookings: a headache no more!

Allow your members and customers to book their slots. Give them the freedom to book the way they like. Simplify taking payment readily from your customers. Make it all easy for them and your scheduling staff.

  • Predefine the cancellation policy
  • Let them book themselves
  • Collect payments at the moment
  • Notify the customers about class bookings
  • Improve the online scheduling experience
Bookings a headache no more
Less time more efficient online scheduler

Less time, more efficient: online scheduler

Manage your classes and slots from one place. Reduce the workload with an online scheduler. View, edit, and manage your daily schedules from one dashboard. Don’t let the manual scheduling overburden you when you have a whole business to run. 

  • Make it all accessible and understandable at a glance
  • Plan your daily schedules online
  • Keep the staff updated and aligned
  • Improve the work efficiency of your business
  • Stay ahead of time with the all-in-one scheduler

Let the scheduling software be completely yours!

Make your business stand out with the completely customized scheduling software. From the layout to the functionality, harness the software according to your scheduling needs. Leverage the advanced customization options to level up members’ scheduling experience 

  • Manage the business hours and time
  • Keep the scheduling and bookings under control
  • Manage the scheduler the way you want
  • Track the activities of staff and members through custom filters
  • Utilize the advanced customized options for better monitoring
Let the scheduling software be completely yours
Handle your business the way you like

Handle your business the way you like!

Simplify managing your business with the scheduling software. From managing the rooms to inventories and resources, keep it simple and sorted. Replace manual workload with a smart solution that gives you complete authority over managing your business.

  • Keep your business operations smooth
  • Avoid double bookings and schedulings
  • Manage your classes and operations easily
  • Get complete control over your business 
  • Bring more efficiency in streamlining daily tasks

Speed up your workflow and grow high in revenue

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