Best Customer-Branded Fitness App for Your Fitness Business

Customer-Branded Mobile App

Businesses around the globe want to increase sales, revenue, memberships, and brand awareness. All these goals can be achieved by using a website. Still, a branded mobile app can help businesses achieve goals efficiently and find growth opportunities to beat their competitors. According to the data at Statista, more than 6.3 billion people use smartphones, and this growing trend of smartphone users is expected to reach 7.29 billion by 2025. The mobile app channel possesses a vast opportunity to target your customers for marketing and business. On average, people use their smartphones for 3 to 4 hours a day, a significant amount of time they spend browsing different mobile apps.

So why don’t you tap this channel to promote and provide your services as a gym business owner? Well, being a gym owner, you can dream of managing your business activities from a gadget in the palm of your hand. Wellyx, a gym management software, turns this dream into reality by providing all the advanced features to run your fitness business in web and mobile apps. Here in this blog, we will discuss the unique features of the Wellyx mobile app targeted to the customers of a fitness gym. And how it enhances their experience with your gym and improves the retention rate of your gym business.

Features of Wellyx Customer-Branded Mobile App

Branded App

Branded App

The branded app allows the customers to increase engagement, brand exposure, and enhanced user experience. Branded app shares all the functionalities of Wellyx. A mobile app will enable you to perform all the activities on the go with an accessible mobile app. The branded app can be customized according to your gym and fitness club requirements. You can customize the app theme or features to improve customer interaction and user experience.

Benefits of a Mobile App for Your Fitness Business

Benefits of a Mobile App

  • Promote Brand Awareness
  • 24/7 Access to the Services
  • Increased Customer Engagement
  • Improved Quality of Service

Profile Management

Profile Management

Profile management allows the customer to view and modify the information on their profile. They can view their membership status and the services they have booked with your gym. Profile information also records all the payment history and items a member has purchased from the inventory of your gym business. Customers can access information such as notifications and confirmation messages or complete any forms sent by the gym management software.

Service Booking

Service Booking

A mobile app allows customers to book services or buy items from inventory at any time of the day. Quick access to bookings and appointments enhances the ease of usability of your gym management system. Customers can also view the calendar where they have upcoming classes. Also, the app sends automated reminders to customers. Automatic reminders help increase customer engagement and prevent the customer from missing the next training class.

Reschedule and Cancellation


Using a customer-branded mobile app empowers customers to control the data and services they plan to get. Customers can view upcoming appointments and have the choice to reschedule them or cancel them before attending them. Although, cancellation and rescheduling work according to the predefined policies. Customers can only make changes before certain days to prevent users from taking unfair advantage of the scheduling system.

Seamless Payments and Invoices

Seamless Payments and Invoices

The customer app allows the freedom to make payments from any integrated payment method. Users can sync their primary card with the Wellyx system and make their next payment with one tap. Customers can see all their payment history and invoice for the services they have purchased from the inventory. Access to the payment data gives customers clarification in case of any ambiguity.



The waitlist feature of Wellyx allows customers to add themselves to a waiting list for a class or a training session. This keeps them engaged with the services of your fitness studio. The waitlist functionality is accessible through the customer-branded mobile app and the web. Customers also get reminders and notifications for their upcoming bookings, so the services are delivered without delay or problem. The waitlist also contains a limit for maximum appointments to ensure a smooth process of providing fitness business services.

Boost Your Fitness Business and Generate More Revenue

Get in touch with Wellyx to streamline all the errors of your fitness business.

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Simple payment and booking system
  • Automate communications
Fitness software

Final Words

To conclude the discussion, one cannot deny that a mobile app can open new horizons for growth, marketing, and customer service. With such a massive number of smartphone users, your business can flourish with a branded mobile app targeted to customers. Wellyx offers a branded mobile app for your customers that improves not only the user experience but also the service quality and retention of the customers.

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