Tanning Salon Software

Wellyx helps tanning salons be superstars, with all your work in one place: appointments, payments, waivers & more.
Tanning salon software by Wellyx

Simplify your tanning salon operations

Plan, track, and manage any type of tanning salon with a platform that flexes to your team’s needs.

  • Electronic Client Records
    Wellyx organizes all your appointments, emails, calls, payment and forms for every client. So you have a full view of that relationship history.
  • Booking & Scheduling
    Manage multiple employees & rooms in a consolidated calendar. Understand your resource constraints and drag & drop for “what if” scenario planning.
  • Staff Management
    Visualize & plan your shifts with Wellyx and see what’s happening across your entire organization.
Tanning salon software to simplify your tanning salon
Tanning salon software for client management

Client management – through one platform

Everything you need to sell memberships and classes online & on the app, anywhere, to anyone – across the internet and around the world.

  • Point of Sale
    A cutting-edge tanning focused point of sale that is great for growing tanning salons that need their technology to grow with them.
  • Client Portal
    Wellyx is your end-to-end virtual solution helping you manage your tanning appointments and seamlessly accept customer payments.
  • Forms & Waivers
    Take people on a personalized journey by using Wellyx different case scenarios for your tanning salon.

See how the software pieces it together

Manage your tanning salon communication & sales from wherever you are with our flexible, intuitive and web-based platform.

  • Lead Management
    Reach your ideal tanning customers faster and get lead emails & phone numbers in seconds from your website into Wellyx.
  • Automation
    Drive productivity into your tanning salon with automated forms and workflows, whilst boosting productivity in real-time.
  • Reward Program
    Build a customized reward program designed to maximize engagement and increase lifetime value.
Tanning salon software to see how the pieces fit together
Tanning salon software with payment solutions

Tanning salon payment solutions

Global, scalable, and fully automated, Wellyx transforms the way tanning salons work.

  • Waitlist
    Streamline the process of coming to the salon for appointments, ensure client safety, and compliance with regulations
  • Unified Payments
    Automate payments at scale. Unlock more revenue and boost growth by accepting payments online or in the salon.
  • Memberships
    Give your clients the flexibility to pay with major credit and debit cards and ACH. Reduce involuntary churn and increase subscriber retention.

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