How to Start a Personal Training Business Online?

how to start a personal training business online

Do you love to train people and find it difficult to train them in the physical studio? Fret not, online training business is the right solution for you.

Covid has turned many physical businesses to go online. This is also true for the fitness training business. Many gym owners have started introducing fitness training classes online to build an online community.

So, if you want to start your virtual fitness business, follow this guide step-by-side!

This guide will help you opt for an efficient, quick and decisive approach to starting an online personal training business in no time.

Here, we will guide you about everything from start to end; from building the online presence to finding a targeted audience to marketing yourself as an online personal trainer to handling the day-to-day operations smoothly and efficiently.

In this blog, we’ll cover everything in detail to make your online fitness business successful and will make things easy for you to start your virtual fitness business and divert it to the progressive path.

8 Effective Steps to Get Started as an Online Personal Trainer

  • Show strong commitment to run an online fitness business
  • Define business strategy and make a plan
  • Market your training business effectively!
  • Build a fitness brand that stands out
  • Stay relevant to the target market
  • Choose the best fitness management software tool for your business
  • Select the best social media marketing channels for promoting your business
  • Build a strong social media presence

1.    Show Strong Commitment to Run an Online Fitness Business

Here comes the most difficult challenge – making a start in the online fitness business. There are many ideas in your mind and you are finding it difficult to pick the most effective one. To make your business effective, you need to show a strong commitment to achieving fitness goals.

Ready to take the first step? Great!

Before you take the first step, it is important to address your commitment to everyone on the team. Ask your team to show dedication and be truthful to the business.

Remember, the online business is way rewarding. However, like every other business, it demands a long-term financial commitment to stay ahead of the competition. An entrepreneur faces a lot of challenges. However, with a firm belief and strong commitment to achieving the goals, the business owners achieve bigger milestones.

For more insight, read out our blog on the 14 biggest Challenges gym owners face.

However, we have mentioned some essential points to stay on the right track;

  • Be resilient, stay consistent and face challenges gracefully
  • Running an online business is a slow process, but it pays you well in the end.
  • Get ready to face the financial challenges and emotional highs and lows
  • Make a list of questions ready that customers may ask
  • Offer your clients the best customer support
  • Relate your goal to helping the community and not just with money
  • Stay aligned with new marketing and fitness industry trends

2.    Define Business Strategy and Make a Plan

To make your online business effective, the Important part is to define your strategy. Always have a plan B, whatever business you are running.

Along with the business plan, you need to have a backup plan, as well!

Your backup plan will save you in an event of failure. This will remind you to not put all the eggs in one basket. Your ultimate goal is to make your online business successful, no doubt. But, make sure to have a backup plan in any case you hit a failure.

Also, be ready for the uncertain situations you may face in the real world. Sometimes, you find that there is lesser demand for the online business and it is not paying you well. In some cases, you find that the online market is highly saturated. Be confident and face every challenge gracefully that comes your way.

It is good to face challenges gracefully. However, having plan B comes with many benefits;

  • It gives your business a new direction.
  • It allows you to redefine your strategies and goals
  • The mistake you have done before will help you determine which areas you should work on.
  •   Assess Your Business Chances for Success

Before taking a start in the online training business, check how many people are looking for it. When an increased number of people will be asking, it means you have more chances to take a position in the online business. Also, you will be confident to make huge profits year after year. This will also help you stay longer in the field.

But, how will you calculate your business chances for success?

Let me tell you the best way out! Ask your existing customers if they join the live stream workout, online courses, video lessons or more. This will make your thoughts clear whether your online training business would go successful or not.

You can conduct an online survey to check how many people can be interested and what are their concerns about the fitness training business.

You can also check what social platform do they use, most often! Either it is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter? You can also check the hours they spend on each platform.

Make a list of the most common goals they do have in terms of health and fitness. Give them a solution for the problems they are facing.

In addition, know your target audience first and offer them the best services in the online market to stay ahead of the competition.

3.    Market Your Training Business Effectively!

In this era of high technology, marketing your product through social platforms has changed the way of doing business. You find multiple options to cater to a larger audience.

The digital era has made life easy in a way to market your online personal training business to a larger audience. Sharing the brochures and flyers with random people has not gone successful in terms of marketing your services.

So, the idea of advertising your product or services on social media platforms has gone successful. It allows you to choose the specific audience that has the chance to buy your services.

So, are you looking for ways to market your online training business effectively? Great! Let me tell you 6 easy and effective online marketing tactics you can use;

  • Offer rewards for online referrals: online referrals are very common and effective to win more clients. Ask your existing clients to refer their colleagues, relatives and friends and offer them rewards in return. Also, check gym referral program ideas for increasing the fitness members.
  • Create a promotional “Summer Body” package: At the start of the new year, promote a “Summer Body” package to motivate people to get a fit body. Give them a time frame to achieve the fitness goals and make them happen. Share the stories with the online community to encourage them and choose your services.
  • Run an online wellness program at a discount: if your business is just at the initial stages, starting an online wellness program at a discounted program will pay you good results. It will bring in more customers and generate more revenue to grow your business effectively.
  • Offer free training class and get the contact details: arrange a free online training class/es for 1-2 days and ask the members to share their personal information in return. This is how non-members would know your style of training and you would have the contact details to pitch them for the coming training sessions.
  • Share interesting content to engage the audience: sharing effective content in the form of blog posts or social media posts is a great way to keep your clients motivated. It will also boost your brand identity and make your brand reliable in the eyes of the customers. Try to share interesting and funny content that will encourage the audience to share it with their friends.
  • Provide an incentive for google reviews: A positive review sounds so captivating to recognize your brand identity. It is great when the business is just on the growth stage and you want to share some positive words. Offer your clients an incentive in exchange for positive reviews.

Applying these tactics can provide your online training business with many benefits;

  • Offering incentives to the audience encourage them to choose your services
  • They feel valued and consider your brand reliable
  • Help you grow your business effectively
  • Your brand gets recognition

4.    Build a Fitness Brand That Stands Out

Everyone wants to build a great fitness brand. But, “how” – a big question!

So, you want to know the secret? Right! Identify the unique features of your brand and instil the unique features of your brand in the customers’ minds.

Offer your members something different. It can be a session with the psychologists or you can offer them special training that other brands are not offering yet. You can also add some motivational lectures that will keep your members encouraged.

Instead of just offering the training classes to lose weight, share with them the ways to spend a happy and healthy life.

Some of the people are vegetarian and they want to build strong muscles. Share with them the vegan diet to help them build strong muscles.

Don’t just offer the easy solution that everyone is offering already in the market. Bring a new fitness formula and ask your members to try and share the feedback.

If you are already running a gym business, you would have a target audience. Ask them to be a participant in the online training business and share it with their friends and relatives. Promise them a discount when they will follow your words.

Follow the effective strategies to be a winner in the online fitness market!

5.    Stay Relevant to the Target Market

In any business, it is very important to stay relevant to the target market. The same is true for the online training business. Define your target market before you share the online training business content with the audience. This is how your content will be shared with the ones who can be your future customers.

In addition, apply the correct tone, language and voice based on your target market. This will also help you define the right strategy that will help you market your business online.

Take these points into your consideration when trying to figure out the target market;

  • Offer training classes to the professional athletes who want to keep their bodies fit, strong and healthy
  • People who are getting old and looking for ways to maintain health and movement
  • People who are getting old but want to look young
  • New mothers looking for ways to get back into shape
  • People with physical disabilities trying to find some easy exercises to improve the movement

Try to be specific as much as you can. This is how you will set a distinctive brand image that will define your brand identity and will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Usually, reliable brands stay relevant to the niche and do not jump to include everything into their business.

So, are you ready to define your target audience? Perfect!

To define your target audience, you need to determine their demographics and behavior;

Demographics Include;

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Location
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Ethnicity

Also, define their behavioural patterns;

  • Personality
  • Values and belief
  • Opinions
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle choices

Collect the information and make a list of people who share the same traits. This will give you a clear idea of what your customers are looking for and how you can better serve their needs. Offer your clients something unique that will help them chase their fitness goals.

6.    Choose the Best Fitness Management Software Tool for Your Business

So, you are in the process of shifting your training business online, using the online gym management software will help you streamline your day-to-day operations.

By choosing the right software solution for your fitness business, you can book appointments with your clients anywhere, anytime in the world. The fitness management software allows you to connect with your clients anytime, book appointments, schedule the training time and pay the bills easily and smoothly.

Choosing a software tool that will allow you to run the ad campaigns to the target audience is a must. It allows you to share the online fitness training videos with specific clients and keep them in a specific group. Clients can openly share feedback and suggestions to bring improvement in the fitness training business.

Select the best gym management software that allows you to update the clients’ information, manage the billings, and schedule the appointments. With the built-in calendar, the fitness management software allows you to schedule and keep track of your sessions.

The software tool allows you to create tailor-made packages and memberships, and gift cards. It also sends important and timely notifications to remind the class, pay the bills and update schedules.

The best thing about the online fitness training software is that it allows connecting hundreds of thousands of fitness professionals to share the training and important sessions. Also, the gym software can help you get more members that will, in turn, generate more revenue.

7.    Select the Best Social Media Marketing Channels for Promoting Your Business

This is the era of social media. Almost every business is trying to promote its brands using social media platforms.

Now, you must be thinking about why social media marketing is so essential? This is because the market is so bigger. Everyone is using social media platforms to keep themselves entertained and get the information to keep themselves updated.

Promoting your business using marketing channels is important to a business’s success. Social media channels bridge the gap between the clients and the services.

Marketing channels are used to promote a business’s products and services, share relevant information and engage in conversation with the company’s audience.

However, make sure to not promote your product or services just for selling purposes, link some purpose behind it. Also, only share the relevant content with the audience.

Let me tell you the 6 best social media marketing channels for your online training business;

  • Twitter: Twitter is one of the best Social Media Marketing channels to share quick and trendy content with the audience. It is perfect for sharing the content just to throw the content and make it viral setting a trend.
  • Facebook: Facebook is the most used app, nowadays. People prefer to use this platform as this is user-friendly. Business people love to share promotional content and it is easy to make it viral. The Facebook community is interactive and loves to share the content.
  • Instagram: Instagram is the perfect platform to share quick and easy videos featuring workout tips, training videos, short clips and interesting posts.
  • YouTube: YouTube – is an interesting platform to share content. You can share every type of content such as educational, motivational, training videos, workout videos, short and long videos.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the perfect platform for educational and informative content. This platform is mostly used by professional people. So, sharing the best training videos will give you the real outcome.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is a good platform for pinning specific content. It allows businesses to share valuable content in the form of blogs or posts linking back to the business website.

8.    Build a Strong Social Media Presence

Done with deciding the social media channels to promote your business? Now, it’s time to build social media presence on each platform.

Building an online presence helps to increase your authority within the fitness industry. The fitness market is highly saturated. You need to upload the content regularly to stay ahead of the competition.

Engage your audience by sharing interesting and informative content on social media platforms. Sharing interesting and relevant content will keep the audience attracted to choose your services.

Let’s discuss in detail how you can build social media presence on each platform;


YouTube – a video-sharing app. Most of you have already used this app and had an idea about the type of content being shared on this channel.

So, your specialty is the personal fitness trainer and you want to share the introductory video?

Create interesting and thrilling video content that the viewers can expect from your YouTube workout channel. Make them feel confident to choose your fitness training services online.

Make sure the video has clear sound, high-quality image and contains good lighting. Invest in appropriate filming, audio and editing equipment to share the professional content. This will help you gain the maximum subscribers.

Be encouraging, inspiring and entertaining in your videos. These qualities are great for instilling people to subscribe to your channel.




Instagram is the perfect platform to reach out to feature accounts in the fitness niche. Make sure to tag your workout videos and photos with effective hashtags. Using the feature account’s hashtags, you can enhance your reach to appear your post to the maximum audience.

Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags each time whenever you post something – a fitness video or image. Google is the best guide to help you choose the relevant and frequently used hashtags that will maximise your brand reach.

Posting the relevant images and videos also keeping the consistency will build the brand presence on the social media platforms. This will enhance the brand reliability and search engines will suggest your brand to the people searching for online fitness training videos.

To get the maximum results, make sure to post at peak times. So, what is the peak time to post? Go to the “Instagram insights” within your business profile, select audience and check the days and times when most of the audience is available.


The best thing about Facebook is the wider audience. Almost every community is engaged on Facebook pages. Create a consistent schedule to post the content for the audience so that they get the updated information and feel it constant source.

Engage with the relevant audience and invite them to follow your business page. Engage with them by liking and commenting on their posts. You can also tag them in your business posts.

Facebook and Instagram allow you to promote your fitness brand with paid ads. When doing paid advertising, select the targeted audience and show them the promotional ad. This will maximise the reach and bring in more traffic to the website.


People are following Twitter for the recent and up-to-date information that people are saying about something.

Share the recent and trending news related to the fitness industry and be among the first ones to post it on Twitter. People love to get updated news and timely information and they flock to Twitter to get the recent feed.

Follow and connect with other accounts that also share an interest in topics such as fitness, exercise, health, weight loss, or anything else related to the online fitness training business.


LinkedIn is the perfect platform for educational and informative content. This platform is mostly used by professional people. So, sharing the best training videos will give you the real outcome.

You can reach out to people via email and invite them to connect with you. Sharing interesting, informative and engaging content in the form of videos and blogs is the best way to attract the LinkedIn audience.

Make sure to share the powerful content that hits the clients’ minds. Here, people are often professional so they would like to see professional and informative content.


Infographics are extremely popular on Pinterest. Posting an infographic sharing a complete guide and tips to share the information in an easy-to-understand style. This is a powerful way to get quick information.

Create the relevant information and apply your business logo and link it directly to the business website.

Define categories and created boards related to the online fitness training business. It is great to share before and after pictures of your clients creating boards (if they permit, only then) fitness diet plans, exercise tips, workouts videos and images and many others.

Moreover, you can post a blog and link it directly to reach the website.


You would never think of shifting your physical fitness training business online, but thanks to Covid-19. Many businesses have now been shifted to the online world to ensure the continued success of your business.

Remember, to run your fitness training business online start with a strong commitment. Make sure to be specific to select the target audience and share with them the unique features of your brand to stay ahead of the competition.

Things have become easy to handle online businesses with online fitness management software. Wellyx is the best gym management software to help you manage your online fitness training business effectively. Implementing gym management software has become essential for gym owners to streamline their daily operations.

Offer your clients the best fitness training solution and be a leader in the online fitness training business!


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