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Top-Notch Management Software To Elevate Your Wellness Business
Maximize your revenue, double your clientele, & efficiently handle day-to-day operations with Wellyx, an industry-leading software!
Wellness Management Software

Set your business on high revenue 

Manage your wellness businesses with Wellyx’s extensive tools and features

Wellyx offers a comprehensive management solution, including scheduling, integrated payments, dashboards, reports, customer and staff management, loyalty programs, check-in kiosks, mobile apps, and inventory tracking.

Promote your business, acquire leads, and engage with clients 

Design and execute lead generation and member engagement journeys. Deploy tailored marketing campaigns via email, text, app notifications, and WhatsApp to promote memberships, packages, classes, events, and services to both leads and existing clients!

Get deeper insights into your leads, automate tasks, and increase conversions

Our software will supercharge your sales process by bringing sales tools and data together. Manage your leads pipeline more effectively, close more leads, and foster deeper relationships.

Comprehensive set of features exclusively for your wellness business

Easy online bookings

Enhance your clients' experience with effortless online booking software. Provide convenience while being available 24/7 for your customers.

Gift cards

Skyrocket your revenue using our highly effective wellness gift card system. Drive both online and in-person sales with limitless customization options.

Promo codes

Increase your sales and cultivate strong customer relationships by harnessing the power of promo codes. These codes not only drive trust but also lead to long-term customer retention.

Branded app

Build a solid reputation and establish a strong brand identity through your very own branded wellness app. This branded app offers an authentic way to connect with your intended audience, fostering genuine relationships.

Speed up your workflow and grow high in revenue

Mobile App

Access Control

Point of Sale

Online Bookings

Loyalty Program

Inventory Tracking

Access Control

Mobile App

Video on Demand

Digital Forms


Facility Rental

Waiting List

Inventory Tracking


Gift Cards

Lead Management

Promo Codes

Memberships & Packages

Access Control

Inventory Tracking

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Wellyx’s wellness software solution supports all franchise and chain-based business models with high efficiency, centralized management, higher data security, and scalability. It is an amazing software solution for wellness businesses such as spas, salons, barber shops, and tattoo studios.

Wellyx wellness software is integrable with popular payment gateways such as Stripe, Paytabs, and GoCardless to ensure that you and your clients have flexible and seamless payment processing.

With Wellyx, you can add unlimited staff members and clients.

Whether you are running a spa business or any other wellness business, you always get a custom mobile app. With this branded app, you can let your clients book appointments, buy products, and schedule their sessions.

Our software can help you manage your business’s finances in various ways. It can help you track all sales and expenses, provide detailed reports, and easy payment processing and invoicing. With all the details at your disposal, you can make better decisions to grow your business.

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