Integrating Tanning Salon POS System for Better Business

Integrating Tanning Salon POS System for Better Business

Beauty businesses have been breaking records for the past few years. Rapid growth is seen in the beauty industry worldwide, and the salon industry is no exception. According to statistics, the tanning salon generated revenue of $1.8bn in 2023, which is expected to grow higher. In this era, the golden glow trend prevails with artificial tanning, and salons are bringing new innovative and efficient solutions. 

A more streamlined approach is required since the tanning industry is experiencing multiple significant changes. Considering the industry’s current growth rate, tanning salons are expected to be overwhelmed with customers. However, to ensure the seamless delivery of the services, tanning salon management software with ultimate features is introduced. Salon management software is considered an all-in-one solution as it automates the company’s entire work process. 

However, integrating a POS system exclusively decreases the workload and automates all the tedious tasks. Whether operating a multi-location tanning salon chain or trying to revamp your small salon business, incorporating a POS system will bring the best opportunities to enhance your business.

What is a POS system?

A POS system, majorly known as a point-of-sale system, is built upon both hardware and software services, which are used to increase sales. Moreover, the POS system only exists in the physical or virtual sale form. However, if we look forward, physical companies have integrated hardware systems. However, only online businesses don’t require one. 

Purposes of POS system

The point-of-sale system ensures that all the work is processed in a flow and that everything syncs properly. Moreover, it ensures that both hardware and software align to provide accurate and precise outcomes. The POS system not only manages the payment process but plays an essential part in multiple tasks, including customer management, inventory management, and processing and analyzing the business’s finances. Moreover, it provides a complete report of everything related to sales and customer responses to make future decisions based on stats and logistics.

Features of the POS system

There are multiple features of point-of-sale, which may include; 

  1. Seamless checkout

POS system ensures a smooth and seamless checkout experience for the sellers and purchasers.

  1. Processing payments 

Provide multiple payment options, including cards, pay tabs, online, etc.

  1. Managing inventory

Helps to manage the whole inventory, keeps track of all the stocks, and sends push notifications when a refill or stock-up is required.

  1. Contributes to CRM

Once a customer makes a purchase or avails of any service, it automatically saves all the data and, through a loyalty program, provides multiple offers and a list of benefits to the remaining ones.

  1. Manages staff

The POS system tracks all the activities of the staff members, including the working hours, and sets permissions separately. 

  1. Enhanced marketing tools

Modern POS systems typically provide numerous marketing solutions, allowing business owners to keep their marketing strategies top-notch. 

  1. Detailed analysis

Provide a thorough analysis of all the finances after keenly tracking each sale.

  1. Multichannel sales

With a POS system, you don’t need to induce multiple channels to track other devices. You can easily integrate the POS system into all the devices.

Difference between on-premise solutions and POS system

On-premise solutionsPOS system
Security You can directly control the data security and the backup system.The data is automatically stored in the secure cloud servers, and backups are automated.
Pricing You have to invest quite a high price initially; however, continuous maintenance has a meager ongoing spending budget.You don’t have to spend much money on a cloud-based POS system. However, it is a subscription-based model.   
Access The access is limited to the installed site only.You can access it anywhere, anytime, with a secure internet connection.
Maintenance On-premise requires ongoing maintenance along with a technical support system as well. The POS system doesn’t really require any maintenance. All the updates are automated, and the software technicians resolve glitches.
Installation Takes time for the on-site or in-store installation of the on-premise solution.The installation process is online and easily accessed remotely through the internet.
Best suited forLocal stores in the local areas.The business in which maximum customization is required.Companies in which the duration is fixed; moreover, offline operations are promoted. Usually, the business where online work is promoted. The store chains or a proper business with multiple branches.Small-scale business which doesn’t require fully personalized and customized operations. 

Integrating a POS system in a tanning salon

The point-of-sale system plays a crucial role in tanning salons. The POS system allows salon owners to make smooth transactions. Multiple other features help the owners to automate their daily tasks and work on providing better services. POS systems can transform salon management and provide helpful insight to grow the business further. Its extensive features have made the business easy, and the cherry on top is it provides an optimized workflow system.

Benefits of POS system

We feel overwhelmed whenever we integrate a new solution to enhance business. However, the POS system alone ensures increased sales by 200%. There are multiple benefits the point-of-sale system offers.

Offers you various payment Methods

The point-of-sale system offers various payment methods to ease and streamline the processes. Here’s a list of multiple payment methods.

Cash payment

Well, the old-school cash payments are still in the order. The clients can simply make payments with cash.

Card payment

Tanning salon software offers card transactions worldwide, including in the USA, as people’s preferences have changed from cash payments to card transactions.

Integrated third-party system

If you are looking forward to facilitating your clients from various backgrounds, linking all the other payment processes with a third-party system is essential. This provides utter convenience for merchants and clients.

Pay tabs

Salon software provides merchants with a free way to integrate numerous payment getaways, allowing them to process transactions more efficiently.

Automate transactions and reduce risks

It streamlines the transaction/payment process and provides high security. In addition, it offers statistical analysis, decreases risk factors, and ensures good sales.

Refunds, discounts & packages

The POS system provides the client with personalized and customized packages that grab the customer’s attention. Moreover, it allows clients to avail themselves of discounts and offers refunds when canceling a first appointment.

Future of tanning salon with a POS system

Well, globally, the point-of-sale system has been expanding rapidly. The market size is expected to hit around $20 billion by 2028 from $3 billion in 2021 since the demand for modernized payment systems has increased. The upcoming generation is more fond of online shopping from the comfort of their homes.

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3 Best POS solutions

There’s an expanded market of POS solutions outside. However, choosing the best salon POS system for your salon is essential, and here are a few top-notch service providers to select.


At the top of the list is the well-known and all-arounder salon software option, Wellyx, for all businesses in the industry. It is at the top as multiple businesses, such as hair, nail, or any associated spa, can easily adapt and integrate it. Furthermore, all of its features are functional and basic,  which meet the needs of every business.

Square POS

Square POS is a reliable tanning salon software. It provides many features required to manage small businesses and primarily targets smaller salons. It has enough features to manage smaller salons; however, compared to other software, it doesn’t offer many extensive and innovative solutions.


One of the main features of the tanning salon software Vagaro is the ability to book appointments easily. This article focuses on how easy it is for members to book sessions and appointments with this software. Salon software facilitates the creation of automated appointments.

What are the Factors to keep in mind when selecting a POS system?

  1. Cost: Keep a budget in mind and choose software with more enhanced but feasible features.
  2. Scalability: You must think about the further growth of your business in the future as you choose software that effectively scales with your future goals.
  3. Features: Make a list of the features you require from the software and look for software with the best of those features.
  4. Easy to use: It’s best to install easy software for your business as your staff or client doesn’t find it complex.  
  5. Good customer support: Conduct thorough research on the salon management software to understand better whether the software you choose has reliable customer support. 

Types of POS systems

POS Software

Small companies on a tight budget desire a portable and adaptable point-of-sale system.

POS Systems on the Go

Traveling retailers or vendors wishing to handle transactions using the sales floor.

Touch-screen point-of-sale systems. 

Businesses and restaurants want to expedite the ordering and checkout procedures.

Online Point of Sale

Companies wishing to access POS data and reports from any location

POS Systems that are open-source

Companies with sufficient technical resources to develop and manage a unique system

POS Systems with Multiple Channels

Online and brick-and-mortar retailers must synchronize their stock levels.

Self-serve Point of Sale Kiosks

Self-checkout quick-service restaurants and casual dining establishments


A customized POS system is all that any business requires to grow. It manages to run the business smoothly and, on top of that, ensures the increase of the market value of your tanning salon. A POS system will ensure all the functionalities are automated and work seamlessly in a flow, including automatic lead generation and social media marketing. Majorly, it handles class scheduling, online payments, customer personal data, and tracking progress reports. Integrating the tanning salon POS system is essential and worthwhile for a better business.