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Save yourself from the undeserved burden of day-to-day tasks. Simplify and streamline front and back-end operations of your gym with the most satisfying in the industry.

Gym management software by Wellyx

Customer support around the clock

Our customer support is proactive in sorting out your queries & concerns. Get 24/7 active customer service to resolve issues at the earliest.

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Book a free demo to get a real-time look at the features and functionality of the software. Data migration and import are on us; we do them for free!

Growth and 2x revenue guaranteed

Growth and profit go hand in hand. Double up your speed to achieve your business goals with the best gym management system.

Stay trouble-free by having your gym operations streamlined

With our all-inclusive software, gym operations are easier said than done. Simplify bookings and collect payments faster and easier. Keep track of your operations from anywhere, anytime. 

Award-winning software

Gym management software with access control

Manage gym with 24/7 access control system

Oversee your gym access anytime, anywhere. Ensure the safety and security of your gym with a centralized gym access control system. Monitor your members’ gym access and membership and give them a smooth entry to your gym. No more front-desk team is needed!

  • Simplify the gate-keeping of your gym
  • Manage access and limit the invaders from getting in
  • Enhance the member experience with touchless entry
  • Allow members to access through mobile phones
  • Monitor in real-time and grant offline gym access

Simplify the members' bookings

Bookings are not that hard when done smartly! Leverage the best software for gym management. Make class bookings easier than ever. Reduce the staff workload with online booking software. Give your members ease by booking online from anywhere and anytime. 

  • Minimize the booking workload
  • Book feasible slots remotely
  • View and manage your bookings
  • Collect payments right away
  • Manage double bookings and cancellations
Gym management software for easy and automatic scheduling for your fitness studio
Gym management software for all-inclusive gym POS

Make billing easier

Replace your outdated cash counter with automated and robust billing software. Track your monthly payments and revenue. Collect your due payments online via multiple terminals. Make the billing process a breeze with the best gym software!

  • Collect payments via credit or debit cards
  • Receive payments through Stripe, PayTabs, and GoCardless
  • Allow members to pay using split and partial payment options
  • Track the due and failed payments
  • Keep your financial records updated

Flawless membership management

Allow your gym members to be an active part of your gym. Create and specify membership plans that suit your gym members best. Boost their experience and fitness motivation with the memberships feature.

  • Create customized membership plans
  • Set membership plans with multiple payment options
  • Manage the gym members flawlessly
  • Monitor their membership status and activity
  • Track and refresh their membership upon payment
Gym management software with access control for customized memberships & packages
Gym software with gift card management

Grow your member base smartly

Implement the best tactics to attract and grow your member base with gift cards. Sell online gift cards to elevate their experience and bring new faces to your gym. Give your members royal treatment with gift cards. Attract, reward, and make them yours! 

  • Sell built-in gift cards to attract members
  • Broaden up your revenue stream
  • Make your members feel special
  • Improve the member experience 
  • Allow them to redeem points easily
  • Offer them a personalized experience

Convert leads into members

Fear losing leads no more! Manage and prioritize leads with the built-in leads management feature. Categorize leads at every level and deal with them accordingly to convert leads into paying members. Take advantage of the most efficient and compact software for gym owners.

  • Capture and nurture leads easily
  • Manage and treat leads at every step
  • Filter out potential leads through the sales funnel
  • Convert more leads strategically 
  • Improve the quality of leads and sign-ups
Gym leads management system

Rebrand your gym business with the full-fledged Software

Make your gym business a brand that speaks and shows the worth you have. Repurpose your brand strategy and voice better than before with the most compact software.

Branded staff app

Allow your staff to manage and oversee daily operations quickly through a branded staff app. Improve your staff’s work efficiency with a well-designed staff management app. Track their working hours, schedules, and progress easily through the staff app. 

Branded customer app

Give your customers a reason to join your gym. Engage with your customers; don’t let them slip away. Upbeat their user experience with a custom-branded app. Connect with them personally and let them engage with your business through the USP-focused interface. 

Inventory management

Track your stock levels and manage your retail store online. Allow your gym members to buy products and pay instantly.

Digital forms

Keep it all digital with online signup forms and waivers. Collect and save information online and minimize the paperwork.


Power up your gym marketing with a complete suite of tools and features. Reach target audience via right marketing campaigns.

Waiting list

Manage and limit the number of members in each class. Automatically add members to the waiting list until the next bookings.

Access control

Monitor and control gym access for authorized gym members. Allow safe and smooth entry of gym members into the gym facility.

Video on demand

Nail your members’ experience with online and recorded sessions. Allow members to access fitness training sessions anytime, anywhere.

Keep your gym business all-aligned

Manage operations, marketing, and sales in one place. Reduce the manual workload and bring a touch of efficiency to the way you run your gym.

Leverage the most centralized fitness gym software to amplify your gym operations with the best gym management software. Automatically update the schedule and classes.

Repurpose your marketing with a complete marketing toolkit. Let your audience know the value your gym offers them. Maximize your audience reach and get potential leads. 

Manage your sales and inventory with the POS system. Bring efficiency and transparency to your gym sales and finance management.

Gym Operations
Gym Marketing
Gym sales

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Simply put, gym management software is a smart solution for replacing manual operations with automated smart software. It is capable of streamlining minor to major tasks. It flawlessly manages everything from online bookings, members, and staff to collecting payments and regulating marketing campaigns.

Gym CRM software is software designed for business customer relationship management. It allows gym owners to save and update their customer database. Observing customer behaviour patterns helps them improve their customer engagement and retention rate. Gaining insights from the gym CRM allows gym owners to create strategies to make well-informed moves.

As there is a lot of software in the industry, the choice of gym software solution depends on the gym business’s needs. Most gym businesses opt for software specially designed to meet those needs, including solutions like Wellyx and Mindbody.

However, Wellyx is the only software gym owners trust to simplify their operations. From smaller to mid-sized and large gyms, Wellyx provides a complete solution for streamlining their tasks and operations in one place.

The cost and pricing plans of gym management software vary depending on the size and needs of the gym software systems. Wellyx offers 3 pricing plans to cater to these needs, from Excel to Exceed and Ultimate. The pricing plan varies according to the access to features in each. Wellyx costs from $79 to $149 monthly. 

Since there are hundreds of software programs on the market, finding the best one can seem challenging. However, it is easier to identify gym software as the best based on its features, functionality, interface, quality of service, and pricing plan. 

Considering these factors, Wellyx is the only best gym software that fulfils the criteria and needs of its users in the most budget-friendly range.  

Of course, Wellyx is completely customizable to its users’ needs. From tailoring the look to creating memberships and building pages and pop-ups, you can create what suits your gym requirements. This is how you can offer a personalized experience and a brand-focused touch to your software and mobile app.

Wellyx highly prioritizes ease of use for its customers’ business. With intuitive gym software and a friendly interface, both the staff and members can navigate the software easily. It is easier to handle, from bookings to paying online and getting updates. Our user-centric design fosters positive experiences for staff and members, enhancing their engagement. However, for your convenience, our customer service is active 24/7 to help you learn and resolve problems. 

Though Wellyx does not offer a free version or trial, it provides potential clients with free demos. A comprehensive demo allows users to explore the software’s features and functionalities before signing up. This hands-on experience helps users understand how Wellyx aligns with specific gym needs, ensuring informed decision-making.

Using the most advanced and updated management software, you can not only boost your work efficiency but also grow your business and profit. 

Having well-designed and personalized gym software can completely change your business’s dynamics. Managing operations, sales, and marketing through the software improves your gym business’s transparency and workflow.

Since gym software is designed to simplify daily operations, it should possess features ranging from scheduling to booking, staff, and membership management. It should also include sales and marketing features to empower gym owners with a smart solution that simplifies gym management. Additionally, having a branded app is also a plus point for improving your branding. 

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