The 20 Best 90s Hairstyles For Men & Women to Offer at Your Salon

20 best 90s hairstyles for men and women

The 90s is the favorite decade of most people. It was an era that brought changes to people’s lives, especially in fashion sense and hairstyles. The 90s-era hairstyles are still popular among people due to their uniqueness and classy trends. Nowadays, many new trends are introduced, but no one can compete with pixie hairstyle salons. 

People feel connected to the vintage-era hairstyles that offer a fusion of versatility and creativity. That gives them a classy and decent look at their daily life events.  As a salon owner, you need to understand the importance of these iconic hairstyles. All new variations in hairstyles have their roots back to 90s styles. Embracing these styles will help business owners grab the opportunity to infuse a touch of nostalgia with modern-day opportunities. 

Why Focus on 90s Hairstyles?

Whether at a corporate event or a photoshoot, hairstyle can change the personality of the person wearing it. Hair styling is a field in which salon owners have to set and follow the trend. Salon owners have to create new hairstyles that suit the people. That hairstyle becomes a trend, and a trend will only come back if people are still die-heart fans. The personality transformation from a single haircut was only present in the 90s.


People seem to change when they suddenly jump from wrapped hair to crimped hair. The 90s was the era of such transformations via hairstyling. People go for the hairstyles of a celebrity. For example, Friends season is getting popular again, and people have started copying Rachel’s hairstyle. 

As a salon owner, you have to understand the 90s-era trends and help people recreate the iconic styles. So that people are attracted to your salon for its iconic hair styling abilities. Thus, these styles help you to deliver people the versatility and personality that they always want. 

As a salon owner, it is important to understand the face of the customer and then recommend a hairstyle accordingly. But running a salon is not about managing haircuts. It is about ensuring customer satisfaction and retention rate. To facilitate your customers with advance bookings, all you need is salon management software. This management software will ensure that you can manage advance booking and facilitate a better salon experience for your customers. 

The Iconic 90s Hairstyle:

In the 90s, people were inspired by each new haircut, which helped them connect with that personality. People have undergone many famous haircuts with different variations that are still in trend. As a salon owner, you must understand the 20 famous iconic hairstyles of the 90s to replicate them with style and get customer satisfaction. These hairstyles help salon owners deliver the haircut that their customers demand.

1. Rachel’s Hairstyle

One of the most famous hairstyles that people still want to have is Rachel’s hairstyle from “Friends.” Friends is a season to which today’s generation still feels connected. The famous hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston in the “Friends” season was trendy in the 90s because of its compatibility and luxurious looks.  The layered, short front frames help salon owners enhance customers’ facial features. Thus, it helps salon owners give a classy look to their clients regardless of face shape. Salon owners can enhance customer retention by adding Rachel’s hairstyle to the salon. 

Rachel's Hairstyle

2. Hair Flip

In the 90s, the hair flip was considered to be the latest and eye-catching hairstyle. This hairstyle is still known in the market for its charm.  Whether on the left or right side of the face, hair flips help the customer change their personality. The best part of this style is that it can charm the personality by opening and tying hair. The salon owners have to introduce this classy style in their salons to give their clients a new look with the variation of ponytails.  

Hair Flip

3. Pixie Haircut

A bold and iconic style of the 90s, the pixie haircut attracts clients’ attention due to its versatility and trendsetting nature. Thus, it attracts customers who are seeking a daring transformation to the salon. As a salon owner, introducing pixie haircuts in your salon shows the salon’s ability to change the customer’s personality with a diverse style. Thus, it allows the owners to attract customers who are looking for a rebellious look. Pixie Cut helps the salon owner establish the salon’s reputation as a trendsetter. Thus, it adds value in boosting your salon’s revenue. 

Pixie Haircut

4. The Bob

The Bob hairstyle of the 90s was a perfect balance between manageability and style. Salon owners can use this style for clients who are confused between the tied or open hairstyle. This classic 90s-era hairstyle helps you attract trend-conscious customers who want a style that suits them in every situation. The Bob style helps salon owners establish their salon as the go-to destination for style innovation. Thus, the Bob style helps you take your salon business one step ahead of competitors with class. 

The Bob

5. Bangs Hairstyle

If your customer wants a look for a party, then bang hairstyle will become their first priority. The bang is a fresh and soft look hairstyle that still attracts the youth. Salon owners can offer Bangs to clients who want a fresh look. This hairstyle will demonstrate the salon’s expertise, attracting new customers who want to experiment with their looks. Bangs hairstyle helps the owners to boost the salon’s reputation by satisfying the fashion-conscious market.

Bangs Hairstyle

6. Tiny Braid Style

In the 90s, the Tiny braid style attracted youth because of its adaptation by rock stars. In the past, people carried this style with confidence. Nowadays, having a tiny braid style has become a trend again. Salon owners can show their mastery in styling through braid style. Thus, They can attract loyal customers who want a stylish look with a tiny braid and side flip. Salon owners can ensure their business growth by introducing this iconic 90s style.

Tiny Braid Style

7. Crimped Hair

The late 90s was the era of crimping. People use the name crimped hair as the hairstyle of the red carpet. This classy hairstyle offers a retro charm that still attracts customers. Salon owners can show their creativity and attract clients who want a red carpet look. In this era, the red carpet inspires everything in the fashion industry. You can boost your sales by providing the Crimped hair in your salon. This style helps you to establish a reputation famous for adaptability and creativity. 

Crimped Hair

8. Messy Buns

Messy buns are a style adopted by customers who want to look cool while carrying messy hair. Salon owners can boost their business with this style. It offers a relaxed and chic look without the need for extra styling. Adapting messy buns in the salon helps the owner attract customers who want to look cool without putting any effort into styling. Thus, it helps the owners show their ability in styling and helps them boost their sales. 

Messy Buns

9. Tendrils Hairstyle

A style of the 90s, known for elegance and versatility. Tendril is a hairstyle that requires less maintenance while maintaining a classy look. This hairstyle helps hair salon owners offer a new look to their clients that is easy to carry and glorify their facial features. Thus, it helps you to attract customers who want a new look that is easy to carry. Tendrils Hairstyle

10. Pigtails Look

Pigtails look, an iconic style of the 90s that gives salon owners an exciting opportunity. This style of hair salon owners shows the ability to adapt classic styles to modern tastes where clients can change their personalities with iconic pigtails having modern-day modifications. Thus, pigtails help you to establish the salon’s reputation and value your business.

11. Bandana Look

A fusion of versatility and style, the bandana look brought a unique opportunity for salon owners. As a salon owner,  you can fuse bandanas with various hairstyles, thus showing your creativity and ability to change the look with a simple scarf. Thus, it helps you to boost your business while giving your clients the hip-hop look with a bandana. 

Tendrils Hairstyle

12. Middle Part Hair

The iconic gangster hairstyle of the 90s. This hairstyle attracts youth in that era due to its classic look. As a salon owner, you can offer this versatile option to your clients who want the classy look of the 90s. Thus, it helps you to attract clients who always look for sleek and sophisticated change. Middle-part hair helps the owners demonstrate the salon’s attention to detail and precision and attract new clients. 

Middle Part Hair

13. Straighten the Hair

Straightening hair offers a sleek and stylish look to the youth and is one of the iconic styles of the 90s. The salon owner can offer this style to clients with long shoulder hair. You can modify this style with flat to slight curls that give your customers a new look. Having long hair has become a trend, and incorporating straightening hair will help you attract the long-hair audience and provide them with exceptional services.

14. Butterfly Clips Look

Butterfly clips were a playful and nostalgic style in the 90s. Youths carry this hairstyle when they have to go to parties. Salon owners can boost their sales by incorporating a butterfly clip look in their hairstyling. Thus, it will help to attract party enthusiasts to their salon. Also, this look helps the salon to showcase its ability to infuse whimsy with everyday looks. 

Butterfly Clips Look

15. Half-up and Down

The half-up and down style is the iconic style of the 90s that offers a blend of practicality and elegance. This style helps salon owners attract clients who look for versatility and a chic look. Thus, this style helps them establish a unique brand that offers iconic styling that suits professionals as well as casual looks. 

Half-up and Down

16. Jewels in Hair

The 90s era was the decade when girls used to wear accessories in their hair. This style helps salon owners to offer a glamorous edge. Salon owners can introduce jewels in hair with different hairstyles, allowing them to attract clients looking for a touch of uniqueness and sophistication. Thus, it helps salon owners be the market trendsetters and attract new customers.

Jewels in Hair

17. Scrunchie Hair Look

A hairstyle that offers a blend of retro chin and casual charm. Hairdressers can incorporate scrunchies into hairstyles to attract clients looking for a trendy vibe. You can master this style that will show your salon’s ability to merge comfort with style. Thus, scrunchies can help you establish a unique identity and owe you the position of the trendsetter. 

18. Wavy Curls

Wavy Curls are a favorite among clients seeking effortless glamour. Salon owners can introduce wavy curls in styling that can weave a story of versatility and allure. Thus, it allows you to attract clients who want a look that requires minimum maintenance. Wavy curls help the owners attract new customers and amplify the business growth. 

Wavy Curls

19. Two Braids Look

A fusion of elegance and practicality, Two Braids Look helps salon owners narrate sophistication. This style allows you to epitomize commitment to versatility and personalized beauty. Thus, it helps salon owners to attract clients seeking elegance and a trendy look. Two braid looks help the owners establish their salon as an expert in contemporary styling. 

Two Braids Look

20. High Ponytail

A high ponytail emerges as a symbol of sophistication and confidence in the 90s. This style attracts people looking for a sleek but effortless look. As a salon owner, you can expand your business and improve the retention rate by introducing variations in a high ponytail style that can be comfortable for different occasions. Thus, it helps your salon to become a hub for contemporary style.

High Ponytail


To grow your business and achieve your goal, it is important to understand the trends and styling requirements of the people. The salon owner needs to adopt the 90s-era trend to give clients more versatile and creative looks.  Thus, these hairstyles help you establish your salon as a go-to destination for changing your personality. People visit your salon to get a look that makes them unique and cool in a gathering. Adopting these hairstyle trends helps the owners cultivate a thriving salon ecosystem, driving business success and growth.