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Best online personal training software

Have you ever wondered how technology is shaping everything around us so quickly? How have we all moved from large computers to small touch tablets and from telephone booths to smart mobile phones? Surely, technology has revolutionized the way we live. Thanks to the innovation now, we have a smart solution to all our problems whether it is related to management, security, finances, or any other problem you might counter.

But what about the health and fitness industry? With the rise of online calendars and scheduling software, it is no surprise that personal training software has also evolved. In 2024,  the best personal training software will be the one that offers a seamless and smooth experience to both trainers and clients.

How do you choose the best personal training software?

At the same time, there are plenty of options available in the market for software for personal training businesses today. Everyone has their own pros and cons depending on their own business model. The best one will have a solid foundation and offer unique features to cater to the needs of personal training businesses. Let’s explore the top personal training software options that will help you elevate your brand and take your business to new heights! 

To find one complete software that best suits all your business needs is the best approach. One of the common things that people should compare before considering one of the best personal training scheduling software are the following:

  • Features: Look out for the features that are required for your personal training studio business. As we all know,  the workflow of every business is different, and so is their need for features, too.
  • Ease of use: The best software for personal training businesses should have a very simple and user-friendly interface. So it can ease their work problems instead of being the one.
  • Customization: Always consider software that allows you to customize the software according to the business needs, like niche, timings, origin, workflow, etc.
  • Integration: Some fitness software is adaptable and easy to integrate with others, while some does not support any sort of integration. So, if the software is not offering you all the tools you need, you have to check whether it supports integration or not.
  • Customer support: 24/7 customer support on multiple channels is a must. Some software providers are setting a high bar by providing free training and demos too.

Scalability: With the time your business grows, getting the software that grows and provides better assistance is crucial.

Why do personal trainers need software?

Why do personal trainers need software

Let us first dig deep into the challenges that personal trainers face in their daily business routines. Some of the common problems they face in daily life that can be addressed through the software are:

  • Organizing facts and schedules: Personal trainers need to keep track of client information, appointments, and development.
  • Client conversation and engagement: Personal trainers regularly want to communicate with clients, provide updates, and answer their questions.
  • Building and updating exercise plans: Trainers can also want to create customized exercise plans for clients and make modifications based on their progress.
  • Tracking purchaser progress: Personal trainers have to monitor their customers’ progress to make sure they are right on target to fulfill their fitness desires.
  • Managing bills and invoicing: Trainers want to deal with billing and bills for their services. 

Scaling the health and fitness business: As a private education business grows, dealing with a couple of customers and trainers can grow to be tough.

Top online personal training software in 2024

As we have said, there are a lot of advanced & best gym management software for personal trainers on the market. To help your hunt, we will mention and discuss some of the best software for personal training businesses below. Also, we will discuss in detail their features, their pros and cons. 

Wellyx Personal Training Software

Wellyx software for personal trainer

Wellyx is a cloud based all-in-one management software for all types of gym and training businesses. This software is capable of streamlining operations and optimizing business control for private trainers and health studios. By offering the 16 powerful features that can alleviate any personal training practice to new heights. We conclude that Wellyx is the best software for the personal training business. That caters to all the needs of the business without any need for integrations and extra charges. Below are the top key functions of Wellyx software that can benefit personal training businesses in many ways.

Wellyx personal training software features

  1. Memberships and packages: Allows private trainers to grow member engagement and retention with the various ways of a centralized member database. That stores clients’ data, membership sign-ups, bills, renewals, and order history.
  2. Lead management: The powerful lead management tool will help coaches build the sales funnel with up to 10 steps. Giving the 10 times more probability to convert every query to the customer.
  3. Marketing: It offers all the necessary marketing features to attract and retain customers.
  4. Mobile apps: Customized branded mobile apps will enhance their personal brand image. Plus, they can get the store to sell their services and products.
  5. Access control: If personal trainers have their own facility, then access control will help them a lot to keep that secure.
  6. Online bookings: With an inclusive and user-friendly booking system, they simplify online bookings. So that all customers can book themselves easily.
  7. Waiting list: A wait list will automate the online bookings of classes. Ensuring there all slots are full and saves time.
  8. Scheduler: Wellyx offers scheduling and management capabilities, allowing trainers to create schedules, assign responsibilities, and track attendance and performance for efficient team management.
  9. Real-time analytics and reporting: It offers real-time insights and reporting to assist private trainers in business performance and make facts-driven choices.
  10. Point of sale: With multiple secure payment options, they will be able to streamline all their finances in a single system.
  11. Digital forms: Online waivers and digital assessments will help coaches get all the information they need from customers digitally.
  12. Promo codes: Wellyx gym software also offers customized promo code feature that creates shareable and scannable customized promo codes.
  13. Loyalty program: There is a built-in loyalty program that is rewards-based and can be customized according to the will of the coach.
  14. Gift cards: They are also offering a gift card feature that will help trainers sell gift cards and level up their marketing game. 

Wellyx personal training software pros

  • Easy automatic scheduling: Trainers effortlessly can manage and book appointments with clients, saving time and enhancing performance.
  • Customization and personalization: Allows trainers to create customized advertising campaigns to attract new customers and promote their services successfully
  • Scalable solution: To customize the software to their particular business model and grow their successfully.
  • Customer support: They are providing 24/7 customer support on multiple channels for better support.
  • In-app messaging: The in-app communication and messaging is a plus point here too.  Trainers can easily communicate with their students and support them in real-time.

Wellyx personal training software cons

  • Missing features: Wellyx software might also lack certain features that a few trainers might require for their business, like nutrition count.
  • Integration with social media platforms: Some customers have referred to the fact that integration with social media structures needs improvement.

PT Distinction Personal Training Software

PT distinction personal training software

This software is a top choice for coaches who focus on lifestyle coaching. Also, it is suitable for nutrition coaching because it offers an easy assessment online features and gives total control over the training process. Plus, PT Distinction is a cloud-based platform that allows personal trainers to create and manage training programs for their clients easily.

Some trainers who are new in the coaching business might feel that this software’s functionalities are a bit overwhelming. However, those trainers who have established a huge coaching line would have lots of beneficial functionalities to refine their business.

PT Distinction personal training software​ features

  1. Customizable workout plans: Trainers or coaches will have a variety of features from which they can customize the whole workout plan for their students.
  2. Marketing integrations are available: PT Distinction offers powerful marketing tool integrations and branding options.
  3. In-app messaging: Through this feature, trainers can communicate with their clients through the platform, ensuring real-time support and feedback.
  4. Learning libraries: It provides access to huge built-in libraries with over 1000+ exercises. Plus, the facility of uploading their own libraries.
  5. Progress tracking: This system also supports online tracking of progress, including photos, videos, and performance metrics, to ensure the quality of training and learning. Their dynamic client tracking will keep the trainers on the top.
  6. Nutrition: Clients can also track nutrition meals and macros
  7. Workouts: Workout templates can be generated for all exercise plans like cardio, supersets, group training, or any sport-specific conditions.
  8. Class Scheduler: This system provides a powerful scheduler to manage all the clients’ sessions and classes. Also, the automated schedules messaging is really time-saving.
  9. Payments and E-commerce: Trainers can receive payments on PT distinction, allowing clients to purchase fitness products directly through their profiles.
  10. Custom branding: Trainers can get the custom branded app covering and app logo to the theme. 
  11. Client profiles and database: Further, they are offering a powerful client management system, making it incredibly easy to manage all clients.

PT Distinction personal training software​ pros 

  • Ease of use: PT Distinction is known for its user-friendly design. Making it suitable for coaches who do not have this much knowledge about software.
  • Customer support: They also offer constructive support to clients effectively 24/7.
  • Powerful features: This platform offers a range of features that can completely manage the whole business of personal trainers.
  • Marketing integration: PT Distinction provides marketing integration features that help personal trainers integrate their marketing channels, like YouTube, and attract new clients easily.

PT Distinction personal training software​ cons

  • Cost: As this platform offers a range of features, it gets costly, especially for trainers who have a huge client base.
  • Limited Customization: Although this software is customizable, some customers feel like there are still some gaps, and some functions still aren’t supportive.
  • Not suitable for every trainer: This software can be too robust for some personal trainers who don’t have that many clients; they might not need this many features.

TrainHeroic Personal Training Software

Trainheroic personal training software

TrainHeroic is the best personal training scheduling software for strength and conditioning coaches and even for athletes to plan and analyze training. This software solution is for both sides; one is for the coaches, including planning and analyzing their training. The second portal is for the members or athletes to log in, get training sessions, and track their own progress. Furthermore, TrainHeroic offers the following features.

TrainHeroic personal training software​ features

  1. Assessment and tracking: Built-in surveys and assessments will definitely help athletes and members to rate and track their sleep, meals, mood, energy, and stress. Further, trainers can track compliance athlete’s progress from the detailed dashboard.
  2. Workouts: An online library of exercises and links to other workout tutorials on YouTube, etc., will help them use training programs. These links and videos can also be shared with groups and individual clients. And clients can comment on their experiences, too.
  3. Messaging: The real-time in-app messages to athletes or in groups will maintain a smooth connection.
  4. Customization: Personal trainers can customize the software into their own brand, including theme and logo. Also, the Elite plan consists of a customized onboarding process.
  5. Data and analytics: Benchmark analytics allow you to track progress towards a purpose, which includes updates and snapshots of milestones finished. Athlete overall performance profiles provide you with a way to assess improvement at any point in time.

TrainHeroic personal training software​ pros 

  • Board feature: At the Pro and Elite plans, coaches will be able to see the progress of the entire team on the leaderboard.
  • Surveys: The readiness surveys provide you with insights to help you determine how to develop athletes and team programs.

TrainHeroic personal training software​ cons

  • Complexity of interface: Low ease of use
  • Customer support: Customer support is slow, with subpar responses
  • Lack of sessions: The system doesn’t permit client sessions and classes. 
  • Payment options: Also, it does not allow integration of payments via third-party providers like PayPal or Stripe.
  • No nutrient count: There’s no nutrient aspect accommodated in this software.

TotalCoaching Personal Training Software

Truecoach personal training software

Total Coaching is renowned for its user-friendly software that is ideal for fitness coaches offering meal plans and daily lifestyle or habit-based programs. The software is best suited for clients with less experience and who need the most help with their basic habits and lifestyles. The appealing layout and 3-D exercise animations of this software are well-appreciated. But at the same time, there is bad news for those clients who opt for sessions at home. Because TotalCoaching doesn’t accommodate this well.

TotalCoaching personal training software​ features

  1. Video integrations: Trainers can upload sporting events and hyperlink to the videos on YouTube or Vimeo. Clients can even record and upload any exercise and physical session they do outdoors during the program.
  2. Detailed workout templates: This software has the power to organize and divide the exercises into easy and understandable supersets within the program.
  3. Customizable schedule: When customers want to modify their schedule, they can easily do so on their own.
  4. Smooth integration: Coaches can integrate the software program with their own website. Further, it also allows coaches to create customized exams and even questionnaires. Also,  trainers can keep all their important documents saved in the system.

TotalCoaching personal training software​ pros 

  • Tracking progress: If you’re a coach who values habits, it would be very helpful to track your clients’ progress toward their goals.
  • Simple interface: Its layout is simple and interactive.
  • Previews: One more benefit of this software is coaches can check package previews before presenting them to clients.

TotalCoaching personal training software​ cons

  • Scheduling software: There’s no built-in scheduling software; however, you could integrate it with external software.
  • Complex interface: Food planning is such a hassle in this software; sometimes, finding an easy thing like eggs can be a problem.

TrueCoach Personal Training Software

Totalcoaching personal training software

TrueCoach, formerly FitBot, is a flexible platform with a versatile customer base that works best for online trainers. With the Standard and Pro plans, they can also personalize the management software according to their brand identity. Also, those clients will be eligible to apply for TrueCoach payments once they’re available. TrueCoach has a range of powerful features for online personal trainers working with a wide client base varying from beginners to professionals.

TotalCoaching personal training software​ features

  1. Assessments and tracking: Coaches can customize metrics according to their need to track customers. They can view weekly, monthly, and quarterly compliance reports.
  2. Customization: Trainers can customize the accounts from themes to logos. Also, this software offers built-in custom color schemes. Furthermore, workouts and plans can be customized for clients.
  3. Workout plans: Trainers can quickly build and customize workouts incorporating exercises and videos from the library.
  4. Built-in messaging: This feature allows you to message to groups in addition to individuals. Coaches can send photos, films, and documents through messages. Also, they can add reminders to the client’s calendar. 
  5. Client management:  They are offering the client relationship management CRM, which will help trainers deliver personalized workouts, track their progress, and communicate in a single place.
  6. Multi-access: It allows multi-accesses for staff and clients separately.
  7. Data: Both the trainer and purchaser can save files to a client’s report. Also, a record library can be available for all customers.
  8. TrueCoach payments: This software offers a POS system that enables stripe and TrueCoach payments. Making it easy to accept credit and debit cards.

TotalCoaching personal training software​ pros 

  • Categorize customers: personal trainers can sort their customers by any type (in-character, online, or a mixture), exercise due dates, and fees.
  • Reminders: If a client misses an exercise, TrueCoach will send reminders.
  • Personal files: Clients can upload their very own images, movies, or notes at the give up of a workout.

TotalCoaching personal training software​ cons

  • Online waivers: No e-forms waivers are available.
  • Meal plans: Meal plans can be created and tracked in the exercise library, which can be difficult sometimes.
  • Zero client management: There’s no feature for onboarding office work or virtual reports.

QuickCoach.Fit Personal Training Software

Quickcoach fit personal training software

QuickCoach launched in 2022 with the aim of imparting a free, easy, and professional approach to independent trainers. QuickCoach is the quality management software for private trainers. It is not just free, but it is also very user-friendly to use.

QuickCoach.Fit personal training software​ features

  1. Video integration: You can import your personal movies from YouTube and Vimeo.
  2. Packages: Set up templates and pre-packaged packages.
  3. Customer branded app: Custom branding consumer app (paid upgrade).
  4. POS: The billing tool lets you scan and manage coupon codes.

QuickCoach.Fit personal training software​ pros 

  • User-friendly interface: It provides an easy and simple interface.
  • 24/7 effective customer support: Quickcoach provides helpful customer support 24/7.
  • Social media integration: This tool allows trainers to integrate their social media channels smoothly.

QuickCoach.Fit personal training software​ cons

  • No-group sharing: Cannot send a training session to a group of people at once
  • Scheduler: They do not offer any built-in scheduler.

Trainerize Personal Training Software

Trainerize personal training software

Trainerize is a great preference for those who prefer to keep and organize everything in a single place. Its interface is simple and user-friendly. Further, it supports integrations to assist all of your offerings in one platform. In our experience, Trainerize works properly for any instructor who trains customers online or in small corporations. We additionally like it for gym owners who need to engage and retain their members.

Trainerize personal training software​ features

  1. Training templates: Built-in training templates or power-to-build templates that can be copied and customized for different clients.
  2. Tracking and analyzing: Ability to track the progress of clients from different metrics like heart rate, body stats, nutrition, and graphs.
  3. Fitness libraries: They are also offering pre-built exercise libraries that are ready to use.
  4. Client check-ins: It enables you to get a notification when the client checks in and checks out.
  5. Loyalty program: Personal trainers can design a loyalty program for their clients. For example, when they achieve a milestone, they get the rewards. 
  6. Nutrition: This software allows the meal plans to track meals and macros. Also, set nutrition goals. 
  7. Messaging: This Trainerize software offers in-app messaging, automated FAQ messages, and push notifications for trainers and clients.  They are also offering Skype calls. 
  8. Client management: This software offers easy client setups and connects clients via email. 
  9. Marketing and business growth: This software also provides a public profile on Trainerize. me. Where personal trainers can connect to other trainers. 
  10. Integrations: it provides smooth integrations with other software, like MailChimp and Zapier. Plus, they support Facebook and other social media check-ins too.
  11. Custom mobile app: Trainers can get their own custom-branded mobile app.

Trainerize personal training software​ pros 

  • Automation: Automated messaging increases customer engagement and compliance.
  • Bonus program: Reward program for clients for progress, which they could post on social media to enhance customer experience.
  • Group application: Group training functions allow coaches to run shared classes and conduct group challenges.

Trainerize personal training software​ cons

  • Slow and tacky customer support: Some have reviewed a lack of customer service.
  • No desktop app: The desktop app is still available for trainers; however, now, it is not for customers. 
  • Complex to Install: It has a bit of a mastering curve to installation.

Key Notes

In summary, it is clear that the majority of the best online personal training software has more or less the same features. However, when you begin to examine the functionalities, interface, and other different capabilities in-depth, it will be clear that not all platforms are created equal!

When selecting the right software program for your personal training business, consider all your needs and requirements precisely. Further, consider what you want to get out of it and how it helps you to enhance your consumer experience.  So far, after examining the top best software for personal training businesses, Wellyx gym software is the best one. It offers loads of features that can be customized according to private health and fitness business needs. Still, we encourage you to get the free demo first!