How to attract more men to your spa

Successful spas don’t isolate themselves from certain members of the public, and certainly don’t neglect either sex.
With personal grooming, relaxation and luxury treatments now finding their way into the lifestyles of males, limiting your spa to female guests would be detrimental for your business.
Spa services for men are the fastest-growing segment in the salon industry, ever heard of ‘man-scaping’ well this is on the rise at a dramatic rate. Understanding how to market your spa to suit the needs of men will improve your sale rates, also making men feel comfortable in your spa will boost client retention.


Seeking customer feedback from men at your business is important. This will help you examine your business from their point of view, and thus make changes to attract more men.
Simple touches like robes, slippers, toiletries, beverages and offerings other than specific spa treatments can go a long way to make a man feel welcome. However, you may need to add more detail, do your robes fit men, are your slippers big enough, do you have male-specific toiletries and so forth. Could you offer a beer or wine, instead of the usual coffees and herbal teas?
Furthermore, does your reading material and waiting area suit male clients, could this be more suited to a variety of interests and niches regarding building a wider client base.

Men Only Zone

Why not try and set treatment slots, times of days, or certain periods of the week where men can attend without an element of judgment from others. Perhaps your business is large enough for private rooms or zones that can encourage men to fully part-take in treatments.
Adding privacy to your sap with divers that suit your style and brand will help men feel at ease. If the business is big enough you can create men-only days or rooms where you turn your spa into a ‘man cave’ filled with leather chairs, personal TV stations and complimentary beer. This rugged environment helps keep men from feeling alienated or like they are entering into an environment that is ‘taboo’.

Male treatments

Making the most of this male related boon in the spa and salon industry is crucial; this will come down to what treatments you offer.
One way of utilizing this new space in the sector is to create a male-only treatment menu to show your dedication to serving males’ needs. Specific focus can be placed on what men want, skin exfoliation, hydration, callous removal and other problem areas typical to male grooming.
Furthermore, creating an environment for recovery after sport, for example, ice baths, rehabilitation and recovery is a perfect way to attract more male members to your spa. Why not hook up with a local sports club or team and give discounts to players attending your spa for certain recovery treatments, this is great for business and the community.

Man’s world

Creating a male favourable environment, otherwise known as a ‘man’s world’ will encourage more male clients to your spa. The right background music, sports commentary, or the latest game on the TV can help men relax in your spa.
Men tend to favor rich upholstery colors such as chocolate or coffee with plenty of room for swinging chairs, putting feet up, and the opportunity to switch off away from their day-to-day lives.
You can create a man world further by sending out the right promotional offers and interests. Send clearly described treatment opportunities, detailing what the men are getting is useful as some men are not familiar with spa terminology.
Men are very much like women in regard to wanting to escape their everyday lives. Ask your male clients what brought them into your spa and pay attention to their answers. Their response will help you understand what is important to your male clients who allow you to streamline your spa business even further, opening your services to a much wider audience. You can use spa management software through which you can book appointments and schedule them according to the therapist’s availability to avoid any inconvenience.

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