Crossfit Gym Management Software

Scale your box by 78% with Crossfit gym Software 

Run your entire crossfit gym on one platform. Let your clients easily book and schedule as per their needs through a comprehensive widget and branded app.

Wellyx Crossfit gym management software

Memberships and Sign-ups are Way Easier Now

Crossfit gym membership software allows you to handle all the memberships and sign-ups in a single platform. To attract more members, you can create customized memberships. Plus, you can monitor and manage the performance of every membership within the software. 

  • End-to-end member tracking that keeps you in total control. 
  • Schedule classes, services, calls, appointments & shifts.  
  • Mitigate every scheduling error and cancellation issues
  • A single dashboard to manage all the things
  • You can keep a record of every membership (Active and non-active)
Crossfit gym membership software
Crossfit gym software for better lead management

Crossfit Gym Software Lets You do Better Lead Management

Crossfit gym lead CRM provides everything that you need to manage your leads and win them massively. A dashboard where you can see every piece of information and can track your lead resource. You can have a complete automation system made for instant follow-ups and lead nurturing. 

  • A comprehensive dashboard to track every lead
  • A business flow to nurture your leads
  • Automated followups for better outcomes
  • Easily track where the lead is coming from 
  • Widget integration for better member experience

A Smart Access Control System for Your Crossfit Gym

Crossfit training studio software is the best possible solution out there when it comes to providing 24/7 security to your vicinity. You can prohibit any unwanted access, plus you can keep track of every check-in and check-out.

  • Touch-less entry for a better member experience
  • Allow only authorized persons to enter
  • Schedule the timing of check-ins. 
  • Members can check in through the app and card
  • Easily set up and integrate with your crossfit studio
Crossfit gym software with access control system
Crossfit gym management billing software

A POS that does Everything for You

Your payment is sorted as the crossfit gym billing software lets you make payments as efficiently as possible. You can track each and every payment through a simple dashboard. You can check and download monthly and annual sales reports. 

  • Billing and invoices are sorted completely 
  • Track every sale and monitor it effectively 
  • Provide better member experience at the front desk
  • Sell products, memberships, and classes 
  • Accept payments through multiple channels

Retain 90% through a Branded App

Retention is the key to the growth of crossfit Studio. Crossfit gym management software offers you a branded app to enhance your member’s experience. Branded app is made while keeping your branding guidelines in mind. 

  • For higher authenticity and trust
  • For better experience and user-friendliness
  • Your members can make profiles 
  • Your members can track their progress
  • Your members can book and pay 
Crossfit management software with branded app

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Crossfit management software is an all-inclusive software solution for crossfit studios. It will be way easier for you to manage your daily operations and handle marketing that drives results while keeping the sales on an upward trend with all the important tools. It allows you to achieve automation within your studio so you can focus more on the customer experience and pay closer attention to scaling your business. Overall, this software runs all your daily operations and allows you to manage your business way more effectively and efficiently.

Crossfit gym software offers multiple features, including scheduling, booking, memberships, lead management, marketing, branded app, PoS with easy billing, and much more. It can be your go-to partner, as when you integrate with your studio, it allows you to run all your operations totally on automation. Consequently, saving you tons of time and costs that helps you in the long run and triggers scalability. All in all, this software is a complete package, as you can find every possible feature that your business may need to run daily operations smoothly. You can create reports on a monthly and annual basis to track the performance of your studio.

Absolutely! It is of utmost importance for a CrossFit box to have a branded app/ custom app for both members and staff to do all the mini operations with all effectiveness. Crossfit Software offers a complete package while offering a branded app relevant to your color schemes and branding guidelines. So you can build more authenticity, more credibility, and more trust. Branded app lets your clients and members book their classes, make payments, purchase any products, or track their progress. It keeps them motivated and within the loop to have a healthy lifestyle. 

Automation is the biggest benefit of all time. As you have to do repetitive tasks on a daily basis, it becomes a pain to do it manually. Crossfit software lets you put all your daily operations on complete automation, i.e., push notifications, emails, reminders, offers, cancellations, scheduling, and record keeping. Other than that, it lets you save a huge amount of cost and establish a pathway where you can scale your overall revenue and sales while attracting new members to your crossfit box.

Absolutely! If you are using any other CrossFit Studio software and are willing to switch to ours, it is way easier than you think. You can transfer all the data, including client accounts, scheduling data, contacts, members’ subscription data, payment records, and every existing data that is important to you. However, the switch and integration are made easy with Crossfit software and give you total relief while doing it. 

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