Elevator Access Control and Security Systems for Your Gym

Access Control

Safety and security are essential to your gym business’s success. Whether your gym is a brand started from scratch or an established franchise, if you compromise on its access control and security, it will be a disaster. But how do you choose from the list of door or access control elevator systems for your gym?

If your gym is located in a building with multiple floors, the access control for elevators works as the first line of defense against any unauthorized entry to your gym. You must clearly understand your gym business needs if you don’t have any previous access control system.

It is helpful for controlled access to the gym and equipment and promotes peace of mind to the existing members. They get a sense of safety which help them focus and perform their workout better.

Now we are going to discuss the main feature of the elevator access control system:

Features of Elevator access control system

Elevator Access Control System

1. Realtime Dashboard

Realtime Dashboard

It provides you with real-time data about the entry and attendance of the members. It can also give you an idea of gym occupancy and find the busiest hours of your gym. The dashboard provides all the quick data at a single glance. It helps you track the check-in and check-out times of your members or staff. Also, it helps you find busy time slots and assign staff accordingly using the gym check-in system.

2. Secure and Controlled Access

Secure and Controlled Access

The elevator access control system utilizes several entry methods. No matter which access method you implement for your gym, it ensures secure and controlled access to your gym premises. Any unauthorized access is declined at the entry reduces the chances of break-ins or any fraudulent activity from happening.

Unique card access or biometric control is used to restrict any attempt of unauthorized entry into the gym. Access control cards or gym key fob system contain secret codes that represent a member. Once the reader gets the card data, it verifies it in the system. If the member has an active membership, it will grant access to him or otherwise decline the request at the entrance.

3. Entry Notifications and Alerts

The elevator access control system is equipped with all the latest and greatest features to ensure safety. It generates alerts and notifications for important events and sends them to the admin or manager of your gym. These alerts can be web-based notifications or mobile app pop-up notifications. Mobile app notifications ensure the delivery of important alerts to the relevant staff or admin of the gym.

4. Remote access

The cloud-based elevator access control system has a list of benefits for your gym business. One of its most prominent features is instant access from anywhere worldwide. You can access and view the membership data, shifts, schedules, and attendance and explore reports at the palm of your hand. The access control system is equally accessible from a web browser and a dedicated mobile app.

Considerations when choosing the elevator access control system


One of the most important things to consider when choosing the right access control system for your gym is the scope and deployment of the system. In the case of the elevator access control system, if your gym only requires the control system for a single access elevator, your deployment and cost are significantly less than the multiple elevators in a single building.



The budget for the elevator access control system is crucial, from gathering requirements to acquiring equipment and final deployment. Try a cost-effective hardware solution if your gym requires a single-door or elevator control system.

But if you see that in the future, you may need to install a control system for multiple doors. Then it is recommended to use hardware that can support various entries when expanding. However, it might seem expensive at first, but it saves time and resources when expanding.

On-site vs. Cloud-based system

Searching for the right elevator access control system might come across several systems with varying implementation and deployment methods. Choosing between a cloud-based or on-site hosted system can confuse you.

Let’s solve this confusion once and forever.

1. On-site hosted system

On-site systems require you to spend money for resources up-front. All the networking equipment comes with its own cost of maintenance and support. The larger the implementation is, the more significant burden it puts on your budget. You may need to hire dedicated staff to maintain and troubleshoot many network devices.

Scalability is the biggest challenge with the on-site hosted check-in system. When you expand your gym from one building to the other one, you’ll need to acquire different network equipment for the new building. It can throw your budget planning out of the window.

2. Cloud-based system

A third-party service provider manages the cloud-based control system. You don’t need to buy and set up your network infrastructure. These systems usually work on pay for what you used pricing model. So, you are only paying for the resources you are using, nothing more, nothing less.

Being a cloud-based access control system, you can expand your elevator access control system deployment anytime. It eliminates the need for physical server rooms and network devices for the scalability of your gym. Multi-location deployment works perfectly for your gym business at a minimal cost with a cloud-based system.

Choose what access method is suitable for you.

Choose what access method is right for you

1. Biometrics

It is the most practical and secure method for access control, whether in a gym or office building. Every individual has unique biometric characteristics which are impossible to replicate. This makes biometric access the most secure and safe form. Normally fingerprints, retina scans, or face scans are used for gyms’ access control systems.

2. Access cards

Mobile access

Access cards require a scan or a swipe at the gym entrance. Gym access cards contain a secret code for each card assigned to members or staff. When the card is swiped or scanned to gain entry access. The reader module receives the card data and verifies it with the database of the gym. The instant verification ensures the user gets a quick response at the entrance.

3. Mobile Access

Mobile access control is one of the most preferred touchless entry methods that is a quick and efficient way to gain access to the gym. It quickly becomes the default access method for many gyms and other businesses. It requires the members to log in to the mobile app with unique credentials.

When the member shows up at the entrance, the access control system gets the verification from the mobile app using Bluetooth technology. It is relatively easy to manage for the gym admins to add or revoke access to the members with a few clicks. Also, the credentials are unique for each member, reducing the chances of any fraudulent activity or scam.

Final words

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The elevator access control system provides much-needed security measures for your gym business. It ensures the relevant staff entry and enhances their experience with your gym business. Touchless entry experience is becoming the most popular method to gain access to the gym and perform your workouts.