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5 Best Video-On-Demand Software Benefiting Dance Teachers in 2024

5 best video on demand software

Are you tired of irregular members complaining about their missed dance classes? Well, we understand how daunting it can be to keep all your members on the same page. For that purpose, nothing can help you better than on-demand videos. However, you need the best video-on-demand software to offer your members recorded videos of your dance classes.

The trend of leveraging video-on-demand has been increasing insanely. According to the latest reports, the global VOD market size was valued at 97.19 billion USD in 2023 and is predicted to reach 304.74 billion USD by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 17.7%. Using the video-on-demand software, you can enhance the experiences of your dance teachers and students. Additionally, it helps you build strong brand content digitally.

So, if you are here to find the best video-on-demand software for your dance studio, sit tight! Let us explore the best on-demand video software for dance studios in 2024!

Best video-on-demand apps for dance studios

Finding the best video-on-demand apps for your dance studio can be pretty challenging. The dance studio industry is crowded with exceptional software; however, very few of them understand the significance of VOD features. So, considering the necessity of video-on-demand, we have compiled a list of the very best video-on-demand apps benefiting dance teachers and students as well.

So, without further ado, let us have a look at the options we have:

Wellyx – The best video-on-demand dance studio software

Wellyx – The best video-on-demand dance studio software

Wellyx is a world-class dance studio software with a comprehensive range of features that provide management ease in the fitness and wellness industries. It offers a video-on-demand feature, an incredible facility for your teachers and customers. It not only allows you to build your brand content stronger than ever but also helps you initiate a new revenue stream. In addition, Wellyx assists you in enhancing customer engagement by providing easier access to your videos via a widget, a private video-on-demand link, and a custom-branded application.

Build your list of videos

By leveraging Wellyx, you can create a valuable list of videos, sharing all the knowledge, tips, and tricks regarding fitness and wellness. It will not only help you build credibility and reputation of your dance studio but also allow you to maintain a low VOD cost.

Create promotional and non-promotional videos

Wellyx dance studio software allows you to create promotional and non-promotional videos. In addition, you can post a promotional video that automatically vanishes after 24 hours. It offers you the flexibility to engage your customers and prospects in the way you want.

Limit access to your content

Using Wellyx video-on-demand software, you can limit access to your videos as well. For that purpose, you can create a private video-on-demand link and provide it to your trustworthy members only in order to maintain privacy. 

Craft a paid course

Additionally, you can design a paid course for your non-active members so that they can keep up with their classes. Eventually, it will help you enhance customer experience, monthly revenue, and retention rates.

Wellyx: A multi-purpose dance studio software

Lastly, Wellyx dance studio software is not just about a video-on-demand platform. It comes with a wide variety of features that help you streamline your dance studio’s operations. That is why Wellyx is known as a multi-purpose dance studio management solution. So, if you want to enhance the functionality and profitability of your dance studio business, Wellyx is your ultimate solution!

Pricing plans and packages

Wellyx dance studio software comes with three pricing plans, including Excel (79 USD per month), Exceed (119 USD per month), and Ultimate (149 USD per month).

DanceStudio Pro

DanceStudio Pro video on demand software

DanceStudio Pro is one of the best dance studio management software and comes with a wide range of features that benefit dance studios in numerous ways. Using DanceStudio Pro, you can improve your dance studio’s visibility by uploading your videos. In addition, teachers can post their class videos on the application so that students who have missed their classes can keep up by watching posted videos.

Besides the video-on-demand feature, it offers a comprehensive list of features, helping you enhance management ease. Whether it is managing inventory, classes, payments, memberships, or other day-to-day operations, DanceStudio Pro has got you covered. In addition, you can use the DanceStudio Pro app to connect with your audience since it comes with an automated marketing feature. This way, you can send automated emails, messages, cold calls, and notifications.

The only drawback that users have talked about is how difficult DanceStudio Pro is to navigate. It comes with a comprehensive learning curve; even after using it for months, operating some of its features can be difficult.

Pricing plans and packages

There are three pricing plans for the DanceStudio Pro app, including Essentials (45 USD per month), Premier (75 USD per month), and Elite (150 USD per month).


Wellnessliving video on demand software

Wellnessliving is remarkable software for dance schools that allows you to create an online curriculum while enhancing your brand’s reputation. It comes with a comprehensive video-on-demand feature, giving members easier access to their videos online. In addition, Wellnessliving offers you complete authority over who can access your valuable content and who can not. Moreover, you can post promotional videos that can only be viewed by your prospects and customers and vanish away after 24 hours. This way, you can also maximize your sales in order to drive growth.

Leveraging Wellnessliving, you can also add video-on-demand as an exclusive feature and get extra paid for easier accessibility to your recorded content. It helps you charge for the value you provide to your members. In addition to video-on-demand, Wellnessliving offers a variety of features to streamline your daily operations with little to no effort.

Wellnessliving is an amazing dance studio software; however, the application lags frequently. It reduces the efficiency even while performing little tasks. In addition, you have to purchase each service separately, making it a lot of work and pricey. Lastly, users have complaints about inefficient customer support service.

Pricing plans and packages

Wellnessliving comes with three pricing plans, including Basic (49 USD per month), Premium (89 USD per month), and Enterprise (call to get a quote).


Mindbody video on demand software

Mindbody is a well-known dance studio management software that offers a variety of features. When it comes to the video-on-demand facility, Mindbody offers it as an exclusive add-on feature. Simply put, you can add this feature to your pre-existing package and pay extra charges for VOD services. Mindbody specifically introduced the video-on-demand feature so that you can maintain effective relationships with your customers. Leveraging this feature, you can share your videos via private links or directly, whatever you feel like.

To make use of your uploaded videos, your customers can access them through the business website, or consumer mode. In addition, Mindbody allows you to promote your video-on-demand features to your consumers and prospects. Besides a VOD facility, Mindbody offers a range of features that assist you in streamlining administrative tasks effortlessly.

However, users have complaints regarding the quality of services. Many users feel that Mindbody is over-promised but under-delivered. In addition, Mindbody frequently raises its prices, which can be pretty challenging for users to manage within their defined budget.

Pricing plans and packages

Mindbody offers four pricing plans, including Starter, Accelerate, Ultimate, and Ultimate Plus. The pricing plans start from 169 USD per month and range between 799 USD per month. Additionally, to leverage the video-on-demand facility, you will have to pay additional money. To know detailed pricing, get a direct quote.

Jackrabbit Class

Jackrabbit Class video on demand software

Jackrabbit Class is a popular cloud-based software that helps dance studios automate workflow hassle-free. It is known as a reliable, robust, and responsive dance studio software that assists you in enhancing your client base and driving growth. In addition, it comes with an extensive range of features to offer administrative ease, including the video-on-demand facility. Since Jackrabbit Class understands the significance of building a solid digital identity for your brand, it allows you to upload your recorded content.

Leveraging Jackrabbit Class, members can access the recorded videos and webinars without any hassle. It additionally helps you improve your client base since students who can not join classes regularly can quickly learn dancing by taking virtual classes. In addition to this, Jackrabbit Class offers numerous features to streamline the functioning of your dance studio. Whether it is class scheduling, processing payments, or automating marketing, Jackrabbit Class has got your back!

Navigating Jackrabbit Class can be an excruciating task since it comes with an unfriendly user interface. In addition, many basic features can be challenging to locate and operate. In addition, Jackrabbit Class charges per member, which can break the bank.

Pricing plans and packages

Jackrabbit offers three pricing plans, including Jackrabbit Standard (starting from 49 USD per month), Jackrabbit Plus ( starting from 89 USD per month), and Jackrabbit Enterprise (starting from 245 USD per month). However, the final pricing depends on the number of active students at the end of the month.

What is the best video-on-demand dance studio software in 2024?

The best video-on-demand software for dance studios is the one that offers exceptional customer support, a friendly interface, and light on the pocket. Considering the significant factors, Wellyx is undoubtedly the best video-on-demand software for your dance studio businesses. 

Using Wellyx, you can enhance customer experience and take the burden off your teachers’ shoulders to keep the entire class in sync. So, if you want to provide a video-on-demand facility to your members, look no further than Wellyx dance studio software.

Closing notes

The increasing technology has eliminated the need to be physically present in the classes. Nowadays, students with hectic school routines and other activities prefer to take virtual lessons. Additionally, it can be pretty challenging for teachers to ensure that the whole class has the same amount of understanding. For that purpose, nothing can serve better than the video-on-demand facility. It creates a win-win situation for everyone. 

Moreover, it not only enhances members’ and teachers’ experiences but also increases your revenue manifolds. So, it is time to gear your dance studio with the best video-on-demand software.