Wellyx vs Vagaro

The inclusivity of Wellyx makes it the industry-leading and reliable software for small to enterprise-level businesses. Scales the wellness and fitness business without costing a fortune.
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Undoubtedly, Wellyx and Vagaro are long-known in the fitness and wellness industry. Every software strives to add value to the industry, but a few make it happen. In the over-crowded software industry, Wellyx’s human-centered approach makes it different from the rest. Its humanistic approach outsmarts Vagaro and others in the race. 

Prioritize software that prioritizes you!

Both Wellyx and Vagaro are highly spoken of in the wellness and fitness industry. They offer a good range of features to cater to businesses’ needs. However, what differentiates them is the features’ functionality and the value they provide. In this regard, Wellyx sets its tone apart by prioritizing users and their ease. It provides its users with full-fledged software that includes everything they need. 

A little about Wellyx

In the industry jampacked with hundreds of software, Wellyx manages to retain its distinct identity, standing out from the rest. It tends to be the Budget King, offering the best features with an easy interface and economical budget.  

Additionally, it is specifically focused on providing value to business owners by digitizing manual business operations. With the goal of refining business management, it leaves no stone unturned by providing thoughtfully crafted inclusive software.

How does Wellyx prioritize you?

Handles your hardest tasks like a Pro! Starting with Wellyx takes the burden off your shoulders. It efficiently manages data import, migration, and data compliance. It offers convenience to its users. It prioritizes its users over anything by performing the following essential functions:

What else could you ask for when Wellyx makes the transition curve so smooth!  

A glance at the features Wellyx offers

Unlike Vagaro, Wellyx comes with a composite set of features to streamline operations, marketing, and sales. Since software are designed to simplify the otherwise laborious, Wellyx offers everything a business owner would ever wish in a business management software. 

Offering a complete suite of features, Wellyx enables businesses to boost their growth and stay on the progressive track.

How Wellyx outweighs Vagaro?

Wellyx is equipped with the essential tools and features in the perfect proportion to save time and labor. Unlike Vagaro, it manages everything in one platform, reducing the turnover rate between software for booking and receiving payments. All you need is in one place so that you can stay focused with the perfect software in hand! 

Online booking
Through software or mobile app
Through multiple ways, Apple, Google, and live marketplace
Multiple smooth integrations
Limited integrations
Payment methods
Stripe, GoCardless, PayTabs and third-party payment method
Google Pay or Apple Pay
Complete toolkit
Email and texting
Loyalty programs
Boosts customer retention
Does not offer
Facility rental
Manages facility and assets
Does not offer

A closer look at the highs and lows of Vagaro

Undoubtedly, Vagaro offers a software solution to a broader range of industries, from fitness to wellness and beauty. Though it provides a good range of features for streamlining daily operations, there are also limitations in:

Where it offers ease in booking online through the marketplace, there is a likelihood of distracting customers. Because they can see your competitors’ ads offering their services at an economical price than you, in this way, a marketplace for online bookings is not very practical for small businesses. 

Similarly, when it comes to tight integration, many Vagaro users complain that the integrations do not work seamlessly. This directly affects the user experience with the software. The payment processing feature integrates with Google Pay and Apple Pay, limiting business owners and customers to specific payment methods and gateways. 

Additionally, there is a strong urge among business owners to retain their customers in the long term. Vagaro overlooks this need in the software with no loyalty program, which affects businesses’ customer retention strategy. Furthermore, unlike Wellyx, Vagaro lacks a facility rental feature, which is a rising need in the fitness and wellness industry. This makes it difficult for gym or salon owners to rent out their vacant space while manually managing the renter. 

Why final decision go in favor of Wellyx?

One thing that matters the most to business owners is the trust a software solution builds over time. In terms of reliability, Wellyx is smarter than Vagaro as it offers 24-7 availability and user-friendliness.  Additionally, its ability to manage every bit of your business makes it most reliable for business owners with tight schedules. 

Similarly, it has active customer support, which Vagaro also offers. But Wellyx goes the extra mile to help its customers. With free training and ongoing support, it does not let you get stuck anywhere and anytime. Unlike Vagaro, Wellyx is always up to hear, value, and resolve the problem as soon as possible.  

Where it offers the best suite of features in the software, it negates the idea of long-term commitments for users’ convenience. Instead of trapping customers into long-term commitments, it gives them the freedom to choose valuable and pocket-friendly software wholeheartedly. You can make your journey smooth with Wellyx as long as you wish!

Last but not least, the best thing that makes Wellyx favorable is their no-hidden, no-surprise charges. Considering the budget constraints of small businesses, it leverages all business owners to pay only for what they have picked. No extra costs, no undeserved shocks! 

That’s what makes Wellyx better than Vagaro in every aspect! 

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Wellyx Pricing plan

Being able to meet the business needs of a wide range of industries, Wellyx feels pride in serving value and efficiency to the businesses. With the motive to upgrade the industry operations and management, it stands as the budget king with the most economical pricing plans. 

Based on business needs and size, it offers three types of monthly plans as follows:

  • $USD - US Dollar
  • £GBP - British Pound
  • A$AUD - Australian Dollar
  • EUR - Euro



Per Month



Per Month



Per Month

A good range of features is included in each plan. However, branded apps, custom WordPress websites, and SEO services can be added as per the business needs. Still, it wins over other software in providing the best features and functionality in an affordable range.