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Scale your business with Wellyx, a new & innovative award winning management software platform.
  • Operations: Easily manage all the moving parts of your business, track clients, leads, inventory, payments & more.
  • Marketing: Utilize our extensive range of marketing tools to attract new clients and keep them engaged. 
  • Sales: Increase your revenue by up to 63% using our proven sales growth tools.
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Award winning software equipped with all the tools to manage and grow your business

Sales tools for fitness and wellness studios

Turbo charge your sales by up to 63% using our proven easy to use sales tools

Establish well-defined and efficient sales processes that drive revenue growth for your business. From lead management and automated follow-ups to sales pipeline tracking and performance analytics, our comprehensive management software solution empowers you to optimize your sales processes and achieve unparalleled success.

Your own branded app

Having a custom branded mobile app is a vital tool in today’s digital world, enabling your clients to have more interaction with your business, engage more, encourage retention, and increase spending.

  • Easily book & schedule services, events & classes 
  • Buy memberships & packages
  • Make payments and purchase retail items
  • 24/7 access control features
  • Track gift cards and loyalty points 
  • Update personal information
  • Receive marketing content & last minute offers
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An all-in-one software, eliminating the need for multiple software solutions

Bid farewell to the complexities of using multiple softwares for your business and embrace an all-inclusive management software platform that streamlines and supports every facet of your business. Our comprehensive end-to-end solution allows you to focus on your clients and prioritize critical tasks.

Leverage our expertise to power your business and drive its success

Our management software offers more than just an industry-leading software for the fitness & wellness industry. Benefit from regular consultations with our highly experienced team, who bring years of expertise to your business. Use their competence and your business data to make informed decisions and implement data-driven marketing campaigns.
Wellyx management software for fitness and wellness studios
Wellness and Fitness software to elevate customer experience

Give your clients a VIP experience

Unlock the power of personalization for every client with a comprehensive management toolkit. Enjoy seamless online bookings, specific recommendations, and hassle-free payments. Elevate your clients loyalty and earn outstanding ratings by delivering a truly personalized experience.

Accelerate your business with a new & innovative software platform


We have fitness covered with a comprehensive suite of modules to manage and grow your fitness business.
  • Gym
  • Health club
  • PT studio
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Cross training
  • Fitness studio
  • Pilates
  • Boxing club
  • Physical Therapy


Wellyx offers a complete management solution for the wellness industry to thrive and excel.

  • Spa
  • Salon
  • Hair salon
  • Nail salon
  • Barbershop
  • Tanning salon
  • Hair removal studio
  • Tattoo studio
  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture

Award-winning software

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Unlimited Training

We provide unlimited training until you are comfortable with the software and then offer regular growth consultations.

Setup & Data Migration

Priority setup and data-migration is a free service that we provide for a smooth and easy transition.

No Contracts

We do not tie you into long term contracts. There are no signup or cancellation costs, just a single manageable subscription fee.

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Wellyx is comprehensive fitness and wellness software that offers management solutions for a range of businesses, including gyms, spas, salons, dance studios, and others in the fitness and wellness industries. Empowered with a bundle of features, it can help you smoothen your business operations daily and periodically.

Our comprehensive management solution has everything you need to manage all managerial tasks and maximize your gains, whether you are in the fitness or wellness industry. Wellyx’s gym management software helps gym owners improve task management and sales.

Wellyx wellness and fitness software offers exclusive pricing plans. Our pricing is simple and transparent for all small and large-sized businesses. For detailed information about our pricing, see our pricing page.

Wellyx management software for fitness and wellness businesses is a cloud-based solution, accessible from anywhere and on any device. All you need is an internet connection and a browser.

Data safety is a top priority, and we employ industry-leading servers and networking architecture. This ensures maximum uptime, enhanced data center security, and other connections and firewalls. We use advanced measures such as encryption, regular backups, and access controls to keep your data safe and confidential.

No, we do not bind you to any long-term or short-term contracts. You pay your subscription for as long as you need Wellyx.