7 Factors to Consider While Planning Schedule for Group Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Are you a gym manager but have never designed a fitness chart? No, it’s not a diet plan; it’s a schedule of group classes you offer your members. The gym is a place to work up a sweat, but its success depends on people being willing to do so. The services offered by the gym are designed to entice people to join and work out.

For gym owners, it is important to provide complete satisfaction to their clients. No gym can bear that their client shifts to any other gym. If your gym is facing this problem, then solve it. Add some challenges in your gym to engage your members.  These challenges help them to get strong and fulfill their goal of fitness. If you have scheduled a group fitness class, it helps the clients connect with other people and help them achieve their fitness goals collectively. 

Let’s check the factors while planning the group fitness class schedule.

Factors to Check for a Group Fitness Class Schedule:

If you are thinking about the schedule for all your online fitness classes. Then,  here’s a list of things you need to consider first before creating a schedule:

1- Manage All Time Slots

Need to conduct a yoga class at 7:30 AM? Wait, you can’t set the time of any group class without checking with the staff. Yes, because the availability of trainers is essential for every style, whether it’s for any category. Time is an element that you can’t neglect while creating a group fitness schedule.

Manage All Time Slots

Scheduling is an activity that needs a suitable time. You can’t let any other service of your gym down. You have to check whether Monday is suitable for more group fitness sessions or not because it is a working day. Moreover, Monday to Thursday is the working day of the week. No two sessions will be at the same time in a fitness session schedule.

Here’s how you can manage the time for the group class schedule. It’s a complete management system that you can carry for your gym to help you.

  • Schedule Making: If you want a fit schedule for your fitness center. Then, a management system is the only option you can have for your gym. It never compromises on time, whether for a group or personal class. Yes, you are guessing it right that it will cross-check the staff timing before making any schedule.
  • Push Notifications: Your gym needs all-time booking & scheduling software for the gym to create a notification for all bookings. These are the reminders to help your members not to forget their upcoming classes. The system is coming all your way by sending the fitness schedule to your members’ mobile phones.
  • Cross Check Staff Timing: A gym cannot perform well without a trainer timesheet. Because every gym has to understand that they need a schedule for their staff, too. If a trainer’s timing doesn’t match the gym schedule, that will be a problem. Therefore, the software will suit your gym for cross-checking the staff timings.

2- Survey About Your Members Need

What do you think about who needs this group class schedule? It’s for your member’s convenience, so you must move with them. You have to understand the needs of your audience. For example, a gym probably has people of every age. Do you have to check whether your gym members want the sheet you designed?

Fitness Business Software Used by Top 100 Gym Centers

Top gym businesses use fitness software to manage and streamline all operations of gym.

  • Member Management and Engagement
  • Online Booking and Scheduling
  • Staff Supervision

Just put your steps into the shoes of your client.  You have to understand the behavior of your clients, whether they are early birds or night owls. If they are early birds, you can keep your group session early in the morning. Just go to your club members and ask what changes they want to see in your gym. Most gyms have problems setting up their membership packages.

See how taking software will give wings to your gym business:

  • Membership Availability: If you schedule group fitness classes in your gym, every member wants an effortless benefit. Members inside your gym will feel this comfort by receiving an online portal. Systems are empowering options to allow members to review the schedule from such a portal.
  • Members App: If You want to move with this digital world.  You have to pick an application for your gym members. No schedule or other feature will raise your gym until its members are satisfied. Choose a digital step and buy an app for your members. Now, the group fitness class is right on their mobiles.

3-Select the Exercise Equipment

Just imagine you are not a gym owner. You are a client in someone’s gym. You have a scheduled cardio class, but when you reach the place, you find that equipment is not available or a class is already using the equipment. Then, imagine what you will feel as a client. Similarly, you make a schedule as an owner while including the availability of the exercise equipment.

As an owner, you have to understand the availability of equipment before class scheduling. For example, if a person needs to lose weight but doesn’t know how to use a treadmill.  Then, your motive for arranging the class will not be fulfilled if your client is not getting the training he paid for. 

If a person needs to burn calories and doesn’t understand how to go for cardio equipment, then it’s useless. Thus, while designing a class schedule, check the availability of equipment. In checking the availability, you can use the software: 

Select the Exercise Equipment

  • Stock Management: You cannot manage your gym without management software. It’s not fair if you are not using the software to track the availability of equipment. Here’s a software solution to design your gym schedule with appropriate equipment. It will mention the time at which a tool enters the gym.
  • Multilocation Dealings: You are in the main branch of your gym and worried about all other branches—no worries, as the software monitors all your gym branches and their equipment availability. Moreover, the group fitness class schedule will remain the same for all branches, ensuring that all clients get the proper facilities and machines for training. 

4- Find Suitable Exercises

As a gym manager, you are making a schedule and are still unaware of the exercises necessary for it. It’s a conflict because every client doesn’t have the same fitness goal. It’s on you to select some adequate exercises for your gym audience. The selection of gym membership is based on the exercises they offer. It’s what causes people to search for a gym.

Find Suitable Exercises

You have a trainer for conditioning classes; if the client wants a cardio session, it’s a problem. That client will have to move to another gym for the desirable exercise training. Therefore, choose the exercises for your schedule according to the client’s needs. Whether the client is of weight loss or fitness, you have to focus on your class schedule.

Don’t go for complexity when choosing gym exercises. You can also add fitness challenges to your schedule. Because people always admire challenges. Exercise is the name of the challenge. Design your group fitness class schedule in a scenario where the client has to get your gym membership. Exercise selection will help you a lot in attracting clients to your gym.

5- Support Your Instructor

You cannot schedule a class without a trainer. Have you ever seen excellent results without a teacher? Similarly, owners can’t succeed in attracting clients without hiring trainers. It’s because you won’t convince people to have a gym membership without a schedule and a trainer.

Never hire any inexperienced person as a gym trainer. If you want your clients to appreciate your trainer, then Keep an eye on your trainer’s activity. A client will only show satisfaction for your gym till the trainer is hard working. At the same time, it’s a few seconds of jumping or 15 minutes of cardio, the trainer matters. He is the one to indulge your clients in gym classes.

Support Your Instructor

Respect your gym trainers by offering the following services via software:

  • Trainers Profile: Looking for a group fitness class schedule? A profile may help you to watch all your group sessions in a day. Allow all fitness trainers to track their attendance through an online record. This will boost their performance for your gym.
  • Payroll Management: if you have a trainer and can’t pay him. It doesn’t work if you want a perfect workout from your fitness trainer. Lift your gym services by facilitating the trainer. You can conduct various challenges in the gym.  See help from a trainer, and yes, you can’t design a fitness schedule without a trainer’s availability.

6- Budget Estimation

Whether it’s a construction contract or gym schedule, budget matters; if you are up for a project, then a budget investigation is necessary. Similarly, before creating a workout schedule, estimate its feasibility. Is it possible to add the following exercises and equipment to the schedule? It’s your first thinking before designing a group fitness class schedule.

Budget Estimation

Budget estimation is important for both the owners and the clients. The owner budget calculation decides what you have to charge for the services from each individual. For the client, your package decides its feasibility so that he will get maximum services on a minimum budget. So, the owner has to make sure that he offers a price that is feasible for both the client and himself.

The budget for the gym is not for equipment; the staff salaries are included in it. The building rent to the staff salaries depends on the budget you have. Estimate your budget to open and bring on the gym, including schedule planning. Don’t depend on anyone; design suitable exercises requiring low-budget equipment.

7-Rooms and Studio Availability

Do you have a gym without any room? No, it’s not possible because there are multiple group sessions inside a gym for which rooms or studios are necessary. How does it feel that your client is waiting for a studio to get training?  No way, arrange some rooms in your studio for adequate fitness training. 

You cannot do anything without the resources. Identical to arranging a resource for your gym members to fulfill their fitness goals. Include all the rooms in your online schedule. Yes, you can create this sheet online. A system will preferably generate and assign every client the available space for exercise.

Rooms and Studio Availability

Let’s see what a system does when you choose it for room allocation:

  • Check Resources: Studios are the possible resources in any gym. On the group session booking, your client is up to see an available studio. Here comes a system that will manage all the resources on the schedule sheet. Online automation of sheets for resources is a benefit of gym management software.

Concluding Point:

Gyms are the centers to train people; how will they do this without a schedule? To bring it on, you need to design a robust exercise sheet. If that sheet becomes online, no one will defeat you in winning the hearts of your clients. All the above factors will help you generate an understandable schedule for every person linked with your gym.