Lead Management Software: Prevent Loss of Leads

wellyx leads management system

The recent lockdown due to Covid-19 has caused an economic crisis. Due to this, many businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy. Survival depends only on one thing, which is lead generation. Unfortunately, most of them rely on manual methods. Usage of this method is continuously causing a loss of leads. For their survival, all they have to do is to think outside of the box. Competition is going to get intense day by day. In the absence of the new strategy, they have no lifeline. Now businesses have to choose whether to survive or become a lesson.

All businesses were progressing by leaps and bounds before the pandemic. But when a pandemic strikes, most companies suddenly start suffering from loss. Due to being confined to houses, people usually prefer online services. The risk of the pandemic still prevails in the market. Therefore, it is irrational to expect that people will choose in-house bookings. This shows that the manual strategy is not suitable for retaining existing customers. Then how can it be convenient to capture leads?

Possible Solution to Prevent Loss of Leads:


In this competitive market, business information spreads like fire. This means that everyone will get information on leads present in the market. The business which captures leads faster deserves success. However, the solution to this issue can be determined by studying competitors. The study will reveal that most of them are using Lead Management Software. This software stores data of all customers who have visited your facility once. Also, of those customers who have just visited your website.

It provides enough information about all potential leads. Now the secret of loss prevention is no more hidden. So, this is the time to develop a strategy before the loss of leads occurs again.

How Lead Management Software Prevents Loss of Leads?

The primary reason for the loss of leads is poor management. So, if any business wants to boost leads, it has to manage them properly. This software offers features that ensure the business doesn’t lose leads further. The details of the features of lead management software are:

1. Generate Leads:


This feature of the Wellyx software provides information on the existing leads of the business. It highlights the interest of each lead to make acquisition easier. This software highlights those leads that are very much interested in the business. This information is essential to select the relevant leads among thousands. A business can find multiple leads but finding the convertible ones is the main thing to do. Fortunately, the software makes that part easy for your business.

2. Email and SMS:

The process of sending emails and SMS to clients has become more accessible. After identifying the convertible leads, it is essential to contact them. This is the second step at which most businesses fail. The lack of technology is due to the failure to make continuous contact with leads. If you are facing this issue, there is no rocket science required. Just shift towards software and take benefit of its Email and SMS features. They will keep you in touch with convertible leads. This is how you can get more members with the best management software.

3. Database and Activities Management:


Is it possible to imagine that any business can survive without a database? A database is a sophisticated form of data related to leads. Somehow you lost that information. What now are you going to do? The opportunity of capturing leads has gone forever. The hope of survival is over. Do you have the courage to imagine this scenario after suffering a loss? If not, then lead management software is the right choice to make. This manages the database of all potential leads without the risk of losing it.

This software provides an eagle’s eye view of the activities of leads. Like it provides information on how many times they have visited your website. Or in which services or products they are more interested. This information is essential to attract them. Because the same strategy can’t be effective for everyone. A study of their behavior is necessary to make effective strategies for capturing leads. This also keeps a record of each conversation that has taken place between the sales team and potential leads.

4. Overview of Team Efforts:


Your understanding of leads’ importance is not enough. The team also should share the same passion for it. This software overviews how enthusiastically staff is trying to capture leads. It’s also easy to gain information about the sales calls made. Or how many members become successful in convincing leads to make a purchase.

5. Sales Reporting:


After making all the efforts, analysis of the results is essential. Without the proper facts and figures, it is impossible to understand it clearly. So, nothing can serve you better than lead management software. This software generates sales reports which show how much revenue has been generated from the leads so far. This report clarifies how much revenue increased in comparison to the past. The more positive facts and figures are, the more quickly you will recover from a loss. Due to increased recovery speed, you will admire the effectiveness of lead management software.

6. Convert Leads into Existing Customers:

The conversion of leads to the existing customer is just one click away. Once they click the “purchase button,” they turn into existing customers from leads. After this conversion, staying in touch with them is essential by assigning follow-up tasks to staff. Conversion is not the only target. The real thing is to keep them loyal to your business as an existing customer. The survival of your business doesn’t need one-time or two-time sales. It needs lifetime improvement in sales to flourish.


After the pandemic, most businesses suffered from losses. That suffering of loss was not your fault, but the failure of the business will be. Because you can’t say that there is nothing that can support your survival. The above discussion on the features of lead management software proves that the survival of a business is possible. The only thing you need for this is the utilization of software. Do utilize this fantastic software before it gets too late for survival.