How Wellyx is The Best Fitness and Wellness Management Software?

Wellyx Management Software

Are you running a fitness studio or managing a wellness or beauty business? Having an online management software can help you streamline your various business tasks – all in one place. Wellyx Business Management software is the need of the day if you want to keep your fitness and wellness business growing. Wellyx can help you in many ways from scheduling appointments to online bookings to inventory management to engaging the customers – the automated business management software tailored to health and wellness entrepreneurs. It provides all sorts of benefits that can help you manage your business tasks efficiently.


Whether you are running a single studio, own a fitness brand, or running a gym business, implementing an online fitness club management software will help you grow your business successfully. The leading management software that will make your business life easy and convenient is Wellyx. Caught your interest, Right?

There are different online fitness studio software helping the fitness business to manage the business tasks. Here, we are going to explain how Wellyx is the best management software for your fitness and wellness business. Want to try online management software? Great! Wellyx offers 14 days of free trial with no commitments! This is great to realize that either you should move with this software or cancel the subscription, it is completely your choice.

So, here the question arises!

 What is Wellyx?

Wellyx is a business management software that provides an all-in-one solution with a wide range of features for fitness, wellness, and beauty businesses. The best thing about the management software is that it does not make you time-bound, you can access it anywhere on any device.

Wellyx software

The feasibility to use the software anywhere adds ease to business life. The software is easy to use with a wide range of features that make it the most wanted solution for your fitness and wellness businesses.

It helps you from managing day-to-day tasks to running paid campaigns to scheduling appointments to handling the businesses at multiple locations. Wellyx was founded in 2018 and is the world’s leading business management software offering solutions to streamline various business tasks efficiently and in less time. Wellyx has the ability to integrate with an extensive list of payment providers that make it convenient for clients to pay bills across the globe.

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  • Easily streamline all the operations of the gym
  • Easy to schedule all the classes
  • Easy to engage with customers

This Software has all the features that make it easy for the clients to manage the business efficiently and in less time. It saves you lots of hours that would otherwise be wasted in handling administrative tasks in receiving cold calls, booking appointments, updating the schedule, and payment processing. Here, we will let you know how Wellyx management software can help you efficiently manage your fitness and wellness business generating more revenue.

 What Does Wellyx Cost to Manage Your Fitness and Wellness Business?

Wellyx offers affordable pricing without compromising the quality compared to other business software solutions. The price is transparent and is mentioned clearly on its website creating no confusion. This helps you decide which package you can afford and what services you will be offered in return.

Cost to Manage Your Fitness

You can also ask for the add-on features that would be required to pay the extra charges! Prices are mentioned in Dollar currency that is easy to convert into your currency rate. There are mainly four packages for the fitness business; engage, excel, exceed, and exceed plus.

 Engage – $29/month

Wellyx starts its basic package from $29 per feature per month for the wellness business. For the fitness business, its basic package starts from the same $29. The basic package offers most of the features that are required to manage your fitness and wellness business. If you are running a small business, this package would be a great choice. However, if you want to get add-on features, other packages would be good to go!

 Expand– $119/month

The expand package is only for the wellness business! The expanded package includes calls, appointments, staff tasks, enhanced reporting, and 2-way SMS text messages. This will likely improve member onboarding and selling of your services.

 Exceed – $199/month

The exceed package includes most of the available features from Wellyx but it does not include all the features. The exceed package includes facility management, a  dashboard for client management, staff app & inventory, and tips, service charges, and discounts for POS.

 Exceed Plus  – $299/month

This package includes all the features, plus provides access to your very own branded app. This reduces the business stress in your life helping you grow your business manifolds.

To make your mind clear on Wellyx, you can ask the clients who are using this software.

 Is Wellyx’s Price Worth It?

This question is normal to ask when you go for shopping something for the long term. You are always concerned about what value it offers in return. Wellyx saves lots of working hours and it keeps all the processes streamlined. Saving lots of hours saves money (you must have heard the quote; time is money).

The Excel and Exceed packages also include so many marketing features, that remove the need to have other software running in your business. If you have a growing member base, it’s not unusual to end up paying upwards of $120/month just in email software costs.

Wellyx’s Price Worth

Choosing a separate software solution for booking, scheduling, inventory management, and POS would cost you more, instead if you get an all-in-one software solution. To make it cost-effective, Wellyx is offering all the features with your own branded app at a budget-friendly rate. This makes your business life easy and progressive without the hassle of keeping the staff, maintaining and retaining them.

Wellyx is modest and cost-effective in terms of the services it offers to its clients. It charges less price compared to alternative software solutions without compromising the quality and reliability of the services it offers. You can also check the 90-day free trial to check the services and what value they can offer you in return. Moreover, it does not need a commitment to proceed.

 What Features does Wellyx Offer?

It offers a wide range of features with a user-friendly interface. The software is very easy to use and is cloud-based.

Features Wellyx cover

  • Online booking
  • Scheduler
  • Lead management
  • Inventory management
  • POS
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer Portal
  • Automated reports
  • Branded Customer app
  • Branded Staff app
  • Waitlist
  • Reward
  • Payment
  • Customer Portal
  • Reports
  • Online store
  • Live Streaming
  • Access Control
  • Marketing
  • Gift Cards
  • Video on Demand

In addition to this, Wellyx covers different industries, let’s have a look.

 Which Industries Does Wellyx Cover?

Wellyx covers mainly the fitness, wellness,  and beauty business. The industries that come under this heading are;

Industries Wellyx

  • Health club
  • Gyms
  • Fitness
  • Yoga Studio
  • Spa
  • Salons
  • Massage
  • Pilates Studio
  • Dance Studio
  • Martial Arts
  • Barbershop
  • Nail Salon
  • Tanning
  • Golf Club
  • Yoga Studio
  • Personal Trainer
  • Cross Training
  • Cycling and Rowing
  • Clinic Management

Wellyx caters to small, medium, and large-sized organizations managing the businesses efficiently!

 What do We Like about Wellyx?

Here are some points that will make your mind clear how Wellyx is the reliable software solution to help you grow your business successfully.


Reliability is the factor where Wellyx takes the lead from other alternative software solutions. The 24/7 availability makes it user-friendly as it does not make you time-bound to run the system. Reliability is one thing that earns your trust to choose the services. It is critically important to keep running the operations smoothly.

In addition, managing all aspects of your business makes it worth considering as you do not have to purchase different software individually to manage various functions. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for your fitness and wellness business, it is worth considering a switch to Wellyx.

 Free Training and Ongoing Customer Support

When it is about onboarding clients, Wellyx provides free training and ongoing customer support. We are committed to giving you free demos, building your brand’s online presence, and offering complete training to use the software. Wellyx business management software makes you confident on your journey to success! The unlimited free training and sessions add help, always! The support is ongoing and is not only in the beginning. Even in the middle of the software use, if you found something complicated, the support team will help you with tailor-made videos and ongoing support calls.

Training and Ongoing

The tailor-made videos and ongoing training sessions make it easy to onboard your whole team. Even if you have never used the online software, our support team will help all the way long to make you learn and understand about using the software. So, what are you waiting for? Book a free demo, choose a budget-friendly package and get the necessary training you need with Wellyx.

 No Long-term Commitment Needed

Wellyx offers you a 90-day free trial with no commitments. Even if you purchase a single feature of the wellyx gym management software for three months, you can cancel the subscription whenever you want when your package is about to end. The same goes for the monthly package. In addition, we give complete liberty to choose monthly, quarterly, annual, and biannual packages. You can choose the package that suits your needs and budget. Moreover, our support team won’t insist you only choose the long-term plans.

Long term Commitment

It is ultimately the choice of the clients to choose the package that suits their needs. We aim to make our clients happy giving them complete liberty whether they want to choose us or not. We are also offering 25-50% discounts for long-term plans. However, again the choice is yours!

 No Hidden Costs, No Surprises

Unexpected costs are the worst experience one can have – not less than a nightmare. Especially, when you thought you have paid the bills and still find something pending to pay. How does it feel? Not good, we understand. This happens usually when you can get equipment failure, or a system failure that puts you in tension to recover it as soon as possible. However, with Wellyx, one thing is sure – no hidden costs and surprises. We do not surprise our clients with hidden costs, instead, keep every little payment transparent and clear.

Signing up with Wellyx won’t ask you to pay more for the services – but only if you want to upgrade. Our previous clients won’t be affected if there is an increase in prices somewhere. We keep your business in your best interest and won’t charge you for something unexpected. Moreover, the pricing packages are transparent and you won’t find to pay a single penny. Our mission is to help businesses grow at their maximum – adding new users and members will always be free!

 Bottom Line!

Wellyx is offering an all-in-one management software solution creating a complete ecosystem for spa, salon, health, and fitness professionals by bringing together the needs of customers, staff, and managers.

It is a powerful management software tool that can help you manage your staff activities enabling you to achieve the satisfaction of your employees. Divert your fitness and wellness business on a leading path with robust Wellyx Management Software!

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