Salon Employee Management Software

Empower staff and foster productivity

Make smart decisions for your salon with Wellyx salon employee management software. It helps with schedules and checks how everyone’s doing. Improve productivity with better staff management.

Salon Employee Management Software

Shift scheduling

Create an efficient shift scheduling plan with the salon employee management software. Set rosters and working hours of staff members. At the same time, ensure the right people at the right time to perform specific jobs.

  • Ensure optimal coverage during peak hours
  • Strategically assign tasks based on staff strengths
  • Minimizes the chances of errors and streamline operations
  • Promote a flexible work environment
Salon employee scheduling management software
Salon employee attendance tracking software

Attendance tracking

Maintain attendance records to optimize workforce distribution. Attendance patterns over time provide insights into staff performance. It creates accountability and helps in complying with labor regulations. 

  • Monitors real-time attendance reports
  • Get easy access to staff members’ attendance data 
  • Set customizable alerts to stay informed 
  • Track the location of check-in

Employee performance tracking

Boost productivity with salon software with an employee management system. It helps you to track staff performances. It enables you to calculate complete working hours and gauge customer satisfaction.

  • Promotes healthy competition to enhance productivity 
  • Detailed staff profiles in the dashboard
  • Facilitates in-depth performance analysis and KPIs
  • Generate customizable reports
Salon employee performance tracking system
Enhance internal communication with Salon employee software

Enhancing internal communication

Sharing special announcements becomes easier. Our salon employee management software removes confusion among staff members. It fosters communication and interactions.  

  • Sending policy updates to staff members
  • Notify team members about changes in class schedules
  • Organize events and share them with staff members
  • Share calendars to inform employees about their schedules

Easy check-in and check-out

Easy check-in and check-out enable employees to quickly and conveniently log their entry and exit times. In addition, our software empowers you to manage role-based access effortlessly. It enables you to manage access levels according to the specific roles of your staff members. In this way, you save time, enhance control, and improve the overall efficiency of your salon studio.


  • Tracks mobile check-ins and check-outs
  • Creates transparency of working hours & shift details
  • Implements geo-fencing to track staff attendance
  • Restricts access to unauthorized people.
Access control system with salon employee management software

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Selecting the best salon employee management software for a small business often involves considering factors like simplicity, efficiency, and tailored features. Wellyx is the ultimate choice, offering user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive tools to streamline employee management for small salons.

Yes, Wellyx’s salon employee management software includes features to track employee performance and productivity. It provides performance metrics, task management tools, and performance analysis, allowing salon owners to assess and enhance their team’s efficiency.

Wellyx improves internal communication through its integrated email and text system. This system allows administrators and managers to easily communicate with staff regarding their tasks and duties within the platform, helping streamline communication and ensure that important messages are not missed.

Yes, Wellyx’s salon employee management software includes features for tracking employee work hours and attendance. Wellyx, for instance, provides a user-friendly system for recording and monitoring work hours, ensuring accurate attendance tracking and facilitating efficient scheduling for salon owners.

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