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Flexible Form Builder

Wellyx allows you to build any form you can imagine. With our drag and drop form builder, you can add fields like signature, display text, date, checkbox and more. Change background or text colors, add field validations and preview forms as you build them. Stay in control of your business with Wellyx.
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New Customer Forms

Create automated forms or waivers for new customers, existing customers, leads and customers who purchase memberships. Make forms mandatory or allow customers to skip the form. Wellyx provides a complete solution to transform your paper waivers into dynamic forms, saving you time, money and reducing the risk for your staff.
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Product, Classes & Service Forms

Set up your requirements and send forms based on classes, services or products. Create and assign forms to each service or class, so when a customer books that service or class with you, the right form is automatically initiated during the checkout process.
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View & Share Forms

Forms can be viewed in Wellyx or PDF under the customer profile or location. See which forms are completed and which are pending. Quickly and easily send forms to customers by email, text, or both. Forms are hosted securely by Wellyx and are responsive for all devices.
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Multi Page & Mandatory Forms

Split complex forms into easy multi-page forms with progress bar. Splitting forms helps increase engagement and improve the user experience, all while fighting form fatigue so you get more form conversion. Used advanced rules to defy some forms as mandatory or nonmandatory. Finally, a forms feature that’s easy and powerful.

It doesn’t stop at our forms & waivers…

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Expand your ability to accommodate customers by adding them to the waitlist for specific classes or services. Keep your schedule booked & increase your revenue. Learn More

Customer App

Let your customers purchase classes, services, membership or products. A complete app, working in harmony to provide a seamless customer experience. Learn More

Point of Sale

Wellyx seamlessly integrates within your existing website, allowing you to sell memberships, products, services or classes. All the features you want, none of the hassle. Learn More


Whether you are a local business or have a national or international presence. Wellyx is a scalable solution which grows and adapts with your business. Ready to grow with Wellyx? Learn More


Everything you need to accept payments online, in-branch or anywhere else you take payments. Payment infrastructure for the beauty, wellness and fitness industry. Learn More


Learn more about your customers and their habits. Control their payment information and communicate with ease. Wellyx is the smarter way for business to grow. Learn More

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Wellyx is Industry-leading gym management software

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Sell memberships, products, classes or services, Wellyx is built for the beauty, wellness and fitness industry.

Wellyx is Industry-leading gym management software
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