What Is Considered Broad Shoulders?

What Is Considered Broad Shoulders

The broad shoulders of men are a sign of strength and power, according to body language experts. On the contrary, women are not in abundance a part of the bodybuilding community, but some of them might like broad shoulders. Because making their clothing hard to fit and for a muscular appearance. The determination of broad shoulders for men is easy because of few body measurements. For women, however, it is a matter of appearance and opinion.

Male and Female Average Shoulder Width:

Male and Female Average Shoulder Width

The shoulder width of an average 18-year-old girl is approximately 14 inches. Whereas males of the same age typically have 15 inches of shoulder width.

Which Kind of Shoulders Are Considered Broad for Men?

Shoulders Are Considered Broad for Men

If your collarbone is more comprehensive than your waist, you can say that you have broad shoulders. But in terms of bone structure, you must have a narrow pelvis.

How Can You Get to Know About Broad Shoulders?

Broad Shoulders

The ratio for which the lovers of broad shoulders care is the golden ratio. The connection of it is between aesthetic beauty and health. Therefore, the golden ratio that depicts the broad shoulders is 1.618.

Hence, the goal is to get a shoulder-to-waist ratio of 1.618 or better than this. Use a tailor’s measuring tape to measure around the shoulder and back. Note that outcome on any paper.

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The next step is the measurement of the waist. For this, measure the narrowest point, preferably around your belly button. Hence, note that result on the paper too.

To determine the presence of broad shoulders, divide both of them. Let’s look at an example for a better understanding. Consider there is a person the circumference of whose shoulder is 52 inches. The measurement of the waist is 30 inches. The resultant ratio will be 1.73. This is noticeably greater than a golden ratio, meaning you have broad shoulders.

Why Broad-Shoulder Men Look Attractive?

Broad-Shoulder Men Look Attractive

Various research evidence states that men’s broad shoulder looks attractive. The reason for this is upper body strength which can be used to protect others. If we analyze human history, we have gone through many violent times. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to protect yourself and the people that are around you.

Women look at men while judging who would be able to protect them. This can be from the violence of someone or only for strength evaluation. She glances at his shoulders to estimate his strength and waist to determine his health.

For a proper understanding of why read “Cues of upper body strength account for most of the diversity in men’s physique beauty,” a report released in 2017. The following are some of the paper’s main points:

  • The upper body size of a male is a determinant of his genetic quality and ability to protect.
  • Things that reveal ancestral signs of a man’s fighting abilities appeal to modern women.
  • Their physical strength determines 70% of their attractiveness.

Well, tallness and leanness are also other aspects that make men attractive. But when we consider it in combination with physical strength, it accounts for 80% of attractiveness.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the reason for the attraction is upper body strength. There is no need to worry if you possess narrow shoulders. You still have a chance to build your muscle mass of shoulder girdles like your back, shoulders, and chest. By doing this, you can radically change your body’s attractiveness.

This process is tricky because you must do it without building lots of fat. It’s necessary to keep your waist narrow to reach the golden ratio of 1.618.

Which Kind of Shoulders Are Considered Broad for Women?

Shoulders Are Considered Broad for Women

Females usually don’t aspire to have a perfect waist ratio like males. But they are concerned about whether their shoulders match their body or not.

Women Broad Shoulders:

If the shoulder of a female is perpendicular to an angle of 900 and, instead of rounded, has a bony prominent profusion. It means that she has broad shoulders. Furthermore, a female with a V-shaped torso almost certainly has broad shoulders.

Shoulder Width to Height Ratio:

The bone structure can’t be the same for every individual. But we must consider some generic ratios when we talk about the body. The below-given factors determine these ratios:

  • Health
  • Food
  • Genetics

Therefore, there is a possibility that tall people might have narrow shoulders. Moreover, short people might have broad shoulders.

The Reason Behind Broad and Narrow Shoulders:

There is no specific reason for having a broad or narrow shoulder. However, it’s assumed to have anything to do with the following factors:

  • Overall health.
  • Testosterone level.
  • Necessary minerals for good bone density and health.

There is also a possibility that genetics also play some role in the width of shoulders. By focusing only on these factors, you can’t ignore the role of the environment. For example, compare the shoulders of a pitcher and a swimmer.

How Can You Get Broad Shoulders?

Get Broad Shoulders

There is no possibility of changing a bone structure completely. But you can get broad shoulders by building muscle mass. The best way of having big shoulders is doing weight lifting. But you have to focus on a healthy lifestyle and diet simultaneously.

Your shoulders are composed of three major parts:

  • The front part of the shoulder (anterior deltoid).
  • The side part of the shoulder (lateral deltoid).
  • Back part of the shoulder (rear deltoid).

For a wholly flourished three-dimensional shoulder, you have to focus on all the above given three sides; furthermore, try to build your strength in those exercises that targets them.

Well, the easiest way you can find to hit shoulder muscles is heavy weight lifting. Therefore, continue to add weights to the exercise you do daily. By doing this, muscles respond by getting bigger to bear the burden of workouts. This is referred to as “progressive overload.”

This is not the only one; there is other gym equipment for getting solid and broad shoulders. But ultimately, the goal of having big shoulders comes down to those exercises that hit them directly.

Workouts For Building Bigger and Stronger Muscles:

Building Bigger and Stronger Muscles

Your aim of a more extensive and robust shoulder can only get fulfilled if you get the best in the main exercises. Additionally, sometimes you have to switch for variations to break through a plateau. Sometimes, you feel pain in your joints, so it’s good to have a backup option in the form of variations. Otherwise, people can do a workout of one kind for somehow 12-16 weeks before a need for a swap.

Getting lean muscles is as simple as getting more assertive in exercise movements. Therefore, if you wish to get stronger, ensure you are on the right track. If your muscles are building up with every lift, you need to do more for your shoulders. But if you are facing a hurdle in gaining muscle mass, then analyze your diet or lifestyle.

The finest type of workout allows you to lift more weight gradually. Therefore, build your shoulder with heavy compound movements like overhead press. After that, follow up with lighter and more isolated moves to cover other shoulder areas.

Perfectly Suitable Exercises for The Front Shoulder Part:

  • Barbell overhead press.
  • Dumbbell overhead press.
  • Barbell incline press.
  • Landmine press.

Suitable Workouts for Side Shoulder Part:

  • Barbell overhead press.
  • Dumbbell overhead press.
  • Unilateral cable lateral raises.
  • Butterfly lateral raises.
  • Upright row.

Convenient Exercises for Shoulder Back Part:

  • Chin-ups and Lat pull down.
  • High rows.
  • Face pulls.
  • Reverse Bayesian fly.
  • Rear delt fly.

Are Pushups Effective for Shoulder Muscle Gain?

Pushups are effective because they are compound exercises. They target the shoulders, chest, and triceps simultaneously.  For some people, it might be possible that pushups hit their chest more. So, if you discover that they focus more on the chest, try a different activity. It is vital to strengthen your shoulder muscles. The variation in exercises is good for getting three dimensional and well-rounded physique. Therefore, your shoulders are not exempt from this principle. Hence, you are not recommended to rely only on pushups for shoulder build-up.

Sample Workout for Shoulder Mass Gain:

Do you remember that your shoulder-to-waist ratio includes your back and chest? So, it is essential to hit your back and chest during the week through compound exercises. Hitting shoulders hard in one workout is an excellent experiment to do. Additionally, ensure that you always control your nutritional intake and lifestyle. Because eating a lot of meat and sleeping for long can be a hurdle in shoulder muscle gain.

Exercise For Shoulders:

Heavy Barbell Standing Overhead Press:

The rest minute for this workout is strictly 3 minutes. At 40% working weight, you can warm up for set 1.

  • 5 reps in set 1.
  • 7 reps in set 2.
  • 9 reps in set 3.
  • 12 reps in set 4.
  • 12 reps in set 5.

Light-Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press:

The rest period for this workout is strictly 30 minutes.

  • 10 reps in set 1.
  • 10 reps in set 2.
  • 10 reps in set 3.
  • 10 reps in set 4.
  • 10 reps in set 5.
  • 10 reps in set 6.

Light Lateral Raises:

  • This workout merely requires 30 seconds of rest.
  • Ten reps in the first set.
  • In the second set, ten reps.
  • Ten reps in the third set
  • Set 4 consists of 10 repetitions.
  • 10 repetitions in set 5.
  • Set 6 consists of 10 repetitions.
  • Light Cable Face Pull.

It also has a strict rest period of 30 seconds.

  • 10 reps in set 1.
  • 10 reps in set 2.
  • 10 reps in set 3.
  • 10 reps in set 4.
  • 10 reps in set 5.
  • 10 reps in set 6.

The total number of sets of workouts for a week is 23. The results you obtain after a workout will always keep you motivated.  However, you might feel minor soreness in your shoulders over the next day or two.

Summing Up:

Broad shoulders are desirable because they give a more attractive outlook. Men’s shoulders meet the golden ratio’s criteria or are more expansive than it are referred to as broad shoulders. In females, shoulders perpendicular to a 900 angle and bony prominent profusion are broad. Various exercises discussed above help in building shoulder muscles. Furthermore, standing up straight also enhances the appearance of the shoulders.